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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Physical characteristics
Skin color
Hair color
Eye color


  • Fur-covered bodies[1]
  • Clawed hands and feet[1]
  • Bony spurs[2]
  • Large, bat-like ears[2]
Sociocultural characteristics


Notable members

"Those Hutts. Shameful, their slave trade. Just shameful. Puts even the Zygs to shame. And what they do to women, too...."
―Leto Borian[src]

Zygerrians, referred to as Zygs, were furred bipeds who perpetrated horrors throughout galactic history as part of the Zygerrian Slave Empire. Led by a Most High King or High Queen, the empire took slaves and concubines until its decimation during the Clone Wars.

Biology and appearance[edit]

Ahsoka Tano servicing Zygerrian males

Zygerrians were furred bipeds with a range of red-brown skin-tones covered in thin hairs. Sharp, claw-like nails tipped their hands and feet, and males possessed defined musculature and lengthy endowments capped with bulbous red crowns.[1] Their faces had angular features bracketed by large, wing-like ears, and they possessed small bone spurs along their strong, hairy jaws.[2]

Society and culture[edit]

The slave merchants of the preeminent Zygerrian Slave Empire maintained a shameful slave trade that debased the women it sold, although the later actions of the Hutt Clans put even the Zygerrian operations to shame.[4] Zygerrian slavers expected their slave girls to be willing to serve their masters, and to please any Zygerrian who desired it.[1] The High Queens of Zygerria lived in opulence, and chose their lovers from slaves and guards alike. They played dangerous games of seduction and submission, even assuming domination over men while ostensibly being forced to serve them.[3]


Ancient times[edit]

Zygerrians dominated slavery in the Old Republic, alongside the Hutts and the Crucible.[5] The Zygerrian Slave Empire existed as the galaxy's preeminent group of slave merchants[4] during the era of the Old Republic[6] a great many years before the rise of the First Order, by which point the horrors it perpetrated were considered ancient enough to be comfortably romanticized.[7] Led by its High Queens[3] and Most High Kings, the Slave Empire took concubines[7] and degraded the women it sold.[4]

The Slave Empire fought against the Old Republic before the latter's fall prior to the establishment of the Galactic Republic,[6] and Zygerrian slavers disrupted galactic peace enough to come into conflict with the Jedi Knights.[8] The Slave Empire lost some of its ancient former glory in these conflicts.[3]

Zygerrians owned numerous planets of the galaxy, as did the Hutts. Coldppeda meat, prized for its aphrodisiac qualities, was shipped from Coonee to these worlds among many others.[9]

The Clone Wars[edit]

"You are angry for your friends. Good. Use your Jedi powers. Choke me. Make me beg on my knees. Force me in every way a man can force a woman. And all you will achieve is to bring me pleasure. You are my servant, even with your mighty cock strangling every word in my throat."
―Miraj Scintel, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Although the Zygerrian Slave Empire had not been able to restore its former glory from the days of the Old Republic, High Queen Miraj Scintel hoped to rejuvenate it during the Clone Wars. She ruled from her opulent Royal Palace, taking slaves and guards alike as her lovers, and ordered the kidnapping and enslavement of a Togruta colony on Kiros to restore her empire.[3] Commerce Guild Presidente Shu Mai purchased several nubile Togruta girls from the Zygerrians,[10] although the mass enslavement drew attention from the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker arrived on Zygerria posing as the slaver Lars Quell, and handed over the Togruta Ahsoka Tano to the High Queen's slavers. Scintel hosted Skywalker in her personal suite, seducing him during dangerous sexual games that left her choking on Anakin's cock, though the Queen successfully tempted him into further trysts.[3]

Disguised as a slave girl while on the Zygerrian homeworld, Ahsoka was forced to prove herself as a willing and servile slave to a group of suspicious male slavers. Dropping to her knees, Tano blew the slavers as they fed her their cocks, smearing cum across her tattooed face while she sucked and stroked their lengthy shafts.[1] With Tano's face covered in cum, the slavers engaged in a rough gangbang with the disguised slave girl, double-fucking her while one Zygerrian gripped her throat threateningly as he reamed her. The rough treatment was almost too much for Ahsoka to handle, and she was left splattered in spunk with more ejaculate gushing from her stuffed orifices.[2] While enslaved on Kadavo, clone trooper captain Rex attracted several Zygerrian females who took him as their personal sex slave and wore out his muscular physique.[11] Ultimately however, Queen Scintel was confronted by Count Dooku, and died after refusing to execute Skywalker.[3]

Later existence[edit]

The Slave Empire remained preeminent until its decimation during the Clone Wars, after which the Hutt Clan assumed the power vacuum. The Hutts' slave trade put even the Zygerrian operations to shame.[4] Following the death of Miraj Scintel, Zygerria was ruled by oligarchs and fiefs until the High Queen's descendant, Prince Zof, came of age and sought to restore Scintel's reign.[3]

Zygerrian skiffs were used in some of the many conflicts waged throughout galactic history, and in later years parts from these craft were collected in the Vicar's junkyard on Jakku.[12] Captain Siddon Ithano and his crew raided outposts of the Zygerrian Slave Empire while the Twi'lek pirate Reveth was aboard the Meson Martinet.[13]

A number of Zygerrian dock-workers operated in the spaceport on Kijimi, and made tooka-calls to Zorii Bliss as she passed by, referring to her as "bitch" and "slut" in their native tongue.[14]



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