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Physical characteristics
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Coat of shaggy hair[1]

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Biology and appearance[edit]

"My stars... they're bigger than a Wookiee's. I hope that's not just a backlog.... Mmm... I can only imagine how big the engine is, if these are the fuel tanks it has to drain."
―Bazine Netal, on Grummgar's testicles[src]

Known for their muscular physiques,[3] Wookiees had thick coats of shaggy brown hair covering their bodies, with their dark-brown skin showing through around their hands and genitals. They had black noses and sharp teeth, and Wookiees such as Chewbacca possessed striking blue eyes.[1]

Wookiees were long-lived, their life-spans exceeding those of Humans.[4]

Society and culture[edit]

Wookiee style was a sexual position in which a penetrating partner mounted their lover from behind.[5]


Chewbacca with Leia Organa

During the era of the Galactic Empire, the Wookiees staged a revolt on Kashyyyk which was recalled by Senator Leto Borian as among the many threats to the Imperial regime some nineteen years after the Clone Wars.[6]

The Wookiee Chewbacca[2] fucked Princess Leia Organa as part of her special reward following the Yavin ceremony. Lifting her into his arms, the shaggy brute reamed the naked princess as she clutched his hairy body.[1]

During the era of the First Order, the Wookiees of the Claatuvac Guild uncovered the coordinates of the Unknown Regions planet of Rakata Prime, and a contact of the big game hunter Grummgar gave the information to the Hunting Guild on Wasskah, leading Grummgar on a voyage to the unknown world.[5] The mercenary Bazine Netal counted Wookiees among her lovers, and compared the Dowtuin Grummgar's size favorably to theirs.[4]


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