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LEG-817[2] Labor Camp[1]

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Galactic Empire[3]

Wobani was a planet that featured the LEG-817 Labor Camp utilized by the Galactic Empire. Jyn Erso was imprisoned there prior to joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and was routinely defiled by the prison warden and her stormtrooper guards.


Jyn Erso in LEG-817

The Galactic Empire maintained LEG-817,[2] an Imperial prison[4] and labor camp, on Wobani. It was considered an Imperial hellhole, and prisoners were degraded and defiled to make them submissive.[1] Imperial Security Bureau loyalty officers were known to arrest Imperial traitors and send them to Wobani's labor camp. During his time in the Imperial Military Academy of Carida, Han Solo was spared this fate after conspiring with Lucinta Cal-Meg when Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna deleted footage of their incriminating tryst from the academy archives.[5]

Princess Leia Organa carried out humanitarian missions to worlds including Wobani and Ralltiir.[6] Raymus Antilles accompanied her on these relief missions, and was inspired by her fiery spirit.[7]

Jyn Erso was incarcerated in LEG-817 after capture by the Empire in the Five Points system, but remained defiant towards her stormtrooper guards and the prison's warden. She was gangbanged into submission in the Hole while the warden watched,[2] and was whipped raw by the warden.[1] She later attempted to sway her guards by offering teasing glimpses of her body,[2] lifting her shirt and opening her pants while shackled in her cell,[3] and appeased them with fellatio on other occasions. She put little energy into these acts, and simply sucked diligently until her jailers came. She spent time waiting for her next defilement while in the labor camp, and was degraded in almost every way men in powerful positions could defile a woman.[1]

Jyn was later rescued from a turbo tank by Sergeant Melshi's Extraction Team Bravo,[2] with the help of K-2SO[4] despite the reprogrammed Imperial droid almost cracking Jyn's ribs in the process, and she was extracted aboard a UT-60D U-wing[1] to be drafted into the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]



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