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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Physical characteristics
Skin color
Hair color


Eye color

Green,[1] blue[3]


Twin Lekku[1]

Sociocultural characteristics


Notable members

"Twi'leks store deep memory in their lekku. We females are virtually bred to be frivolous—good only as slaves, playthings, or pampered princesses."
Ardanna Glie[src]

Twi'leks, also known as Rylothians, were a species native to Ryloth distinguished by their twin lekku. These head-tails were erogenous organs used in sexual acts including lekking.

Biology and appearance[edit]

"A Twi'lek should know how to handle her lekku. They're our most erogenous organ."
Hera Syndulla[src]

Twi'leks were a hairless species.[5]

Twi'lek skin pigmentation came in a variety of hues, from blue-[2] and green[1] to bright red,[3] although the female vagina was pink.[1] Striped patterns were rare among the species, with golden skin and orange stripes considered exotic.[4] Eye colors included green. Their lips were known to taste sweet and spicy, like flyrin berries of Ryloth.[1]

They possessed lekku, mottled head-tails and erogenous organs linked to the Twi'lek's brain, whose movements could dictate mood—for instance, swaying lekku might suggest sensuality. Thick tendrils with pointed tips, a Twi'lek's two lekku were referred to as the tchun (left) and tchin (right). These organs were prehensile, capable of curling, stroking, and even gripping, and produced electric sensations when coming into contact with genitalia or other erogenous zones.[1] Twi'leks stored deep memory in their lekku,[3] and injuring them could be akin to brain damage; for this reason, Twi'leks tended to be highly protective of their head-tails, though used them as part of sexual activities such as lekking.[1] Some wore their lekku wrapped around their neck like a scarf, though they were also kept unraveled behind the owner's back.[3] Prosthetic lekku allowed non-Twi'leks to pose as members of the species.[7]

Twi'leks typically had a sexy Ryloth accent.[3]

Society and culture[edit]

"The male hierarchy is dominated by a bull, who mates for life with his harem and allows access to the subordinate males in the herd who obey and provide. The females are kept in a more secluded area, someplace with lots of protection, the male herds hunt for food and to patrol for defense...."
"Sound like a Twi'lek girl's dream? Although I guess "for life" is pretty long-term for the typical one of you."
Ardanna Glie, on chrysalide rancors, and Grummgar[src]

Beings from Ryloth,[1] the Twi'lek species hailed from ancestral clans whose scions included political and cultural leaders.[4] Their females were bred to be frivolous and sexually submissive, serving as sex workers, playthings, and pampered princesses or slaves.[3] Twi'lek maids had a stereotypical dainty gait.[8]

Lekku were a symbol of attractiveness among Twi'lek males.[3] Twi'leks were known to use their erogenous head-tails to give and receive sexual stimulation; the act of lekking saw Twi'leks manipulating their head-tails to stroke a partner's genitalia, and contact between lekku and other erogenous zones caused pleasure in both partners.[1] As a hairless species like the Falleen,[5] some Twi'leks had a brimping fetish, leading to the kink becoming a stereotype among the species.[3]


"That's the first time I've heard a Twi'lek mouth off when given the choice to put her mouth to actual use."
"Well, Captain, I think that reflects a bit more on the company you keep than the reality of my species. I'm afraid we're not all pampered slaves."
Grummgar and Ardanna Glie[src]

Many Twi'lek females entered into servitude as sex workers or slaves due to their in-bred physiology, particularly those born on Ryloth. The species had several colonies on worlds including Saleucami, where the Twi'leks of Clan Secura held cosmopolitan attitudes towards sex.[3]

Cham Syndulla, a notable Twi'lek revolutionary,[1] began an uprising for Ryloth, and gained support from the likes of Arda Minan, governor of a Twi'lek colony.[4]

The Free Ryloth movement, begun during the Clone Wars, was suppressed under the Galactic Empire, leading to the slavery of numerous scions of ancestral clans on the Twi'lek homeworld, and many of the species' political and cultural leaders became enslaved to the likes of Arok, Gorga, or dons of the Five Families. Despite this, working-class Twi'lek immigrants still found employment during this era.[4]

Twi'leks in the galaxy[edit]

"She has to be pretty good if those fat fucks would be tempted by her more than their Twi'lek molls."
Nellis on Leia Organa[src]

It was typical for other species to associate Twi'lek females with skilled sex workers, and many were considered to be little more than pampered slaves despite cosmopolitan attitudes towards sexual servitude among Twi'lek colonies.[3] Some Twi'leks worked as masseuses,[7] and others served as molls to gangsters such as the Nikto of the Di Cartel.[5]

Aayla Secura was a Twi'lek beauty[9] who served as a Jedi, and was gangbanged by clone troopers on Felucia.[2]

Hera Syndulla was a green-skinned Twi'lek freedom fighter who fought the Galactic Empire alongside Kanan Jarrus, and was the daughter of the revolutionary Cham Syndulla. Operating out of her freighter, the Ghost, Hera grew close to Jarrus after a mission to Nuri, and the pair made love aboard their ship.[1]

A gold-skinned Twi'lek worked as a barmaid at the Outlander Club on Coruscant during the Imperial Era, and sported large breasts that appeared real, and a pattern of orange stripes on her golden body that were exotic and rare among her species. Selwyn Phasma briefly dallied with her while drinking with Pym Dameron and Leto Borian before a visit to the Star Whores club. Among that establishment's dancers was Arda Minan, former governor of a Twi'lek colony who was involved in the Syndulla uprising,[4] and Narra Tynn, a green-skinned Twi'lek who served as a Hutt slave until being freed. Tynn encountered Leia Organa at the club, and later gave Leia the use of her business and legal acumen on missions for the Resistance.[6]

As of FN-2187's visit to Aralia during the era of the First Order, Twi'leks operated as nubile "social workers" alongside Togruta, Cetians, and Zeltrons, and several worked as waitresses in the Old Hope. FN-2187 witnessed a blue-skinned Twi'lek tied to a titfucking rig in the bar's back room, her breasts lathered with nikkle nut oil to allow customers to engage in mammary intercourse while straddling her.[8]

The red-skinned Ardanna Glie studied as a graduate student at the University of Bar'leth. She accompanied the hunter Grummgar on a mission to Rakata Prime to assist with her doctoral thesis, studying the behavior of native chrysalide rancors before being attacked by Kirana Promenti, one of the Knights of Ren, whom Glie defeated by luring a bull rancor to mate with her. Discombobulated by Promenti's mind probe, Ardanna allowed her ancestral desire for sexual submission surface to seduce Grummgar on the return flight, and the Dowtuin bounced her on his cock while appreciating his change of luck.[3]


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