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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Physical characteristics
Skin color

Red,[1] orange[2]

Eye color


Sociocultural characteristics
Notable members

Togruta were a species in the galaxy known for their tattooed red skin and horned montrals. Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano were Jedi who hailed from the Togruta species.


Shaak Ti defiled by clone troopers

A sensual species native to Shili,[4] Togruta were distinguished by their red skin patterned with striped white tattoos found on their legs, pubic bone,[1] and back, and two curved montral horns and slender lekku[3] in a white-and-blue striped coloration.[1] Togruta had dark eyes[3] ranging from black[1] to blue, and females had white nipples.[6] A Toguta's physique allowed them to combine an embrace and a kiss by using their lekku to wrap around a partner's head during intimacy.[7]

Togruta in the galaxy[edit]

Ahsoka Tano gangbanged by Zygerrians

Hailing from Shili,[4] Togruta established a colony on Kiros.[5]

Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano, both Togruta, served as Jedi during the era of the Clone Wars, and became intimate during lessons on the art of pleasure in Ti's private quarters.[3] Tano was enslaved by Zygerrians and forced to submit to several males in a gangbang,[8][9] and was later defeated by Darth Vader, and her body left exposed to her former master.[6] The Zygerrians kept several Togruta during the Clone Wars, and sold some to interested parties as nubile slaves.[10] Queen Miraj Scintel herself took pleasure from her own Togruta slave girls after ordering the kidnapping of colonists on Kiros.[5]

At least one Togruta served as a slave girl in the harem of Jabba Desilijic Tiure on Tatooine, and joined other slaves, including Leia Organa, in a harem orgy.[11] Togruta were among the species represented among the nubile "social workers" in New Kalbria on Aralia, alongside Twi'leks, Cetians, and Zeltrons.[12]


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