The Last Jedi Series

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SBTLJ01 - Rey's Respite.jpg
The Last Jedi Series
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Shabby Blue[1]


Shabby Blue artwork series[1]


Ongoing erotic artwork series[1]

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Starting date

September 2, 2017[2]

Canon status

Erotica canon

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SBTLJ01 - Rey's Respite[1]


Episode VIII The Last Jedi[1]

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The Last Jedi Series (abbreviated as SBTLJ) is the eighteenth erotic artwork series by Shabby Blue, and is a collection of artwork based on or inspired by characters and events from Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi and its related material. It began on September 2, 2017, with SBTLJ01 - Rey's Respite, depicting Rey on Ahch-To from the then-upcoming film.

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Shabby Blue's The Last Jedi Series (SBTLJ)
Rey's Respite · Rose Tico · Young Amilyn Holdo & Leia Organa
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