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Physical characteristics
Skin color


Hair color


Eye color


  • Furred bodies[1]
  • Ridged foreheads and horns[1]
Sociocultural characteristics



Ice plains[2]



Notable members

Unidentified tauntaun[1]

Tauntauns were herbivorous creatures living in herds on the ice plains of Hoth, and were used as mounts and pack animals by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during its occupancy of Echo Base. Leia Organa became intimately familiar with the beasts by riding several in their pens during late nights in Echo Base.


Tauntauns were large, gray-skinned creatures covered in shaggy gray fur. They had ridged foreheads and a pair of curved horns sprouting from their heads, and possessed protruding ears, four nostrils, and sharp teeth in their snout-like faces. Long-limbed, tauntauns had clawed hands, and males possessed thick members.[1]

Behavior and characteristics[edit]

"Tauntauns are herbivores, Toryn. They live off the lichen on the ice plains. Luke thinks they might make good mounts and pack animals."
―Leia Organa to Toryn Farr[src]

Herbivorous creatures, tauntauns lived off the lichen on the ice plains of Hoth where they lived in herds.[2] Tauntauns let out warbling calls when in heat,[3] and were known for the yowls they gave out when strangled, which were comparable to vocalizations during orgasm.[4]

Tauntauns were domesticable creatures which made good pack animals and mounts[2] when tamed and fitted with reins.[5] Untamed tauntauns were notably wild, capable of bucking their riders, and their behavior was likened to spirited practitioners of the riding position.[6][7]


"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met, Princess. I knew it from the first day we met, although I'd have tongue-kissed a tauntaun before admitting it."
―Han Solo to Leia Organa[src]

Members of the Rebel Alliance had contact with the native tauntauns while in Echo Base on Hoth, although some held misconceptions over the creatures—Toryn Farr believed them to be predators capable of eating people, while Leia Organa mused on the possibility of a distinct predator which preyed on the tauntaun popultion to maintain an ecological balance.[2] Alliance troops herded several tauntauns into animal pens in the base,[8] using some to pull hover sleds,[9] after which Leia became intimately familiar with the creatures by sneaking into a tauntaun pen during a late night to frolic with the beasts. Stripping nude, Leia allowed a tauntaun to ream her with his thick member, holding herself up by her arms to lift her legs around his shaggy body as he rode her. She continued to visit the pen on several further occasions during her time in Echo Base.[1]

Luke Skywalker used a tauntaun to patrol the icy wastes of Hoth,[8] but went missing while scouting a supposed meteorite impact. Han Solo set out on a tauntaun mount to locate him, though neither man returned to Echo Base by nightfall, and the pair were believed lost to a brutal snowstorm.[10]

Eau de Tauntaun was an exquisite and expensive cosmetic product available around the time of the Clone Wars.[11]


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