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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Tally Nixx
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16 BBY[1]

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Human (Corellian)[1]




1.65 meters[1]


45 kilograms[1]

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"There isn't anything that can be ridden that I can't fix. And after I fix something, I need to take if for a test ride to make sure it can handle all the curves. Call it the flygirl in me."
―Tally Nixx[src]

Tally Nixx was a female Corellian Human who survived as a scrumrat on Corellia to become a swoop mechanic and flygirl. Marked with a tramp stamp of her nickname "Flygirl" by Valin Sayers, Tally worked as a prostitute before meeting Captain Ramius Harkan for a mechanic's job aboard the Spitfire. She encountered the Heroes of Yavin on a supply run to Echo Base, and seduced Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa before the Battle of Hoth. Escaping the Executor, Tally served as a pilot with the Rebel Alliance and New Republic, and joined Wedge Antilles' flight academy.


Early life[edit]

Tally was born in 16 BBY, and was orphaned on the planet Corellia at a young age. Surviving as a scrumrat, she was taken in by the kindly Besalisk Jebbis Nixx, and was raised in the Skids in Tyrena. Tally, using her savior's surname, became a swoop mechanic and pick-pocket on the streets. Her mechanical expertise impressed the Braggan's Fist swoop gang, and she was inducted into the group to later become Valin Sayers' prize girl. Sayers treated her violently, naming her his "Flygirl" and having the word tattooed as an Old Corellian hieroglyph on her lower back. Tally would often be taken from behind by her aggressive boyfriend.[1]

Ultimately leaving the swoop gang, Tally used her sexual experience to whore herself in Capital Spaceport. She began working as a bulk freighter pilot between Corellia and Nar Shaddaa, but was forced to return to prostitution thanks to her reckless flying. She plied her trade at the Meltdown Café on Nar Shaddaa, and met Captain Ramius Harkan, who gave her a job as ship's mechanic aboard the Spitfire. While serving aboard the vessel, Tally slept with some of the younger crewmen.[1]

With the Alliance[edit]

The Spitfire carried out a supply run for the Alliance to Restore the Republic in Echo Base on Hoth, where Tally encountered the infamous Corellian Han Solo. She seduced him aboard the Millennium Falcon and engaged in a wild fuck. Their tryst caused jealousy in Princess Leia Organa, and Tally went on to attempt to sleep with the charming young hero Luke Skywalker. However, the encounter was interrupted when Tally was forced to contend with Leia's anger, but was soon able to bring out Organa's passion, and they spent a hot night together before the Battle of Hoth. Tally escaped during the invasion, experiencing a close call with the Executor and Death Squadron, and continued to serve the Alliance throughout the Galactic Civil War.[1]

Tally remained with the Rebellion as it transitioned into the New Republic, and flew in the New Republic Starfighter Corps as a pilot in Green Squadron aboard her customized A-wing, Tyrena Terror. She left her mark on several fellow flyboys, and helped Han with his New Republic Pilots Commission on Chandrila. Nixx joined Wedge Antilles' flight academy.[1]


In later years, Tally's venerable A-wing became a prominent fixture of the Resistance forces on D'Qar,[1] and was observed by Rose Tico[2] and General Leia Organa at the Resistance base around the period of the Battle of Starkiller Base.[3]


Physical appearance and biology[edit]

Tally Nixx was a Human female standing at 1.65 Imperial standard meters with a body weight of 45 kilograms. Her vital statistics were measured at 34B-25-34. Valin Sayers gave her a lower-back tattoo of the word "Flygirl" as an Old Corellian hieroglyph. While working as a whore on Corellia, she adopted a cropped, dirty-blonde hairstyle.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Tally was a resourceful, reckless individual. Living on Corellia, Tally learned how to pick pockets and repair swoops, and gained an impressive know-how of the vehicles. She worked as a prostitute. Tally was a pilot whose reckless flying got her into trouble, and she worked as a mechanic aboard the Spitfire. Tally later flew as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance and New Republic, and assisted the likes of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles with their flying groups and flight academies.[1]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

Tally Nixx was bisexual, gaining sexual experience with Braggan's Fist on Corellia. She worked as a prostitute on several occasions, and seduced the Heroes of Yavin on Hoth. She was capable of deflecting Leia Organa's jealous anger to turn it into a passionate one-night stand.[1]


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Behind the scenes[edit]

File:SBCSW40 - Flygirl.jpg
Tally Nixx from Legends erotica

Tally Nixx first appeared in the alternate universe Legends erotic fiction "Twist of Fate, Part 5", by Shabby Blue and Das Flute. They later expanded her backstory in "Flygirl" and its sequels, revealing her to be a clone of Padmé Amidala. Shabby since depicted her in SBCSW40 - Flygirl, and Tally became a popular character who made appearances in other works of erotica. She was introduced into erotica canon with an entry in The Essential Guide to Erotica Characters which made reference to her Legends story, albeit leaving the cloning angle unexplored.


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