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Shmi Skywalker Lars
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72 BBY[2]


To Cliegg Lars[2]


22 BBY (Tatooine)[3]

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1.63 meters[2]

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"You're so deceptive, Shmi. You do know that, don't you? You appear so demure, so maternal. And, wanton. So wild."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Shmi Skywalker Lars (née Shmi Skywalker) was a Human female who lived on Tatooine. She was the mother of Anakin Skywalker. Shmi died in her son's arms after being held, bloodied and beaten, in a Tusken Raider camp, for which Anakin avenged her by slaughtering the entire camp.


Early life and slavery[edit]

Shmi Skywalker was born in 72 BBY, and at an early age was captured by pirates along with her family and sold into slavery. She was sold to several masters, some of whom forced her to attend to their cruel and perverse desires, including her master while serving as a house servant on Tulan III. However, she came to be owned by the kindly Pi-Lippa, from whom she learned valuable skills, and lost her virginity to a fellow slave, Farlan. Shmi and Farlan enjoyed quick and heated couplings while keeping out of sight of their masters.[2]

Some years after her time with Farlan, Shmi found herself pregnant, though believed no man had participated in the conception. Unable to explain her condition, Shmi nonetheless accepted the gift that she had been unexpectedly given,[2] and gave birth to her son, Anakin Skywalker.[1] She raised Anakin as best she could, and the two became enslaved to Gardulla Besadii the Elder. During this time, Shmi briefly served as a sex slave for the Hutt,[2] and was forced to wear the skimpy outfit of a slave girl until Gardulla lost the Skywalkers to Watto.[4] Shmi and Anakin lived in their abode on Tatooine[1] where Shmi would soothe her son to sleep by stroking the nape of his neck.[3]

Anakin's departure[edit]

One day, Anakin brought guests to their home in the form of the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his companions. Shmi felt attraction towards Jinn and grew close towards him during his short stay.[2] She teasingly stripped for the Jedi Master, lowering her skirt and removing her tunic to give the watcher a seductive glimpse of her body, viewed from behind through an open doorway of her home.[1] They spent the night making passionate love on the floor of her kitchen while the rest of the household slept, though Shmi also had eyes for Jinn's companion, Padmé Naberrie. However, after Qui-Gon secured Anakin's freedom to be trained as a Jedi Knight, Shmi was forced to bid farewell to her son and his newfound friends, and Anakin departed for Coruscant.[2]

As the months passed, Shmi grew lonely, and even fitted Anakin's protocol droid C-3PO with a mechno-phallus planted by Watto to alleviate her longings. However, Shmi encountered the moisture farmer Cliegg Lars by chance, and their meeting soon developed into a love affair. Lars purchased Shmi from Watto in order to free her from slavery and marry her, and Shmi moved into the Lars homestead with her husband and his son, Owen Lars.[2]


"Why'd she have to die? Why couldn't I save her? I know I could have."
Anakin Skywalker to Padmé Amidala[src]

While living with Cliegg, Shmi was kidnapped by Tusken Raiders and violated by the animalistic predators[2] after being brought to a Tusken camp in the wild Tatooine desert where she was kept in a tent, bloodied and beaten. Her son found her there, and Shmi died in Anakin's arms as her head snapped backwards. Enraged, Anakin stepped out of the tent and slaughtered the entire camp to avenge her.[3]


"I know wherever you are it's become a better place. You were the most loving partner a man could ever have. Good-bye, my darling wife. And thank you."
―Cliegg Lars, at Shmi's funeral[src]

After Anakin slaughtered the Tusken camp to avenge Shmi's death, he returned to the homestead to seek comfort with Padmé, recalling his mother's death and promising to become powerful enough with the Force to prevent others from dying as Shmi did. Padmé soothed him in a motherly manner, bringing him food and stroking his neck, and their intimacy soon turned passionate, and the pair made love to distract from Anakin's grief.[3]

As the earliest-known matriarch of the Skywalker family, Shmi heralded generations of ancestors who fought in the wars to come, including her son, Anakin Skywalker.[2]


Shmi in her Tatooine home

Physical appearance and biology[edit]

A Human female, Shmi Skywalker had light skin and brown eyes, and wore her brown hair pulled back into a braided plait. Her body was slender and curvaceous, with large breasts and buttocks.[1]

In her abode on Tatooine, Shmi wore simple homespun clothing including a dark skirt and gray tunic, and wore a golden bracelet on one wrist.[1]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

Shmi was forced to serve perverse slavers from a young age, though engaged in quick and heated couplings with her fellow slave, Farlan. A bisexual,[2] Shmi indulged voyeurism by stripping seductively to offer watchers a glimpse of her body.[1]


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Shmi Skywalker first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, and was portrayed by Pernilla August. Shabby Blue first depicted the character in erotica canon in SBTPM72 - Shmi Skywalker.[1]



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