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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Physical information
Primary terrain

Rocky,[1] swamps[2]

Points of interest

Twi'lek colony[3]

Societal information
Immigrated species


Saleucami was a location of rocky terrain and swamps, and was notable for the Twi'lek colony led by Clan Secura. During the Clone Wars, Saleucami was the site of a search for the droid general Grievous, and Stass Allie's skullfucking and death during Order 69.


Stass Allie skullfucked on Saleucami

Saleucami featured swamps,[2] rocky terrain, and a dark, cloudy sky.[1]

Society and culture[edit]

"I'm originally from a colony on Saleucami, led by Clan Secura. We tend to be a bit more cosmopolitan in our attitudes towards sexual servitude."
―Ardanna Glie to Grummgar[src]

The Twi'lek colony on Saleucami was notable for its cosmopolitan attitudes towards sexual servitude, unlike the pampered slaves who grew up on Ryloth.[3]


Saleucami was the location of a colony of Twi'leks, led by Clan Secura, who grew up away from their homeworld of Ryloth. These Twi'leks proved more cosmopolitan in their attitudes towards sexual servitude than the pampered slaves who grew up on Ryloth.[3]

The clone trooper Kix was involved in a search for the droid general Grievous in the swamps of Saleucami.[2] After being shot down on Saleucami,[4] Stass Allie was restrained and assaulted by Commander Neyo and his clone troopers during the execution of Order 69. Held naked on the rocky terrain, Allie was given a messy skullfucking by Neyo and his men, leaving her covered in spunk[1] before her death.[4]

Ardanna Glie, a native of the Twi'lek colony on Saleucami, grew up with a cosmopolitan attitude towards sexual servitude which she displayed in a tryst with Grummgar following their mission to Rakata Prime.[3]



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