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Sabine Wren
Sabine Wren
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1.7 meters[1]


52 kilograms[1]

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"Of course I'm taking advantage of you—just like you take advantage of those old cans of paint to make something beautiful."
Lando Calrissian[src]

Sabine Wren was a female Mandalorian artist. She studied at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore but later became an anti-Imperial graffiti artist who joined the rebellious crew of the Ghost. She engaged in trysts with her crew mates, joining an orgy to celebrate a successful mission and being plowed by Zeb, and had Chopper plug her while she continued her art. However, she took some time to warm to Ezra Bridger despite a few close moments, though Sabine later gave Ezra his second sexual encounter after losing his virginity to Princess Leia Organa.

She embarked upon a bid to overthrow the Empire on Mandalore, uniting with Bo-Katan Kryze, and survived the Galactic Civil War to go in search of Ezra alongside Ahsoka Tano.


A female Mandalorian, Sabine Wren[2] hailed from the Mandalorian Clan Wren[5] of House Vizsla, born on Krownest to Ursa and Alrich Wren.[1] She attended the Imperial Academy of Mandalore and engaged in Mandalorian style with a servant of her clan, riding her lover while firing two blaster pistols into the air.[6] She also had trysts with Ketsu Onyo, though after she created the Arc Pulse Generator the Galactic Empire co-opted her design to subjugate her people. Wren was cast out and entered into a mercenary lifestyle as a bounty hunter alongside Onyo. They continued their relationship, Sabine proving the softer partner to the aggressive Ketsu, though they ultimately split.[1] Sabine became something of an artist, and as a teenager sprayed anti-Imperial graffiti wherever she went. She also sprayed graffiti over her personal quarters, her Mandalorian armor, and her own tanned skin.[2]

Aboard the Ghost[edit]

Sabine in an orgy on the Ghost

Despite losing Onyo, Sabine found new friends with the Spectres,[1] joining the crew of the Ghost[7] led by Captain Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus during their strikes against the Galactic Empire.[8] She became close with Hera, Kanan, and Zeb Orrelios while celebrating victories over the Empire.[1] On one occasion she celebrated a successful mission with a debauched orgy where Sabine was ass-fucked by Zeb while fingering herself on her knees, and took the Lasat's huge endowment while licking the cum from Kanan's cock as Hera rode him.[7]

Sabine and Chopper

Following their orgy, the Ghost crew was joined by Ezra Bridger,[7] a young Lothal boy, although it took Sabine some time to warm to his presence aboard the ship. Despite this, the two formed a firm friendship, though Ezra hoped their bond could become something more. She custom-painted a cadet helmet Ezra stole from Baron Valen Rudor, adorning it with lines and patterns, and they grew closer while customizing a stolen TIE fighter on Lothal,[6] where Sabine gave him a handjob to help with his crush on her. Nonetheless, Sabine left these encounters unsatisfied, often turning to Zeb or Chopper for relief.[1] She became distracted by the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian, who swept in to flirt with both Sabine and Hera. Sabine ignored his insulting comments towards Ezra, and invited Calrissian into her cabin, afterwards insisting it had been to look at her artwork,[6] although she let the scoundrel appreciate the artistry of her own body during the private art show.[1] Ezra kept his own cabin locked whenever he wanted to masturbate, ensuring Sabine wouldn't walk in on him while he was doing so. On one occasion Sabine shared a few tankards of Twi'lek liquor with Hera, and drunkenly extolled the virtues of Mandalorian style by telling tales of her time on Mandalore. Syndulla found her recollection uproarious, although Ezra, overhearing the lewd gossip, felt otherwise.[6]

She spent time with Chopper in her personal quarters aboard the ship, spraying a wall of graffiti while letting the pesky droid plug her from behind. Standing naked in front of her wall, Sabine leaned her paint-splattered body against depictions of Hera Syndulla, her starbird insignia, and Chopper himself while the droid reamed her when nobody else was around.[2]

A princess on Lothal[edit]

"Princesses dream of a lot of things. Like peace and freedom for the galaxy, and the restoration of the Republic. It doesn't mean we get what we hope for. I suppose you know what that's like, what with Sabine and everything. Don't look so upset. She'll come around. You're a handsome young man."
Leia Organa, to Ezra Bridger[src]

Two years after they first met, Sabine attempted to comfort Ezra after he learned of his parents' deaths, offering a friendly gesture aboard the Ghost during a visit by Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. Although the boy nursed strong feelings for Sabine, his sorrow dulled him to her touch, and he shrugged her off. However, Organa was able to comfort Bridger before the crew devised a plan to steal her Hammerhead corvettes. While most of the crew departed for Ryder Azadi's hideout, Sabine sneaked into Capital City to monitor troop movements, leaving Ezra and Leia alone with the ship. Organa, having noticed the way Ezra looked at Sabine, discussed the lad's propensity to talk about his female crew mates, and suggested that Wren would eventually come around to the handsome young man. Leia ultimately took Ezra's virginity in the ship's cargo hold, and during the tryst Ezra imagined Sabine in Leia's place, riding him savagely, and hoped it was a Force vision. The pair cleaned up before Sabine and the others returned.[6]

Sabine and Ezra

With preparations complete, the crew launched their plan to steal the Hammerheads, and Sabine took control of the Lightmaker. Afterwards, the crew reunited on the Ghost where Sabine and Zeb poked fun at Ezra's crush on the princess, little knowing of how intimate the pair had become. Hera put an end to the teasing by ordering Sabine and Zeb to check the ship's engines ahead of a scouting mission to Concord Dawn. She and the Lasat proceeded to argue heatedly over this task while Ezra discussed Leia with Hera.[6]

Later adventures[edit]

Following Ezra's first time with Leia,[9] once Sabine had changed her hair color to a green-and-blue style, she replaced Syndulla's depiction on her graffiti wall with one of Organa, again letting Chopper plug her as she worked in her quarters.[3] At a later point, following tragic events on Malachor,[1] Sabine gave Ezra his second time in a similar position to his tryst with the princess. She rode the young man aboard their ship as Leia had, looking down at him with her bodysuit rolled up to display her breasts as she crouched over him,[4] fulfilling the vision Ezra had during his time with Leia.[6]

Sabine was reunited with Ketsu while on missions, and the pair made up for lost time by making love aboard the Ghost, assisted by Chopper.[1] She and Hera were menaced by Maul when the former Sith Lord boarded the Ghost to pursue the Sith holocron taken by Ezra from Malachor, before he ventured to Tatooine for his final confrontation with Obi-Wan Kenobi.[10] Sabine obtained the darksaber from Maul,[1] and launched a bid to overthrow the Galactic Empire on Mandalore, joining forces with Bo-Katan Kryze, the former regent usurped by Gar Saxon. She and Kryze got to know each other and became lovers during their efforts, and Sabine gave Bo-Katan the darksaber to lead their people[5] after winning a contest of domination with Kryze. With Mandalore liberated and her family saved, Sabine helped free Lothal from Imperial control, and watched over the world until the end of the Galactic Civil War.[1]

After the war[edit]

Sabine survived the Galactic Civil War and coupled with Ahsoka Tano to go in search of Ezra.[11] She learned of Ahsoka's experience aboard her T-6 shuttle, and left behind a legacy of artwork in the galaxy.[1]


Sabine at her graffiti wall

Physical appearance and biology[edit]

As a teenage Mandalorian, Sabine Wren was an exotic girl with tanned skin, brown eyes, and multicolored hair that ranged in styles and hues including purple/orange,[2] green/blue,[3] purple/white, and black/purple. She also kept her thin strip of pubic hair the same color.[4] Her natural hair color was dark brown. She was slim, with perky breasts, and sported a large Mandalorian tattoo on her back.[12] Her skin was often over-sprayed with graffiti paint.[2] She had a toned body and curves which her Mandalorian armor failed to accentuate.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

As a cadet of the Imperial Academy of Mandalore Sabine excelled as an Imperial loyalist, though she retained strong ties to her heritage as a Mandalorian.[1] An artist, Sabine created anti-Imperial graffiti wherever she went, and loved to spray graffiti over herself, her personal quarters, her Mandalorian armor,[2] and other items including Ezra's stolen cadet helmet. She was precise with a blaster, and fired two blaster pistols while engaging in Mandalorian style. She could be comforting to her friends, but also teasing.[6]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

"I think it's cute how Ezra got so smitten over the princess."
―Sabine Wren[src]

A bisexual,[1] Sabine had sexual encounters with both males[7] and females throughout her life.[5][11] She engaged in Mandalorian style in her youth, and told drunken stories of her experiences later in life.[6] She practiced interspecies sex with Zeb during a celebratory orgy,[7] and she had Chopper plug into her "socket" while spraying graffiti in her personal quarters when nobody else was around[2] on more than one occasion.[3] She later followed in Leia Organa's footsteps by giving Ezra Bridger his "second time" aboard the Ghost.[4]


List of partners[edit]

Ketsu Onyo[edit]

Sabine attended the Imperial Academy of Mandalore with Ketsu, and engaged in Mandalorian style trysts with her, as well as numerous academy boys. They had aggressive sex, with Sabine proving the softer, more pliant partner. Wren treated Ketsu like a sister despite their sexual relationship, and the two worked as bounty hunters after leaving the academy, though they ultimately split. They were reunited during the Galactic Civil War, and made love aboard the Ghost, aided by Chopper.[1]

Ezra Bridger[edit]

"I've seen the way you look at Sabine. You like her, don't you?"
"Well, yeah."
Leia Organa and Ezra Bridger[src]

Sabine became firm friends with Ezra after they first met, although she took some time to warm to him and remained an enigma even two years afterwards, and he harbored stronger feelings for her in the hope that their relationship could become something more. They grew close on some occasions, although Sabine became distracted by the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian. Despite his feelings and a desire to prove his manhood to Sabine, Ezra found Leia Organa to be purer and more beautiful than the Mandalorian girl, and ultimately let Leia take his virginity. He imagined Sabine in Leia's place during the tryst, a vision[6] which eventually came true when Sabine rode him in his second time.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Sabine without her tattoo

Sabine Wren was created for Star Wars Rebels, and was voiced by Tiya Sicar. She was the first of the series' main original characters depicted by Shabby Blue—in SBCSW55 - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 1 version) and its variants—who based her likeness on that of Asian actress Jamie Chung, inspired by Wren's Asian facial features. Shabby depicted the character's differing hair colors from the series' first three seasons[2][4] Shabby also created variants removing the Mandalorian tattoo on her back, per the request of several fans.[12]



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