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Rose Tico
Rose Tico
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Hays Minor[1]

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Tallissan Lintra[1]

Rose Tico, nicknamed Teeks, was a maintenance worker with the Resistance, serving alongside her sister Paige Tico.


Early life[edit]

"Your sister has told me about you. She says you helped her survive on your homeworld. She spoke about how grateful she is to have you around, even though you're assigned to the Raddus. She says you're her good-luck charm."
Tallissan Lintra[src]

Born on Hays Minor in the Otomok system, Rose was the younger sister of Paige Tico. From their youngest years the sisters would gaze up at the constellations and dream of visiting other planets, and Rose longed to play flygirl. Their homeworld caught the attention of the First Order, though the Ticos were able to sneak away at times, and Paige attracted local boys and girls with her good looks. Rose became jealous of her sister after catching sight of her beautiful body while Paige was admiring herself in a mirror, and would compare herself unfavorably to her perfectly-contoured sibling. At other times the girls argued and scuffled, though remained close.[1]

Rose Tico

The Tico sisters joined the Resistance, though while Paige became part of the famed Cobalt Squadron as a gunner aboard the MG-100 StarFortress Cobalt Hammer, Rose was assigned to maintenance work in the outdated cruisers of General Leia Organa's fleet, including the Raddus. Paige became superstitious as soon as Rose joined, worrying for her sister's safety. The sisters caught up during downtime, and Rose was eager to spend time with Paige whenever she could. Rose often found out whenever Paige dallied with lovers in the Resistance fleet, discovering the truth behind her sister's "private flying lessons" with Pammich Goode, whom Paige referred to as "Very Goode" because of their tryst.[1]

On one occasion when Rose attempted to catch up with her sister while the Cobalt Hammer was docked with the Ninka, Rose descended into the bomber's gunnery bay to find Paige in an intimate tryst with A-wing pilot Tallissan Lintra, finding the girl naked and trussed in flight harnesses in Paige's turret pod. Introducing herself to Paige's embarrassment, Rose admonished her sister for her reckless behavior, though was unable to hide her attraction towards the nude woman. The lovers quickly turned the tables on Rose, propositioning her with the chance to play flygirl with Tallie, and the pilot approached Rose to cup her cheek. Rose realized Tallie had Paige's medallion wrapped around her ankle and chewed her sister out for it, though Tallie interjected by kissing her. Drawing her into the gunnery pod for a passionate embrace, Tallie fondled Rose, prompting the mechanic to compliment her.[1]


Physical appearance and traits[edit]

Rose had tan skin and the trademark glossy black hair of an Otomok girl. She considered herself to be less attractive than her beautiful sister, referring to herself as rounder and dumpier than the slender and elegant Paige. Her maintenance work aboard the Raddus helped hone Rose's physical acumen, although she didn't consider herself built for casual sexual liaisons.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Possessing a wanderlust nursed since her youngest years, Rose was excitable and prone to giddy enthusiasm for her service with the Resistance despite the mundanity of her maintenance work. Although she didn't mind the work, she became jealous of the experiences Paige had with Cobalt Squadron, including her sister's sexual exploits as a reckless flygirl. She was usually able to wear Paige down during arguments, though the plucky girl considered herself at the wrong end of the genetic spectrum from her beautiful sister, and often became overwhelmed to the point of tears during intense situations. Rose carried one half of a crescent-moon medallion shared with Paige, who considered both her half and Rose herself to be good-luck charms. Rose was something of a nerd towards machines, particularly fighter craft and their pilots.[1]


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