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"Fill me up, stud."

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"Come on, Rey. Time for another ride."

Rey was a Human female active some thirty years after the era of the Galactic Civil War. She lived as a scavenger in the deserts of Jakku.


Early life[edit]

"These visions you had.... Premonitions, premonitions. Some were from your past. Some were from your future. But none were from me. I merely opened you to the Force—it decided what you needed to see."
―The Master, to Ben Solo[src]

Rey appeared in Force visions experienced by Ben Solo during his Jedi training with Luke Skywalker at his uncle's training temple. While meditating, Ben saw visions of the girl who reminded him of fellow student Kira, seeing her on an island with Skywalker, confronted by Ben himself and six black-clad figures. Ben dismissed the vision as a product of his jealousy and paranoia over his seeming low standing with the other students.[4]

Later, while conversing with the Master in the forest beyond the training temple, Ben experienced further visions involving the mysterious brunette. One placed them both on a rain-drenched battlefield at night, where Rey stared at him while surrounded by dead warriors. Another vision saw her naked and restrained in an interrogation chair, suffering an invasive and intimate form of interrogation, and he again experienced the island vision before the visions ended.[4]

Desert life[edit]

"Anywhere but here."
―Rey, on Jakku[src]

Rey heard tales whispered around campfires for younglings by old storytellers who spoke of the ghosts of Imperial Starfleet crewmen haunting the wrecked Star Destroyers from the Battle of Jakku. Rey didn't believe in ghosts, and decided that Jakku's moment of importance had passed.[1]

As she developed out of her adolescence into a young woman, Rey's body grew slender and curvy. She enjoyed tinkering with her speeder, though as she developed she discovered an increasing need to pleasure herself instead.[3]

Rey lived in a desert shack and rode across the dunes, wastes, and crevasses on her speeder. Although her existence was wearying, she enjoyed the thrill of mounting her speeder, and sometimes pleasured herself after a ride on the great, thrumming machine. On one occasion she experimented with a repair tool, inserting the shiny tip inside herself until she was left breathless on all fours. She also used her quarterstaff[3] as a pleasure device. After a long day of scavenging, Rey leaned against the chassis of her speeder and exposed her body to press the staff's phallic tip against her womanhood, tweaking her nipples for release.[5]

She spent much of her time in the Vicar's junkyard, scavenging parts from the Battle of Jakku and earlier conflicts, though at other times ventured away from the settlement, beyond the wrecked Star Destroyers, to gaze up at the stars in isolation.[1]

Encountering BB-8[edit]

Rey observed by BB-8
"Oh, Bee-Bee! Yes! This is what I've needed!"
―Rey, to BB-8[src]

Returning from a journey across the desert, Rey sequestered herself in her shack to masturbate after the stimulating speeder ride. Stripping out of her desert garb, Rey settled onto her bunk to examine and fondle her maturing body, appreciating her cleavage and slipping a hand into her panties. Fingering herself gently, Rey made herself wet and sucked the moisture from her finger, enjoying her own sweet taste, and continued to stimulate herself. Rubbing the back of her pubic bone, Rey grew more aroused, inserting a second finger, and raised her hips as she imagined being taken by a man. Fucking herself to thoughts of being pounded on her hard bunk, Rey thumbed her clitoris and squeezed her breasts to bring herself to orgasm. Her juices stained her dust cloak as Rey's thighs seized, and she relaxed in the afterglow to drift off to sleep.[3]

The scavenger was joined by BB-8, the astromech droid having registered the commotion inside her shack and growing curious over the naked girl. Rolling over to her side to watch her sleeping, the droid became briefly trapped when Rey draped an arm over his rotund body, and she was awoken by his beeping. Greeting him, though wishing she'd received her new visitor while still in the throes of passion, Rey decided to set to work on her speeder, though was waylaid when BB-8 revealed a probic arm from within his ball-shaped body. Intrigued by the phallic device, Rey crawled over to "lubricate" his shaft, though felt silly for doing so. After several minutes of using her lips and tongue to wet the shaft, Rey presented her ass for BB while crouched on all fours, and lowered herself onto his cold probe. She began working her body against the shaft, and asked BB to start rolling to simulate sexual thrusting. She climaxed for a second time, clamping around the droid's rolling shaft, and cried out as he set his probe to rotate inside her. She hooked her legs around him to keep his oscillating shaft inside her, and fingered herself as he continued to fuck her. Finally, once Rey grew tired, the droid withdrew, and she kissed his well-lubricated shaft by way of thanks.[3]

Rey slept on the floor, awakening at dawn, and set off on her speeder.[3]

Seeking Skywalker[edit]

Rey and Chewbacca

Rey served as the new captain of the Falcon, and traveled alongside her co-pilot Chewbacca. They engaged in a tryst aboard the vessel in which the Wookiee conquered his female companion, and Rey was lifted into his hairy arms to be impaled on his thick shaft. Clutching her furry lover, the captain gazed into her co-pilot's eyes while riding him.[6]


Rey on Jakku

Physical appearance and biology[edit]

"You like, huh? Yeah, I wish I had a few more like you, Bee-Bee."
―Rey, to BB-8[src]

Rey was a young and cute[3] Human female with a slender, curvaceous body and light skin. She had delicate features with thin, sculpted eyebrows and lank brown hair[2] that she wore in three buns.[5] She had hazel eyes and dimpled cheeks.[3] Her breasts were large,[2] plump mounds with pert, chocolate-brown nipples that rode high on her bust. Growing out of her adolescence, she had slender shoulders, a slim waist, and wide hips. She kept her pubic hair trimmed and tidy, maintaining a faint patch of curly hair in juxtaposition to the wild landscape she lived in. Her intimate juices had a sparkling and sweet flavor.[3]

Clothing and equipment[edit]

As a desert-dweller, Rey wrapped a head-scarf around her hair and wore goggles that once belonged to the helmet of a stormtrooper. She wore boots and a sand-colored dust cloak, and clinging, figure-hugging pants over plain cotton panties to keep grit and grime from the sensitive areas of her body.[3]

While traveling with Chewbacca, Rey wore a gray-colored outfit that included a sleeveless vest, arm wraps, and an elbow-length, open-fingered glove.[6]

Rey maintained a speeder powered by a throbbing repulsor engine that stimulated her whenever she rode in the saddle. She had a quarterstaff[3] with a phallic tip.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

As a scavenger on Jakku, Rey found herself isolated from the wider galaxy, and gazing up at the starry nighttime sky made her feel stranded. Though she felt her life was on a small stage in the cosmic arena, she had an interest in the galaxy's history,[1] and enjoyed tales of adventure and heroism against the Galactic Empire from the time of the Galactic Civil War. She longed to leave her wild and empty homeworld for a planet such as Naboo or Coruscant,[3] and memorized the names of exotic planets. She studied navigational charts and celestial maps.[1] She knew nothing of the storied history of probic arms until introduced first-hand by BB-8.[3]

As a loner living in the desert, Rey became used to the pleasure of her own company, although her existence was wearying and traveling through the sands on her speeder often left her with aching bones, rubbery arms, and chafed thighs.[3] She grew to hate the hot desert sands.[1] Despite this, she experienced thrills of excitement whenever she rode that often turned into sexual need and a desire for release. She expressed little modesty over her naked body, and sometimes voiced her desire for passionate company to visitors and acquaintances. She displayed naked hunger when faced with phallic objects, and was able to accommodate them by pushing past pain and into pleasure, having often ridden out soreness while in the saddle of her speeder.[3]

Rey was skillful with machines such as her speeder, and was capable of taking care of droids as both companions and lovers. She was a natural pilot.[3]

Sexuality and preferences[edit]

"I'd better get to work unclogging my intakes—and unfortunately, that isn't a euphemism."

Rey learned how to pleasure herself, and once used a repair tool as a penetrative device. On other occasions she fingered herself, rubbing her pubic bone for additional stimulation, and indulged in sexual fantasies about imaginary lovers. Riding the throbbing engine of her speeder proved a source of stimulation,[3] as did the phallic tip of her staff.[5] A lifetime of desert-dwelling left her with a sexual fetish for the cold, finding the sensation of touching a cold object to her genitals to be exotic.[3]

She engaged in droid sex with BB-8 after he revealed his probic arm, though initially felt silly at fellating the device.[3] She had interspecies sex with the Wookiee Chewbacca.[6]


List of partners[edit]

"I could have done with an unexpected visitor... oh, twenty minutes ago."

Notable partners[edit]


"You just rolled right into my good books."

Although Rey initially believed that a droid could not fulfill her needs, she soon changed her mind when BB-8 revealed his probic arm, and fucked the silver shaft in her shack. He surprised her with the probe's rotation function, which caused one of several orgasms for the girl, and she was left bedraggled but sated by her new friend.[3]


As Chewie's captain aboard the Falcon, Rey had a tryst with the Wookiee as one of his many female conquests.[6]

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Here we have the new trilogy's female heroine Rey, as depicted by actress Daisy Ridley, enjoying a peaceful nap in her desert hovel with her little droid BB-8 watching over her. I think it's amusing that the first picture for The Force AWAKENS features a SLEEPING beauty. But that's just my own quirky sense of humor. I look forward to drawing more of this cute young actress in the years to come."
Shabby Blue[src]

Rey was created for and first appears in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, portrayed by actress Daisy Ridley. Shabby Blue first depicted the character in SBTFA01 - Rey and Her Bee-Bee, his first erotic artwork of the new trilogy, released on December 25, 2014.[7]


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