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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Biological classification





Dwarf rathtar[1]

Physical characteristics
Average height
Average mass

650 kilograms[1]

Skin color


Eye color


Average lifespan

Less than 20,000 years[4]

Sociocultural characteristics




A rathtar was a creature with enormous tentacles used to catch and bind its victims, and a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. Sharing commonalities with the sarlacc, blixus, vixus, and dianoga species, a rathtar beast assaulted Rey aboard Han Solo's cargo freighter, capturing her in its tentacles to ravage her.

Biology and appearance[edit]

A species of non-sentient cephalopods native to planets Twon Ketee and Trillia, the rathtar was a predatory, swamp-dwelling creature[1] believed to be related to other creatures such as the sarlacc, dianoga, blixus, and vixus species.[5] Despite its common ancestry with the sarlacc, the rathtar was smaller, less intelligent, and possessed a shorter lifespan than its desert-dwelling relative.[4] Rathtars reproduced by fission, though were capable of engaging in sexual intercourse with mates.[1]

Rathtars possessed primitive physiology and their huge, pustular bodies lacked true skeletons.[1] Their large, scaly bodies were dominated by a large, maw-like mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth, and multiple tentacles protruded from the creature's head and torso. These enormous, crude tentacles were capable of surrounding and binding victims despite their clumsiness,[3] and were used as ambulatory limbs. Two of its tendrils were tipped with pointed clubs and adhesive pads,[6] and were used as primary hydrostat feeding tendrils to funnel food into its mouth. Its body was covered in light-reactive sensing orbs,[1] appearing as Puce-colored orbs dotting the rathtar's red-skinned body like bubbles forming on its skin.[2]


Rathtars were vicious carnivores and pack hunters, using their rudimentary intelligence to coordinate to ensnare prey. They were little more than mindless killing and eating machines, and their single-minded aggression translated into a primal desire to hunt for and dominate mates despite reproducing via fission. Rathtars had the urge to overwhelm potential mates and use their prehensile tentacles to violate their bodies to gain an animalistic satisfaction.[1]


Rey assaulted by a rathtar

The Lyrre T'enna wildlife field guide stated that rathtars were related to the sarlacc, dianoga, blixus, and vixus creatures. This information was taught at the University of Alderaan, and studied by individuals including Princess Leia Organa.[5] Rathtars were responsible for the Trillia Massacre and the Rape of Salarai among other fearsome incidents, though were prized by collectors.[1] Darth Maul once fought slavering rathtars during his Sith training under Darth Sidious.[7]

While in The Old Hope on Aralia, First Order stormtrooper FN-2187 considered that the bartender Grottil looked strong enough to wrestle rathtars on a daily basis.[8]

King Grevoth Prana IX intended to obtain rathtar specimens for his private zoo in the Kaboryth cluster in order to outdo his rival, Regent Solculvis, and hired smuggler Han Solo to capture several of the beasts.[1] Han and Chewbacca captured three rathtars on Twon Ketee despite the loss of their mercenary crew,[9] and held them aboard the freighter Eravana[10] for transportation across the Tapani sector.[9]

During an confrontation with Kanjiklub and the Guavian Death Gang aboard the freighter, the scavenger Rey released Solo's rathtar cargo, unleashing them on a rampage as they ate and massacred countless beings.[1] Rey was caught by one of the beasts while aboard the cargo freighter. The creature surrounded her with its many tentacles, binding her in place as it shredded her clothing and penetrated her. Rey cried, struggling in its grip, as the rathtar ravaged her with its large limbs in both orifices.[2] Tearing off her clothes, the rathtar assaulted her with a savage throat-fucking as it held the girl upright, a tentacle slithering between her breasts while it lodged its other limb into her wide-open mouth.[11] Once sated, the rathtar released her, and Rey fled the massacre aboard the Millennium Falcon[1] after helping Finn escape a similar fate with another of the beasts.[9] She recovered from the intense experience during respite on Takodana,[12] and later used rathtar tentacles as a point of comparison to the tendrils of dark energy used by Kylo Ren to penetrate her mind on Starkiller Base, although found his mental constructs smoother and more slippery than the crude, clumsy tentacles of a rathtar.[3]



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