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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Biographical information



29 BBY[2]

Physical description

Human (Corellian)[1]




1.57 meters[3]


58 kilograms[3]

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Vital statistics

35-26-37 / 32C[2] (C-cup)[3]

Chronological, political, and sexual history
Sexual orientation


Sexual partners

"You're the best, sweetheart."
"I know."
―Qi'ra and Han Solo[src]

Qi'ra was a female Corellian and a long-time associate of Han Solo. The pair operated as partners in crime on Corellia and became lovers. Qi'ra pleasured Han with a bout of speeder head during a ride in his M-68 landspeeder during the era of the Galactic Empire.


Early life[edit]

Qi'ra beside an M-68 on Corellia
"Don't tell me you're going soft, Solo?"
"Not on your life, sister."
"So speed up."
―Qi'ra and Han Solo[src]

Qi'ra was born on Corellia and grew up on its seedy streets alongside Han Solo,[2] a fellow Corellian whom Qi'ra associated with as comrades and partners in crime. They shared a quest for pleasure, though Qi'ra remained enigmatic to Han despite their close partnership. They had run-ins and close calls with both sides of the law, and Qi'ra became experienced by necessity, hiding some rough roads beneath her glamour[1] to survive among sordid scoundrels and underworld gangsters.[2]

She accompanied Han on a ride through the industrial sector in his M-68 landspeeder, and took him up on his suggestion to have some fun. Although Han intended to stop at a secluded location in the forest, Qi'ra made him keep flying, and began rubbing his cock through his pants as he weaved between the trees. Unzipping his manhood, Qi'ra stroked and sucked the pilot from her passenger seat, burying her face in Han's lap to deep-throat him. Ensuring Han maintained his high speed as he coasted along the beach, Qi'ra stimulated him with her tongue and by fondling his testicles. Her skills soon brought Han off, and he came down her throat and over her lips, much to their mutual satisfaction. Afterwards, she suggested he return the favor on their next trip, and Han turned the speeder around to head for home.[1] On aother occasion, Qi'ra posed over the hood of Han's speeder, flashing her pussy with her skirt hiked over her ass.[6]

Later trysts[edit]

Ultimately, Han joined the Imperial Flight Academy and the friends parted ways for some years, after which Qi'ra used her seductive glamour to reach the upper echelons of galactic society. She mingled with crime boss Dryden Vos among others[2] after joining Crimson Dawn.[7]

Qi'ra befriended Lando Calrissian,[8] becoming intimately familiar with his prodigious talents,[7] and mingled with the smuggler in galactic high society.[2] She was reunited with Han during operations with Tobias Beckett in 10 BBY, after he met Chewbacca,[4] and introduced Han to Lando on Vandor. After a rousing game of sabacc the trio set out for Kessel.[7]

Qi'ra and Han resumed their relationship while aboard the Millennium Falcon. She jumped into his arms while they kissed, and Han carried her into his cabin to lay her on his bunk. Qi'ra asked him to fuck her while grinding against him, and pushed her breasts into his face to be stimulated. She sucked him off in a sixty-nine before straddling him to take his cock. Qi'ra faked an orgasm after Han penetrated her, but soon experienced genuine pleasure as they approached climax. However, they were interrupted by Lando, and Qi'ra's mood deflated, especially after Han asked her to finish him off. She encountered Lando outside Han's cabin, and though she rebuffed his proposal she later got close with him in her cabin. She asked him to masturbate for her, joining in by touching herself to the sight, then had him eat her out. Lando used the shocker to bring her to an intense orgasm, then lifted Qi'ra into his arms to fuck her to another climax. She continued feeling the after-effects of her powerful orgasm even after Lando departed, and cursed jockeys like him.[3] Qi'ra also fucked Chewbacca, as one of his many experimentations with Human women[5] in which she proved strong enough to handle a Wookiee.[9]

Qi'ra, Han, and Lando made a record Kessel Run after encountering a summina-verminoth, though the Falcon suffered extensive damage.[7]


After their mission to Kessel, Chewbacca would later remember Qi'ra among the sparky girls he and Han hung out with at the height of their smuggling career, before a deal with Jabba Desilijic Tiure went sour.[10]


Physical appearance and biology[edit]

"I want to feel you inside me."
―Qi'ra to Han Solo[src]

A slender young woman, Qi'ra had beauty and poise, and possessed elegant features and a pretty face. Although gorgeous, Qi'ra had a roughness beneath her glamour. She had hazel eyes and red lips, and chestnut-brown hair that was typically sleek and silky, though was at time left unkempt. She had taut muscles, and wore leggings and leather skirts[1] as well as an eggshell cropped vest and a red sweater. Qi'ra avoided wearing bras to keep her C-cup breasts from bloating in space. She had a heart-shaped ass with dimples of Iego.[3]

On Corellia, she wore a fur-lined jacket over a red top, and a blue skirt over thigh-high boots. She wore wrist straps, and kept her hair in a bob cut.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Am I one of your floozies, then? What should I call myself? The Whore of Corellia? Slut of the Skids? The Coronet Concubine? The Ku'nee of Kor Vella?"
―Qi'ra to Han Solo[src]

A sparky girl[10] imbued with vitality, Qi'ra shared a quest for pleasure with Han, and was said to have rocket fuel for blood like all Corellians. She remained a mystery to him despite their time spent together as comrades, though Han saw a lot of himself in Qi'ra. She took to crime on the seedy streets of Corellia to satisfy her greed. She held a low opinion of hookers like Sara Dihn, and refuted comparisons with them.[1]

A heterosexual,[2] Qi'ra was straight-forward in sexual matters, taking charge and performing sexual acts lewdly. She had skilled hands she put to use during handjobs and a talented tongue in fellatio. Despite her glamorous appearance, Han believed she liked it rough,[1] although she was careful to use prophylactics during sexual intercourse. Sucking cock made her horny, and fueled her desire for fellatio all the more, though she also enjoyed watching men masturbate for her.[3] Although she requested cunnilingus from Han[1] she did not consider him to be the best despite finding the act pleasurable, and believed faking an orgasm would satisfy his ego.[3] She engaged in interspecies sex with Chewbacca,[5] and became experienced enough sexually to rival Sara Dihn.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Qi'ra was created for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and is portrayed by Emilia Clarke. She first appeared in erotica canon in Qbcker's "Expected Lewdness", and her backstory with Han Solo was later explored in Kooriv's "Riding Solo".



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