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Probic arm
Probic arm
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9 inches[1]

Usage and history

A probic arm was a device equipped to some droids, ostensibly for use as a computer jack, but commonly employed as a mechno-phalluspenetrative phallic sex toy similar to a dildo or vibrator. Equipped to astromech droids who received special modifications, probic arms earned a storied history in the galaxy for their prurient uses, and droids such as R2-D2 and BB-8 used their devices to interface with numerous sexual partners.


"And where were you hiding that?"
―Rey, to BB-8[src]

A probic arm was a form of scomp link[2] or computer jack capable of interfacing with modular systems across the galaxy[1] via data ports.[2] It was a droid component rendered useless without the wider framework of the droid's chassis, and unable to function without the unit's verbobrain.[5] The device consisted of a cylindrical shaft, roughly nine inches in length, covered in shiny metallic plating and tipped with a rounded cap. Probic arms were typically kept within the chassis of their droid owner, and extended for use with the activation of a subroutine. Aside from their primary function, these devices were also utilized as phallic[1] sex toys.[6] Some such devices had a rotation setting that allowed them to spin on their axis, providing additional pleasure to a receiving partner during penetrative sex. The metal shafts were cold,[1] although some were internally heated or warmed by lubricant.[2]


"Is this what I think it is, little droid? This could be useful. Maybe I should bring you back to the palace when we return home."
―Padmé Amidala, to R2-D2[src]

While computer jacks were utilized for easy interfacing with computer systems across the galaxy, their secondary use as a sex toy afforded them a storied history in certain corners of the galaxy. Some referred to such devices as probic arms, and the phrase carried connotations that became legendary over time.[1] Although not standard astromech droid equipment,[2] probic arms could be fitted to standard astromechs, and were sold in the flesh markets of Nuri, among many other prurient items.[4]

Republic Era[edit]

"Mister Ty'bek's droidwork is nothing short of extraordinary. He has provided the Royal House with much pleasure through his unique attachments and special programming, and all for only a little extra incentive. I can see him going far."
―Padmé Amidala, on Walias Ty'bek[src]

The astromech droid R2-D2 had an extensible probic arm kept within his secondary computer interface compartment. He received special modifications to the interfacing device on Naboo,[2] carried out by Walias Ty'bek.[7] Among these modifications was a Ty'bek Accessories lubricant application coil that coated the shaft in heated zypolene. The lubricant caused a slight burning sensation when it came in contact with bare skin, but also caused stimulation to erogenous areas, and while its use as mechanical lubricant lessened over the years, zypolene found more exotic applications. It was also used to lubricate the motor that allowed the probe to extend and retract, which Artoo utilized to simulate sexual intercourse. He controlled this speed via settings of probic modulation.[2]

Fall of the Republic[edit]

"My, aren't you well-equipped. I bet you're the Queen's special favorite. Let's see what makes Queenie squirt."
―Aurra Sing, to R2-D2 on Padmé Amidala[src]

Padmé Amidala discovered Artoo's probic arm while cleaning the droid aboard her Naboo Royal Starship and, realizing the erotic potential of the device, hoped to make use of it. However, the pair was briefly interrupted. Artoo later recalled fucking a Naboo nymph in the Queen's bed, although could not identify his partner.[2]

Aurra Sing made use of Artoo's probic arm after capturing the droid and Amidala on Nal Anga, forcing the droid to take her anally while having Amidala eat her out.[2]

The Clone Wars[edit]

Artoo assisted Shaak Ti in imparting sexual education to Ahsoka Tano, allowing the Togruta to utilize his probic arm to demonstrate sexual techniques while in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Tano later borrowed Artoo from Anakin Skywalker to fool around with Barriss Offee.[2]

Imperial Era[edit]

Chopper using his probic arm on Sabine Wren

The astromech droid Chopper was fitted with an extensible computer probe that operated as a probic arm, which the young Hera Syndulla discovered to grow closer to the belligerent droid on Ryloth. Chopper was able to soothe her with his device, and he accompanied her off Ryloth to join the crew of the Ghost. After becoming frustrated with Ezra Bridger,[8] Sabine Wren made use of Chopper's device while painting a wall of graffiti on the starship, letting Chopper ream her from behind while she worked[3] on more than one occasion.[9] She later introduced him into a threesome with Ketsu Onyo to catch up with her former lover.[8]

Rebellion Era[edit]

"I'm ready for your input, Artoo."
―Leia Organa, to R2-D2[src]

R2-D2 used his probic arm to help Princess Leia Organa relax during the stressful preparations for the Battle of Yavin on Yavin 4. Revealing his shaft to her, Artoo let the princess play with the heated device and, after assuring her they were alone in a courtyard of the Great Temple of Massassi, penetrated her to bring her to orgasm.[2]

Samoc Farr discovered Artoo's probic arm while in Echo Base on Hoth, and stroked the device while encouraging her sister, Toryn Farr, to try it. The siblings briefly performed fellatio on the shaft before Toryn withdrew shyly.[2]

Following the mission to Vetine, Shara Bey shared her frustrations over her husband Kes Dameron's supposed infidelity with Sakas while aboard the Antarra with Artoo. According to the droid's databanks, this led to a tryst in the shuttle's cockpit where Shara fucked Artoo's shaft aggressively, although he later conflated the encounter with a similar experience with Kendy Idele,[2] who implored the droid to fuck her after the Battle of Endor.[10]

New Republic Era[edit]

Leia Organa had PZ-4CO fitted with a probic arm during a diplomatic mission to the Inner Rim, visiting the flesh markets in the Shava Exurb of Urotas on Nuri and having the device installed in an unconventional location on the droid. Organa took Peazy as her lover, having heard of Naboo women enjoying the same juxtaposition, as well as rumors that Bail Organa similarly equipped his BD-3000 luxury droid.[4]

Resistance Era[edit]

"Oh, Bee-Bee! Yes! This is what I've needed!"
―Rey, to BB-8[src]

After the scavenger Rey discovered a scrapped Separatist aqua droid in the Vicar's junkyard on Jakku, she briefly considered fitting it with a probic arm, or a more specialized toy, to use the droid as a sexual partner.[6]

The astromech droid BB-8 was fitted with a silver-plated probic arm capable of rotating on its axis. After encountering Rey in her shack, the droid extended his probic arm for her benefit, and even demonstrated its rotation feature to pique her curiosity. The girl decided to perform fellatio on the smooth shaft, lubricating it with her saliva, and took it vaginally while the droid rolled back and forth behind her. Rey climaxed, and BB-8 proceeded to rotate his shaft to stimulate her further. Finishing their tryst, Rey kissed his slick probe before BB-8 retracted it back into his body.[1]

During his low-power dormancy in the Resistance base on D'Qar, R2-D2 replayed many of the memories stored in his secret archive in which his many sexual partners made use of his probic arm. He imagined several lovers, including Leia Organa and Padmé Amidala, pleasuring his shaft during what he believed to be his final moments before shut down. While he experienced these electric dreams, the pilot Jessika Pava attempted to rouse him by fucking his probic arm, and brought herself to orgasm on the shaft despite being unable to wake him. She thanked the droid and bid him farewell,[2] though Artoo awakened afterwards to provide coordinates to Luke Skywalker's whereabouts on Ahch-To.[7]

Behind the scenes[edit]

A probic arm first appeared in Legends erotica in SHAB99G - A Girl and Her Droid, and was named in Kooriv's "Mauling the Meatbag". It was introduced into erotica canon with an appearance in his 2014 erotic fiction "Rey's Awakening".



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