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Padmé Amidala
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46 BBY[2]


To Anakin Skywalker[3]


19 BBY[2]

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Human[3] (Naboo)[1]




1.65 meters[2]


45 kilograms[2]

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Republic Era[4]

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"I love it in my ass, but don't tell the other senators. I have a reputation to keep."
―Padmé Amidala[src]

Padmé Amidala, born Padmé Naberrie, was a Human female who served as a queen, senator, and exotic dancer. As Queen of Naboo, she freed her planet using aggressive negotiations and later joined the Senate and the Loyalist Committee as the Senator of the Chommell sector. While engaged in a romantic relationship with Rush Clovis, Padmé became employed at the Star Whores strip club, earning favor with Leto Borian while spying on Clovis's Separatist-aligned friends before the Clone Wars. She married Anakin Skywalker on Naboo, and gave birth to Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker before meeting her end.


Early life and career[edit]

Born into the Naberrie family on Naboo,[2] Padmé learned at the Theed School of Diplomacy,[6] and her sexual education there and at the Theed Royal Academy shaped her into a formidable aggressive negotiator.[2] She had slutty habits which she maintained throughout her life,[7] becoming the Princess of Theed after catching the eye of several ministers and noblemen, and later[2] served as Queen. Amidala utilized the handmaiden Sabé as her royal decoy on occasion,[8] and developed close bonds with all of her loyal handmaidens.[2]

The Naboo crisis[edit]

"Is this what I think it is, little droid? This could be useful. Maybe I should bring you back to the palace when we return home."
―Padmé to R2-D2 on his probic arm[src]

The Trade Federation invaded Naboo,[2] forcing Amidala to disguise herself as a handmaiden. Aboard the Naboo Royal Starship during the flight to Tatooine, Padmé cleaned the astromech droid R2-D2 in the cargo hold after he fixed the deflector shields to save the ship. She rubbed away at the carbon scoring on his chassis, unaware that Artoo knew her true identity as the Queen, and discovered his probic arm after accidentally opening his secondary interface compartment. Recognizing the phallic device, Padmé considered making use of the droid's attachment, though was interrupted by Jar Jar Binks. Once he departed, Padmé wasted no further time in hiking up her robe to present her naked backside for the droid's device. Artoo recorded the encounter, storing it as the first record of his secret archive.[1]


Sabé, disguised as Padmé, with Obi-Wan Kenobi

While visiting Tatooine, Padmé encountered the young Anakin Skywalker,[9] a precocious boy who believed her to be an angel, and proclaimed that he was going to marry her one day. Though he troubled her,[5] Padmé became his girlfriend while on Tatooine.[9] Sabé disguised herself as Queen Amidala while on Tatooine, and the royal decoy engaged in a tryst with Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard the Naboo Royal Starship. Kenobi believed Sabé to be Amidala herself, and reamed her against the deck in royal garments.[8]

Padmé enslaved by Jabba

Anakin Skywalker won the podrace, besting Sebulba and ensuring that Watto incurred expensive gambling debts in the process, as well as leaving Watto's enslavement. The pair kidnapped Padmé, the former out of revenge and the latter as payback for his debts and the loss of his slave, and sold the young Queen to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba believed her to be a lowly offworld peasant, and Padmé became his slave girl. The former Queen was dressed in a skimpy outfit consisting of red fishnet stockings, golden bracelets and bands, and a slaving collar attached to a chain that kept her leashed to a wall. She was branded with Jabba's Hutt Clan symbol to mark her as his property, and was tattooed with red tear-dots on her cheeks. The slave also had her hair cropped short and dyed red, and received piercings on her ears, nipples, navel, and vagina.[9] However, Jabba discovered the true identity of his unassuming slave girl, and had Amidala's face painted in a similar fashion to her royal makeup, as a way of mocking her royal status.[10]

Padmé endured the Hutt's lustful attentions over the several days it took to transform her appearance, and she became traumatized by the experience. Jabba employed his blue-haired slave girl Diva Shaliqua to assist in conditioning Padmé towards her new slave persona, and subjected Padmé to more depravities over the course of several hours. Lying back against the Hutt's bulk, Padmé was drooled over by Jabba, who licked her tattooed face with his sickly tongue and pinched her nipple piercings in his fat fingers, painfully tugging on her breasts. Padmé had her stockings torn as Diva ate out her pierced pussy, and used a dildo on her anus while she fingered her own ass for the Hutt's enjoyment.[11] Jabba continued to mock the Queen by forcing her to wear white face paint, and smeared it where he perversely licked his new pet's face.[12]

With her planet under threat, Padmé utilized aggressive negotiations to free it, choosing to get down and dirty by trading her body for favors on the frontlines instead of sitting passively,[4] and petitioned both the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Council with her body. She ousted the Trade Federation from Naboo, and entered into the historic Naboo-Gungan Peace Treaty with Boss Rugor Nass, sealing the agreement over several big boom orgies and other carnal celebrations around Otoh Gunga.[2]

Later reign[edit]

"Let's see what makes little Queenie squirt."
Aurra Sing[src]

Amidala's ship was intercepted by the assassin Aurra Sing, forced into a crash-down on Nal Anga where Padmé and R2-D2 became Sing's captives. The Queen was hung in chains in a dungeon, her gown shredded, with torture devices clamped to her intimate regions while Sing rode Artoo's probic arm. She was brought over to her captor by droid servants, and was forced to eat Sing out to orgasm, then suck Artoo's soiled probe.[1]

Elected to the Senate[edit]

Eight years after freeing her planet, Padmé was elected to the Senate[4] as the Senator of Naboo[5] and the Chommell sector,[2] and continued to utilize her aggressive negotiations to achieve results. It was for this reason that Nute Gunray's four trials in the Republic Supreme Court took place only after Padmé's election.[4] Padmé was an outspoken senator who defied the Separatist factions in the Senate and opposed the Military Creation Act.[5]

As a member of the Loyalist Committee, Padmé entered into a relationship with senator and baron Rush Clovis[4] during her first year in the Senate, which helped her career—as did a connection with the influential Star Whores club on Coruscant,[2] entering into an employment contract with DJ Rangthang at the strip club, situated in the red light district of Level 1313. The club held a near-mythological status as a meeting place for influential figures in galactic politics and finance, and its clients were protected by its location far beneath the surface and "gentleman's agreements" with local gangs. Clovis earned admission to the exclusive club thanks to his association with Padmé, as part of her contract, and though rumors circulated that Padmé had little say in the manner in which he whored out his girlfriend for political gain, in truth Clovis enjoyed watching her perform for his associates. As well as performing shows on stage, Padmé had intimate encounters in the club's champagne room, and typically presaged her physical business with oral foreplay. When the Secessionist Movement began, Padmé used her position within the club to spy on Clovis's Separatist-inclined friends in Star Whores' champagne room and during even more intimate off-site encounters. Some believed that Padmé was playing the long game with Clovis, and using him for the benefit of herself and the Loyalist Committee.[4]

Padmé performed on the center stage the night Clovis brought Senator Leto Borian to the club at the start of the Secessionist Movement, and the newcomer watched Padmé as she worked the durasteel pole dressed in shimmersilk stockings. Borian's admiration of Padmé increased, and he soon enabled his wife, Nyreen to join the club and perform with Padmé. The pair put on shows for Nyreen's husband on several occasions, and let Orn Free Taa slobber all over them during their double features which typically left Nyreen jazzed with both an inexhaustible sexual energy and spice poppers. Padmé and Nyreen performed together in a particularly amorous double feature prior to the Clone Wars, and afterwards Nyreen urged Leto to graffiti the durasteel glow lamp pole outside the club with the phrase "Call Padmé x1138".[4]


"Oh, Anakin, fuck me. Just fuck me, that's all I want."
―Padmé to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Though she continued to fight against the Military Creation Act, Padmé became distracted from her cause by the handsome Anakin Skywalker, assigned as her bodyguard during an assassination crisis. She returned to Naboo, and frolicked with the lustful young man in the meadows of the Lake Country.[2] Anakin declared his love to Padmé during a fireside conversation, though the senator rebuffed him, citing their respective duties to the Senate and the Jedi Order. However, Anakin believed she was lying to challenge him to prove her wrong, and when he kissed her she pressed back. Padmé removed her black leather corset and touched him, descending from his lips to his manhood to feast upon him[5] in a passionate fireside tryst.[2]

After Anakin slaughtered the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine over the death of his mother, Padmé brought him breakfast in the Lars garage in an attempt to comfort him. She approached him nervously, concerned as he ranted about his mother's death and how the Jedi were holding him back from his true potential. Anakin confessed to his slaughter, and though she was horrified, Padmé had the impulse only to sooth him with comforting words and her physical presence, stroking his neck tenderly. Anakin kissed her, reminded of their tryst on Naboo, and Padmé deepened the kiss before pulling back, telling him he needed time to come to terms with his actions. However, she soon succumbed to Anakin's passion, wrapping herself around him as he kissed her neck. Straddling him, Padmé humped against him as he fingered her, imploring her lover to fuck her, and knelt fully upon him as he entered her. She slammed against him hard, challenging him to meet her rhythm, and Anakin lifted her to slam her against the wing of a skyhopper. She came around his cock, and laid back on the hot mesh flooring to let Anakin spend himself between her thighs and across her chest. Concerned that Owen and Beru would find them, Padmé helped Anakin clean up, and reflected on her growing love for the dangerous young man. Her feelings unsettled her, and Padmé held the distinct worry that Skywalker would one day be the death of her.[5]

Padmé and the clones

Subjected to a series of degradations at the hands of Nute Gunray and the Separatist Council on Geonosis, Padmé confessed her love for Anakin, and survived the battle that ensued to fully give in to her desires.[2] Prior to departing Geonosis however, Padmé presented herself before a number of clone troopers, leaning against the leg of an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer to tease the troops by lifting her shirt.[13] She engaged in a gangbang with the clones, taking two while the rest of the armored group watched, and grinned as she was sandwiched between her lovers.[14]

Marriage on Naboo[edit]

Padmé and Anakin Skywalker on their wedding night

Padmé married Anakin Skywalker in a private wedding ceremony held at the Varykino retreat on Naboo.[2] Once the couple made their vows, Padmé immediately dropped to her knees to observe a Naboo wedding tradition to show her devotion to her new husband. The bride took his manhood in both hands and lovingly licked its tip whilst gazing up at Skywalker from the ground. Her husband cupped Padmé's cheek as she lapped at the underside of his crown, dribbling around the corners of her mouth as she serviced him.[3] After the ceremony, the pair retired to Padmé's bedroom inside the retreat, where they made love as husband and wife. Anakin spooned Padmé on her bed, lifting one leg to spear her from behind while she fondled his testicles, and he gripped her around the neck with his mechanical hand.[15] However, once Anakin fell asleep after their lovemaking, Padmé returned to her old, slutty habits by engaging with three local Gungan servants outside. Barely a few hours after her wedding, Padmé entered into a messy gang bang with the locals, still wearing remnants of her wedding outfit as she rode one in her ass while fingering herself wantonly. The remaining two Gungans stood over the cuckolding bride as they masturbated over her, ejaculating onto her face and over her body as she smiled delightedly. Anakin remained none the wiser, asleep in the bedroom while his wife received her messy wedding shower from the virile Gungans.[7]


Padmé and the 501st

Padmé returned from her honeymoon to continue to fight for peace during the Clone Wars. She seduced clone troopers to discover the depth of their loyalty,[2] and in the war's early months she celebrated a recent victory with clones serving under Anakin as part of the 501st Legion. She engaged in a gang bang with the white-armored soldiers in a Republic transport hangar. Sandwiched between Captain Rex, Echo, Fives, and Denal, Padmé slid Rex's cock into her ass to be double-teamed by Fives, and stroked off Echo and Denal to catch their loads across her face. Licking up her creamy facial, Padmé spread her stockinged legs wide as her body was covered in clone cum, cuckolding her husband with several of his own troops. As of this point, her likeness was featured on pin-up art adorning a Republic transport, showing her kneeling in skimpy attire.[16]

Despite her own infidelities, Padmé grew jealous of other women in her husband's life, including Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura, though eventually invited them into wild threesomes in their marriage bed.[2]

Padmé fell pregnant towards the end of the war,[1] informing Anakin after the Battle of Coruscant.[2] Her pregnant state forestalled many of her usual sexual activities with Anakin. However, she remained devoted to him, and carried out her wife's duty to perform fellatio on him to let him spill his seed over her body.[1] Anakin would later question the parentage of Padme's children, suggesting she'd conceived with one of her other lovers, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Palo, or Rush Clovis.[6]

Confrontation on Mustafar and fate[edit]

Padmé choked by Vader
"Choke on it. You tricked me into believing you loved me all these years, when you carried on with Obi-Wan behind my back! You tricked the galaxy into believing you were loyal to the Republic, when you would rather acquiesce to disorder than rule at my side! You said you believed in me, supported me, when I now see you were keeping me weak all along!"
Darth Vader[src]

After her husband became the new Sith Lord Darth Vader[17] as a result of the machinations of Darth Sidious,[2] Padmé met her ultimate fate in a manner unknowingly foreshadowed by Anakin on their wedding night, when her husband gripped her around the neck while making love.[15] His arrogance and temptation to the dark side cost Padmé her life[18] after she ventured to Mustafar to confront Vader at the end of the war. Though Padmé attempted to use her famed aggressive negotiations to convince her husband to turn against Darth Sidious, Vader bound her arms[6] and the Sith Lord forced her to submit to him on her knees. Her top pulled down over her breasts, Padmé was made to take Vader's cock in her mouth, and wept as he force-fed her with his thick meat, spilling drool and spunk over her chin and chest[17] as he accused her of conducting an affair with Obi-Wan Kenobi and holding him back. Padmé tried to make him see reason, but Vader brutally skullfucked his desperate wife, spearing himself balls-deep into her throat to choke her. Padmé gagged, but Vader was interrupted from the violent act.[6] Leto Borian would later consider it a shame that Padmé didn't have the foresight to be wary of the Jedi.[4]

Padmé died from injuries sustained during the violent act,[2] though gave birth to Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker[18] before passing away.[2]


"Ah, Nyreen.... And ah, Padmé, for good measure, as well."
Leto Borian reminiscing about Nyreen Borian and Padmé[src]

According to the Galactic Empire, Anakin Skywalker was killed by Mace Windu at the start of the Jedi Rebellion and Padmé was kidnapped and murdered by Obi-Wan Kenobi, with a supposed will released that repudiated the Jedi and called on her friends and supporters to pledge themselves to the Empire. Both Padmé and Anakin were canonized as Imperial Martyrs of the Jedi Rebellion.[6]

Eighteen years after the Clone Wars, Senator Leto Borian paid a visit to the Star Whores strip club where Padmé once performed, and reminisced about her after spotting his ancient graffiti on a glow lamp pole outside, still bearing the phrase "Call Padmé x1138". He proceeded into the club for a private session with "Viqi".[4]

Padmé's twin children went on to fight against Vader and Sidious, and ultimately restored Anakin to the light side of the Force.[2] Leia promoted the New Republic's Military Disarmament Act through the memory of her birth mother and her other heroes.[18] Her son and Padmé's grandson, Ben Solo, was shown a Force vision of Padme's last encounter with Anakin while confronting a mysterious presence outside Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple. Solo watched Padmé desperately plead for her life, and became entranced by Anakin's powerful anger as he choked his wife.[6]

R2-D2 recalled Padmé as a prominent figure among his past lovers while in his low-power dormancy on D'Qar, remembering their first encounter among others, and imagined her pleasuring him alongside Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura, Leia Organa, and others.[1]

Appearing as a spirit to their son Luke Skywalker, Anakin lamented how his arrogance cost Padmé her life, and stated that Luke had become a better man than him by rejecting the same temptation.[18]


Padmé on Geonosis

Physical characteristics and appearance[edit]

Padmé Amidala was a Human female with light skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. She had a smooth complexion with beauty marks on her cheeks, and slender eyebrows.[3] Pretty and angelic,[1] her lips were full and red. She wore her long, auburn hair in ringlets[5] or elegant tresses that reached down to her modest bust[3] and were braided into a bun at the back. Padmé had a slender body with pink nipples, and kept her pubic hair shaved into a thin strip of dark hair.[15] She had small hands.[1]

Padmé had a strong presence in the Force despite not being sensitive to it; Anakin Skywalker sensed her as a bright spot on the cosmic canvas, and believed he would always be able to feel her presence.[5]

Clothing and fashion[edit]

As Queen of the Royal House of Naboo, Amidala wore royal garments and regal, fur-lined red robes, and had her hair arranged into elaborate golden fans above her head.[1] These outfits were shared by her decoy Sabé, including an elaborate feathered headdress, white face paint, and black stockings.[8] While disguising herself as a handmaiden, Padmé wore a deep-orange hooded robe.[1]

While performing under her contract with DJ Rangthang at the Star Whores strip club, Padmé wore shimmersilk stockings, nova-red lipstick, blush, and starfire glitter in her hair.[4]

As senator, she wore dresses of fine material, including chiffon.[5]

For her wedding to Anakin Skywalker, Padmé wore an elegant white wedding gown with elaborate patterns and a long skirt. The sleeves were diaphanous, and she wore a patterned veil over her tresses.[3] She wore long, thigh-high stockings underneath her gown.[15]

Personality and traits[edit]

Padmé was a devoted[3] yet controlling individual[15] who was often cool and calm, though lost control during heated sex.[5] She maintained slutty habits[7] and was known for employing aggressive negotiations instead of sitting passively on the sidelines. She was greatly admired for political and prurient reasons, and was seen as an inspirational figure. Her willingness to get down and dirty and her generosity were counted among her infamous traits.[4]

Sexuality and preferences[edit]

Padmé in a Gungan gang bang

Known for her aggressive negotiations, Padmé was willing to get down and dirty to trade her body for favors to benefit her cause. She typically presaged physical business with oral foreplay.[4] She enjoyed anal sex though kept the preference secret from key figures to preserve her reputation.[2] She maintained slutty habits even through her marriage to Anakin Skywalker.[7] She initially proved devoted to her husband, carrying out a Naboo wedding tradition to faithfully service him[3] before they made love. Here Padmé displayed some control over Anakin by gripping him by the balls, suggesting the dynamic of their relationship to come. He engaged in light erotic asphyxiation with her, grabbing her around the neck with his mechanical hand and unknowingly foreshadowing his wife's ultimate fate[15] when he forced her to choke on his cock.[17] However, she returned to her old habits by cuckolding him, engaging in gang bangs with a group of Gungan locals[7] and a squadron of clone troopers under Anakin's command.[16]


List of partners[edit]

Notable partners[edit]


"It's a pity we didn't have more time together, Artoo. You were very loyal."
―A vision of Padmé to R2-D2[src]

Padmé first met R2-D2, an astromech droid with the Royal House of Naboo, aboard the Naboo Royal Starship, cleaning the heroic droid while in the guise of a handmaiden. While captured by Aurra Sing, Artoo was referred to as the Queen's special favorite. Padmé always understood the droid, and remained one of the droid's most prominent lovers alongside Leia Organa.[1]

Rush Clovis[edit]

Padmé became romantic partners with Baron Clovis as a senator, and joined the Star Whores club around the same time. Clovis enjoyed watching her perform for their associates in the Senate, and invited acquaintances to watch her shows. Some believed, however, that Padmé was playing a long game with Clovis, and using him to spy on his Separatist-aligned friends for the Loyalist Committee.[4] Anakin Skywalker would later accuse Padmé of whoring herself out to Clovis, among many other men.[6]

Anakin Skywalker[edit]

Padmé devoting herself to Anakin

Troubled by the precocious Anakin Skywalker since their first meeting, in which he called her an angel and declared he would marry her,[5] Padmé became Anakin's girlfriend while on Tatooine.[9] Padmé provided a soothing and comforting presence for Anakin, who compared her with his mother on occasion, and considered her to be a bright spot in the Force capable of allaying his deep-seated fears. She realized she was in love with him after fucking on Tatooine, though she compared it to plunging into a dark lake rather than the slow dawning of romance, and worried that Anakin could be the death of her.[5]

Padmé and Anakin married on Naboo, and Padmé remained devoted to her husband,[3] despite cuckolding him with three Gungans on their wedding night.[7] When Anakin became the Sith Lord Darth Vader, their relationship grew violent, and Padmé was forced to choke on his cock on Mustafar[17] while Vader accused her of whoring herself out to Obi-Wan Kenobi and many other men.[6] As a Force ghost, Anakin would lament Padmé's death from his own arrogance.[18]


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