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Mid Rim[1]


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Naboo retreat[6]

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Royal House of Naboo[9]

Naboo was a planet and water world which was at the center of legendary and galaxy-changing events, and was the homeworld of Emperor Palpatine. Covered in oceans which housed an entire civilization, Naboo was known for its beauty, and was home to the Royal House of Naboo.


Naboo was a verdant planet, far from the wild and empty expanses[3] of planets such as Jakku,[5] as well as distant from the galactic centers. Something of a backwater located in the Mid Rim, Naboo stood out from its neighboring star systems in the Outer Rim Territories,[1] and was sometimes considered an Outer Rim planet.[5] Naboo had several moons.[2] The planet had blue skies and mountain ranges,[4] and vast oceans where an entire civilization resided beneath the waves,[5] as did deep-sea anglerfish which used lures to attract prey.[7] Gungans were local to Naboo, which was also populated by humans.[4]

Naboo was known for its unique plasma resources.[1] The city of Theed featured beautiful waterfalls and the Theed Hangar which housed the N-1 starfighters used during the Battle of Naboo.[5] Theed also boasted several brothels owned by Ty-Areleven.[1]

Society and culture[edit]

Padmé Amidala observing a Naboo wedding tradition with Anakin Skywalker

Naboo was presided over by the Royal House of Naboo. Its people had customary accents that were clipped and clear.[9]

The scavenger Rey believed Naboo to be populated by exciting people who did exciting and legendary things, and in its day was the center of galaxy-changing events.[5] The women of Naboo, among other cultures, were known to enjoy the juxtaposition of fitting feminine droids with phallic attachments in unconventional locations.[10] Nubian girls, such as Mané and the handmaiden Dormé, were known for their attractiveness, and favored by some[2] as nubile Naboo nymphs. A cadre of handmaidens served the Queen of Naboo, identified by an unofficial uniform featuring robes and a deep-orange hood.[9] Holoporn tapes circulated with titles such as Naughty Naboo Nymphs Number Nine[11]

Naboo was represented in the Senate, and at one time Padmé Amidala served as the planet's senator,[12] famed for her Nabooian aggressive negotiations.[8] Naboo's moons were mined for spice.[2]

Naboo maintained wedding traditions which included the bride showing devotion to her husband by performing fellatio on him following the ceremony. Padmé Amidala observed this tradition after her wedding to Anakin Skywalker.[6]


The Battle for Naboo[edit]

The Emperor was born on Naboo, which ultimately kept the planet under the attention of the Galactic Empire once it came to power.[2]

Spice miners operated on Naboo's moons, and were considered unruly prior to the Clone Wars.[2]

Padmé Amidala served as the Queen of Naboo in its Royal House, and was attended by handmaidens including Sabé.[9] The astromech droid R2-D2 was sold for mechanical maintenance on Naboo, and joined the Naboo Royal Defense[1] attached to the Royal House. He underwent maintenance in its droid pool, where he received special modifications including his probic arm.[9]

In its day, Naboo was the center of galaxy-changing events that surrounded Palpatine's rise to power, beginning with the Battle of Naboo, although its brief moment of galactic importance eventually passed. During the battle, N-1 starfighters launched from the Theed Hangar,[5] and Anakin Skywalker flew into the Vuutun Palaa over the planet.[9] Padmé Amidala fought to free her planet, showing willingness to get down and dirty to trade her body for favors, and helped secure four trials for Nute Gunray in the Republic Supreme Court.[2] She later served as the Senator of Naboo,[12] famed for her aggressive negotiations.[8]

The rise of the Empire[edit]

Anakin Skywalker declared his love for Amidala on Naboo, and though she initially rebuffed him, Anakin challenged her by kissing her passionately by the fireside. She returned the kiss and exposed her body for him before feasting on his manhood.[12] They were later married in a wedding at Padmé's Naboo retreat. After saying their vows, Padmé dropped to her knees to show her devotion to her new husband as part of a Naboo wedding tradition.[6] They retired to Padmé's bedroom to make love on their wedding night,[13] although once Anakin fell asleep Padmé cuckolded him with some local Gungan servants on the balcony outside.[4] Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were born to Anakin and Padmé.[8]

Following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire granted the Mining Guild a charter to regulate spice. This, along with the Kessel royal family's mining contract and the Spacing Guild's shipping monopoly, led to the spice miners of Naboo's moons declaring themselves in open revolt. Mané served as one of the chief ringleaders of the revolt, and was the only leader not executed or enslaved in the Imperial attack that saw many killed. Many of the survivors were sent to Kessel to continue mining beneath the planet's surface, and some of the more attractive females were sold to the Hutt Clan. Mané herself was sent to Coruscant as Mas Amedda's concubine, who developed a fondness for Nubian girls with his former paramour Dormé.[2]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic fought against the Empire on Naboo, among other worlds, in the weeks following the Battle of Endor. Shara Bey confided in R2-D2 that the fighting didn't seem about to end.[9]

The New Republic[edit]

The Populist Senator Thadlé Berenko served as the representative of Naboo in the New Republic Senate, and was among those who witnessed the revelation of Leia Organa's parentage, and took to the HoloNet to defend Leia in its aftermath.[8]

Some thirty years after the Galactic Civil War, the desert-dweller Rey[3] found wreckage of ships from planets including Naboo while scavenging on Jakku. She memorized the name and its constellation in the night sky from salvaged navigation charts, and knew Naboo to be a legendary Outer Rim world that had been the center of galaxy-changing events.[5] She wished she lived on a verdant world such as Naboo, rather than in the wild and empty expanse of her homeworld,[3] and became obsessed with it and similar worlds covered in oceans.[5] During this period, Unkar Plutt owned a copy of the holoporn tape Naughty Naboo Nymphs Number Nine[11]

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Let It Flow" claims that Naboo is located in the Outer Rim Territories, while official sources, as well as "Artoobitchuary", state its location as the Mid Rim, albeit neighboring the Outer Rim.


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