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Mission Vao
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Mission Vao was a female Rutian Twi'lek from Taris. Struggling to stay out of trouble in the Lower City, Mission met Zaalbar after he saved her from thugs, and developed an interesting friendship with the Wookiee after blowing him by way of reward.


Early life[edit]

Living on Taris as an alien, Mission lived a difficult life in the Lower City where aliens were forced to dwell away from the intolerant Humans of the Upper City, and often found herself in trouble. She learned a number of languages, including the basics of Shyriiwook, and had sexual encounters with members of the opposite sex.[1]

Encountering "Big Z"[edit]

"Zaalbar, I think one good turn deserves another... don't you?"
―Mission offering to give head to Zaalbar[src]

Mission was chased and assaulted by a gang of thugs—the Weequay Klak'viv, Gamorrean Pozgak, and Rodian Doba—close to the Lower City Cantina. Dragged into a passageway between two apartment blocks, Vao attempted to fight off her assailants but ripped her vest in the process, revealing her breasts which the Weequay proceeded to fondle roughly. However, the trio were accosted and attacked by a Wookiee, who killed Klak'viv, knocked Doba into a refuse collector, and caused Pozgak to flee in terror. Mission thanked him for saving her, and her rescuer introduced himself as Zaalbar. He became aroused at Mission's semi-naked state, especially after staring at her ass while she bent to retrieve her torn clothing and giving Zaalbar a hug. She noticed his erection, finding it larger than any cock she'd seen, and soon overcame her surprise to consider the Wookiee in a sexual capacity.[1]

Deciding to reward Zaalbar, Mission knelt to stroke his huge shaft, and began licking it experimentally. She gave the Wookiee his first blowjob, bobbing her head on his cock after fighting her gag reflex, and stimulated him with both hands as well as her dexterous lips and tongue. Zaalbar came into her mouth and over her face with a roar, and Mission licked up the cream from her fingers to appraise her newfound friend. She nicknamed him "Big Z" and decided their partnership would be an interesting one.[1]


Physical appearance and biology[edit]

A Rutian Twi'lek, Mission had pert, ample breasts and a round ass. She was short of stature and had blue skin.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Mission spoke Basic and picked up a number of languages while on Taris, including a basic understanding of Shyriiwook.[1]

Sexuality and preferences[edit]

Mission was no stranger to members of the opposite sex, and engaged in interspecies sex with the Wookiee Zaalbar to reward him for rescuing her from thugs.[1]



"Well, Big Z, I think this could be the start of a very interesting friendship."
―Mission to Zaalbar[src]

Mission encountered Zaalbar in Taris's Lower City when the Wookiee saved her from thugs. Grateful to her rescuer and intrigued by the size of his erection after she hugged him in revealing clothing, Mission decided to reward Zaalbar with head, and licked, stroked, and sucked him to orgasm to secure their new friendship, naming him "Big Z" for his endowment.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Mission Vao was created for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and was voiced by Catherine Taber.


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