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Mara Jade Skywalker
Mara Jade Skywalker
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Mara Jade Skywalker (nee Mara Jade) was a redheaded female who served as the Emperor's Hand in the Galactic Empire, and was sent on a mission to kill Luke Skywalker by posing as the dancing girl Arica in Jabba's Palace. Joining Talon Karrde's gang on Myrkyr, Jade became friendly with the New Republic and ultimately married Skywalker. She served as a Jedi until her defeat and final defilement at the hands of Darth Caedus on Kavan.


Childhood and abduction[edit]

Mara was born to Balen and Rohini Jade, and lived with her parents aboard freighter Jade Fire, which she knew as her only home until she was twelve years old. One day prior to a planetary departure, Mara observed aliens and loaders from the ship's ramp before being called inside by Rohini. Mara was sent into the cockpit by Balen, and allowed to pull the lever to send the freighter into hyperspace. She sat at the game table during flight and was put to bed by her father, though awoke to find the ship at red alert and under attack by pirates. With the ship's systems disabled by an ion cannon, Mara's parents exchanged a passionate kiss before moving to intercept boarders, and Balen stowed Mara in a ventral cargo compartment. However the pirates burst in and Balen was confronted by their leader, the Twi'lek Hedeon the Cruel, who revealed Rohini had been killed before shooting Balen dead. Mara exchanged pleading words with her father as he died, and Hedeon ordered his men to take her.[10]

Held in a prison cell, Mara was violated by Hedeon, who entered her cell after drinking wine and proceeded to tear off her nightshirt before forcing himself upon her. He slammed inside her until he came, and ordered his prisoner to suck his cock. Pushing her head down on his shaft, the Twi'lek had her lick his manhood until he came again, and made her taste his ejaculate. Afterwards she was dressed in a halter top and latex shorts and brought to a great city to be presented before Darth Sidious. He sensed power in Mara, and took possession of her as his new servant.[10]

The Emperor's Hand[edit]

The Emperor's Hand

As a young woman, Mara Jade served as the Emperor's Hand, and sexually serviced Emperor Palpatine among her duties. Kneeling before his throne, the nude redhead fondled and licked her master's manhood while he leered down at her as part of her devotion to his Empire.[7] While in service to the Empire she typically wore a black leather bodysuit over her young body.[11] During her early days as the Emperor's Hand, Jade was subjected to a reaming from the Emperor's Royal Guards during a gangbang with a large group of the red-robed guardsmen. Naked and lifted among them, Mara was assaulted with one guard's weapon as he pressed its energized tip against her vagina while she was taken in the ass by a second guard. Jade clutched her armored lover while the rest of the guards watched from behind their masks.[12]

Jade's royal reaming

While serving as the Emperor's Hand, Mara took it upon herself to teach Imperial Intelligence officer Ysanne Isard lessons in obedience, and disciplined her by forcing the black-haired woman to perform cunnilingus on her. Exposing her crotch to Isard, Jade grabbed her white-streaked hair to pull her tongue against her pussy, and spilled her juices as Isard ate her out.[13]

Arica the dancing girl[edit]

Mara during her time as "Arica"

Mara disguised herself as a dancing girl named Arica in order to serve as a slave girl in Jabba's Palace[3] as part of her mission to kill Luke Skywalker.[14] She infiltrated the palace on her undercover job by auditioning as a dancer and, dressed in a blue bodystocking, she exposed herself for the benefit of her new employers. Jade teased her breast from under the tight material,[15] and danced for Jabba in a translucent bodystocking and blue veils.[14] She also wore a green-and-silver metal bikini as her slave outfit along with green veils and a slaving collar and chain.[3]

She remained defiant, resulting in a hard lesson from a Gamorrean who forced her against a wall to anally violate her. Jade rubbed her pussy as the brute yanked on her hair while reaming her, leaving his slobber on her bare back.[16] She did more than just dance however, and engaged in a tryst with Saelt-Marae, lifting her leg to let the yak-faced male ream her as he licked her neck.[17] She was also assaulted by the ferocious Amani bounty hunter Amanaman, who tore her slave outfit to rags while impaling her with his huge cock.[18]

Mara in a harem orgy

While in the palace she observed a striptease performed by Leia Organa, watching from Jabba's side as Leia finished her routine,[19] and joined Leia in a harem orgy with their sister slave girls. Jade fingered herself while Leia licked her nipples, and watched Greeata pleasuring Jess.[20] Jade herself was pleasured by Jess, straddling the girl's chest to let her tongue Mara's vagina, while Pinke licked her nipples[21] as she observed Leia being pleasured by Lyn Me and Rystáll Sant.[22]

"Arica" was featured in an issue of Flyboy Magazine, described as a "mysterious dancer" and exposed in a seven-page spread.[23]

Trials on Myrkyr[edit]

Mara joining Talon Karrde's gang
"Mara, are you alright?"
"I'll... live."
―Talon Karrde and Mara[src]

Mara encountered the criminal Talon Karrde, and convinced him to let her join his gang by letting him fuck her. The black-haired man lifted Jade over a railing to nail her as she gripped his shirt, spreading her legs for his thick manhood to prove her worth.[24]

Associating with Karrde's gang, Mara Jade accompanied him to their new hideout on Myrkyr, and eagerly took the opportunity to explore the surrounding forest. However, she was watched by a pack of native vornskrs which emerged from hiding to ambush her. Attacking her and shredding her clothing, the beasts discovered Jade was female, and their primal mating instincts kicked in while she struggled to fight them off. She was brought to her hands and knees by the lead vornskr, which proceeded to mount her and painfully stretched her as it rutted with its prize. Though he finished, Mara was ravaged by the rest of his pack, and was rendered helpless while each vornskr took his turn to pound and hump her body. However, her screams attracted Karrde, who shot the beast ravaging her, causing the pack to flee. Assuring him she'd live, though left with injuries and a pool of beast-cum trickling from between her legs, Mara was treated with bacta gel. Karrde and his men hunted down the rest of the pack, though against Mara's wishes Talon tamed two of the beasts, naming them Sturm and Drang. She made a point of staying clear of Karrde's new pets.[8]

Further encounters[edit]

Mara and Leia

After becoming friendly to the New Republic,[5] Mara had an intimate meeting with Leia Organa Solo on Coruscant, and the pair embraced while undressing out of their jumpsuits. Mara clutched Leia's body as she licked the redhead's neck,[9] and asserted herself over the princess when their tryst continued in bed. Naked, Mara laid over Leia as they kissed, and fingered her with expert use of her hands[25] and her Jedi Finger Trick.[26]

Mara Jade

Mara was involved in a battle that left her black jumpsuit torn, revealing much of her body beneath while she stood with her lightsaber ignited.[27] She spent a Christmas with Leia, Winter, and R2-D2, posing with her friends in festive, fur-trimmed outfits to celebrate the season.[28]


Mara shared by Leia and Winter before her wedding

Mara was set to marry Luke Skywalker, though on the night before her wedding she was shared by Leia and Winter. Jade laid back on the bed while her lovers pleasured her naked body, Leia fingering and licking the redhead's pussy while Winter touched her lips to Mara's while the bride-to-be fondled her own breasts.[29] After marrying Skywalker, Jade spent her wedding night with her new husband, making love in bed where Luke spooned his wife.[1]

The New Jedi Order[edit]

During the period of the New Jedi Order, Mara received intimate attention from Jaina Solo and Tahiri Veila, joining them in a passionate three-way where Mara's admirers pleasured her with their mouths and hands. Jaina knelt behind the redhead while she fondled her own breasts, as Tahiri laid between her legs to eat the elder woman out.[6]

Adventuring on Dantooine with Anakin Solo, Mara allowed her nephew to play out his secret sexual fantasy by giving into the temptation to fuck him. Positioning herself on all fours on the ground, Jade let Solo mount her from behind, and engaged in a sweaty tryst with him until he filled her with his seed.[30]

Betrayed by Senator Viqi Shesh,[31] several female Jedi including Mara, Leia, and Jaina were captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and held as prisoners to torture. Mara was bound up by her hands, her clothing torn and cuts and scars made on her body, as she was menaced by a Yuuzhan Vong approaching her with a knife.[32] She and Leia were subjected to an intense experience intended to break them: Mara was tortured while bound against a wall while a creature painfully invaded her womb to suck out the fetus of her unborn child, Ben Skywalker, while Leia received similar penetrative torture overseen by a Yuuzhan Vong guard.[33] With this process complete, Mara, Leia, and Jaina were forced into a gangbang where the Jedi women were shared as spoils of war among the Yuuzhan Vong. Mara was taken from behind while made to suck off another of her captors, as her colleagues were similarly ravaged elsewhere in the chamber. Her body dripping with spunk, Mara was ridden in her ass while her forceful lover tugged on her hair.[34] Becoming submissive to their captives over several months, Mara and the survivors of their ordeal fell pregnant, carrying Force-sensitive hybrid off-spring intended to be developed into future warriors for the Yuuzhan Vong. Mara was retained as breeding stock, and she and Jaina cradled their pregnant bellies while Leia was forced to suck off Tsavong Lah as he celebrated victory with Shesh.[31]

Defilement and death[edit]

Mara's final defilement

After Jacen Solo turned to the dark side as Darth Caedus, Mara confronted the evil Sith on the planet Kavan. Fighting Caedus in battle, she was paralyzed by a toxic dart, leaving her defenseless on the rocky floor. However, before she died Jade was defiled by her attacker, who mounted her prone body to ream her through her torn garments. She stared up at Caedus's evil glare as he thrust inside her, and was ultimately left to die by her final lover.[2]


Physical appearance and biology[edit]

Mara Jade

Light-skinned,[3] Mara had long, smooth orange-red hair, green eyes, and slender, angular features.[11] She had a curvaceous body and large nipples of brown[4] and pink coloration. She had large aureoles and round, full breasts.[11] She kept her pubic hair shaved into a strip of bushy red hair.[12]

Outfits and fashion[edit]

Mara as Arica the dancing girl

Beginning during her service as the Emperor's Hand and continuing into later eras, Mara wore a black leather bodysuit[11] tight enough for her nipples to protrude through the material. She also wore a cream-colored headscarf and gloves, googles, shoulder straps, and a belt allowing her to carry a lightsaber,[4] as well as glossy, thigh-high boots.[13] This outfit suffered damage during battle, leaving tears in the material displaying Mara's body beneath.[27] While posing as the dancing girl Arica, Mara wore a see-through bodystocking with blue veils, stockings, and silver bracelets.[14] She also wore an outfit consisting of a green-and-silver metal bikini with arm and wrist bracelets, green veils, and a slaving collar, and painted her finger- and toe-nails red.[3]

While associating with Talon Karrde Mara wore a blue ribbed jacket with a white undershirt and black gloves.[24] During Christmas with Leia and Winter, Mara wore a short festive sleeveless dress with tight, black material, white fur trim, and a buckled red belt.[28] She wore a blue vest, brown pants, and black boots while adventuring with Anakin Solo on Dantooine.[30]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

Mara performing a Jedi Finger Trick on Leia

Mara engaged in sexual encounters with both males[7] and females.[9] She delivered lessons in obedience by disciplining Ysanne Isard with forced cunnilingus,[13] and though dominant in sex at times[25] Jade was subservient to Palpatine during her service as his Emperor's Hand, loyally pleasuring his manhood from the foot of his throne.[7] She was also assaulted by his Royal Guards, letting them pleasure her with their cocks and weapons in a large gangbang.[12] She participated in orgies,[20] and had expert use of her hands[25] when performing the Jedi Finger Trick.[26] She carried out incest by indulging a sexual fantasy of her nephew Anakin Solo on Dantooine.[30]


List of partners[edit]

Notable relationships[edit]


Mara served as the Emperor's Hand, serving Palpatine with loyal handjobs as part of her duty to the Empire.[7] She was also gangbanged by the Emperor's Royal Guards.[12]

Leia Organa Solo[edit]

Mara watched Leia performing a striptease in Jabba's Palace[19] and joined her in an orgy,[20] and was later introduced to her during an intimate encounter on Coruscant where the pair embraced[9] and Mara bedded the princess with expert use[25] of her Jedi Finger Trick.[26] She and Leia spent a Christmas together with R2-D2 and Winter,[28] and Leia and Winter shared Mara on the night before her wedding.[29]

Luke Skywalker[edit]

Mara and Luke on their wedding night

Once given a mission to kill Luke Skywalker,[14] Mara married him and made love to her new husband on their wedding night.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Mara Jade first appeared in Heir to the Empire, and model Shannon McRandle was chosen as the character's likeness in numerous Lucasfilm products. Shabby Blue first depicted the character in SBMARA - Mara Jade: Dancing Girl, created prior to McRandle's casting,[3] and later used her likeness from SB2000A - Mara Jade onwards,[4] though in later years utilized the likeness of model Jennifer Korbin.[11]


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