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Leia Organa
Leia Organa
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Leia Organa was a Human female noble, politician, revolutionary, and sex worker who served as the Princess of Alderaan and its representative in the Senate of the Galactic Empire. Entering into a political career, Leia engaged in humanitarian missions and began working for the rebellion in its early struggles against the Empire. Forced to work as "Viqi" the exotic dancer to keep her adoptive father, Bail Organa, safe from Imperial retribution, Leia used her secret career as cover to rendezvous with Rebel allies, and informed Leto Borian of the existence of the Death Star while working at the Star Whores strip club. Interrogated by the Empire, Leia survived to help plan an assault against the battle station, finding brief reprieve with R2-D2, and later celebrated with Chewbacca and other heroes.

As an older woman, Leia served as a general in the Resistance, and assisted Rey in coming to terms with her recent experiences before the girl departed to seek out Luke Skywalker.


Early life and careers[edit]

Leia was born to Padmé Amidala and adopted by Bail Organa,[5] becoming the Princess of Alderaan as Bail's daughter.[1] She had the Force, although her experience with it would be ultimately limited.[4] Living on Alderaan as a girl, Leia played in the Apalis Fields and bathed under the Cloudshape Falls whenever the Tantive IV was docked for refueling. The astromech droid R2-D2 spied her on several such occasions.[3] As a young woman, Leia entered into a career as a politician and diplomat, and engaged in humanitarian missions. The Imperial Press Corps conspired with the media to take her career less than seriously, referring to her in HoloNet stories as a "princess playing dress-up", and she was more regularly asked about her fashion sense than her political views. She also became involved with the rebellion in its early rebellion against the Galactic Empire,[1] and was taught the rule of "no romance" by one of its early founders.[5]

A princess on Lothal[edit]

Princess Leia Organa and Ezra
"Princesses dream of a lot of things. Like peace and freedom for the galaxy, and the restoration of the Republic. It doesn't mean we get what we hope for. I suppose you know what that's like, what with Sabine and everything. Don't look so upset. She'll come around. You're a handsome young man."
―Leia, to Ezra Bridger[src]

During her visit to Lothal, Leia comforted Ezra Bridger before the crew devised a plan to steal her Hammerhead corvettes. While most of the crew departed for Ryder Azadi's hideout, Sabine sneaked into Capital City to monitor troop movements, leaving Ezra and Leia alone with the ship. Organa, having noticed the way Ezra looked at Sabine, discussed the lad's propensity to talk about his female crew mates, and suggested that Wren would eventually come around to the handsome young man. Leia ultimately took Ezra's virginity in the ship's cargo hold. The pair cleaned up before Sabine and the others returned.[6]

With preparations complete, the crew launched their plan to steal the Hammerheads, and Sabine took control of the Lightmaker. Afterwards, the crew reunited on the Ghost where Sabine and Zeb poked fun at Ezra's crush on the princess, little knowing of how intimate the pair had become. Hera put an end to the teasing by ordering Sabine and Zeb to check the ship's engines ahead of a scouting mission to Concord Dawn. She and the Lasat proceeded to argue heatedly over this task while Ezra discussed Leia with Hera.[6]


Leia became the Senator of Alderaan during the era of the Galactic Empire, although most of her fellow delegates simply considered her a daddy's girl and refused to hold her in high esteem. In her late teens she became embroiled in trouble due to her father, Bail Organa, and his involvement with the Fulcrum Network. The Organas were spared imprisonment by the Empire, and Alderaan spared occupation, on the condition that Leia was employed in a second job as an exotic dancer at the Star Whores strip club in the red light district of Coruscant's Level 1313. She assumed the stage name of "Viqi" as her secret identity and, protected by the Peace Pact, dressed in a pink top with micro-mini-skirt and fishnet stockings, with her long hair dyed purple and black. Bail kept in line for fear of Leia's secret job leaking to the galaxy, and she joined several other women in similar predicaments who were forced to whore themselves by the Empire. She became used to working the duraplast poles, and became the favorite of Senator Leto Borian of Atzerri, a rebel sympathizer who took Leia's senatorial aide as his mistress to keep up public appearances and allow their two embassies a greater depth of communication. Borian came to enjoy lapdances, foreplay, and fellatio from "Viqi".[1] She also took Senator Borka-Di of Nal Anga as her occasional lover, and both Borian and Borka-Di would serve as her allies in both the Imperial and New Republic Senates.[5]

"If I thought that the best course, I would have no problem offering myself as the consort to a member of Black Sun, or even joining a Hutt's harem in return for their pledge of support. But we can't restore the Republic if we take for allies those whose values are opposed to it as the Emperor and his cronies are. That way will lead only to a system as callous and rancorous as the Empire is now."
―Leia to Leto Borian[src]

Some eighteen years after the climax of the Clone Wars, Leia learned of the existence of the Death Star superweapon and summoned Leto Borian to the Star Whores club where she remained employed. Greeting Borian and his friends in the guise of "Viqi", Leia led her favorite customer to a champagne room in the rear of the building. Once alone, Organa wrapped her arms around Borian and discussed the reports, dismissing the idea of recruiting new allies from the galaxy's dangerous underworld. Leto vowed to inform his contacts to help prepare for the struggle to come, and Leia decided to thank her friend for his service by offering a service of her own. Foregoing her usual foreplay, Leia sucked him off in their private booth, and Borian placed a hand on the back of her head to pump himself deeper and faster into her mouth.[1]

Facing the Death Star[edit]

"I'm ready for your input, Artoo."
―Leia to R2-D2[src]

Leia endured interrogation procedures inflicted upon her by the Empire, and survived an incident in a garbage compactor. She participated in preparations for the battle against the Death Star, though took time out while the starfighters were being readied for flight, and sought out R2-D2 in an isolated courtyard of Massassi Base. She asked if the droid felt scared about the battle to come, and sat heavily on the ground to lament her part in sending brave pilots on a seeming suicide mission. She thanked Artoo for his own part in locating Ben Kenobi and delivering the Death Star plans, and in return the astromech droid calculated the most effective method to raise her spirits: He did so by revealing his probic arm, which Leia recognized for its potential as a phallic device. Unsure, Leia attempted to push the shaft back into Artoo's carapace, but let her hand linger long enough for the droid to apply lubricating zypolene to his attachment, surprising the princess with its warmth. Despite her misgivings, Leia couldn't help stroking the smooth shaft, and ultimately gave in to her desires. Tugging down her panties, Leia pulled Artoo between her bare thighs and stimulated herself before letting the droid slide his heated shaft inside her. Artoo began thrusting into her slowly as Leia gripped his casing, falling into a rhythm that jiggled her nubile body against the stone wall. Hooking her heels over the arches of his legs, Leia opened herself wider for her droid lover, and Artoo calculated precisely how long it would take to bring her to a satisfying orgasm. Artoo recorded the encounter, keeping it as one of the many records in secret archive, and would replay the event decades later during the era of the Resistance. She and Artoo would have numerous other sexual encounters throughout the Galactic Civil War and into the resurgence of the Republic.[3]

Celebrations on Yavin 4[edit]

Leia and Chewbacca

On Yavin 4, Leia prepared for the Royal Award Ceremony by dressing in a ceremonial gown. She showed off this garment to several Rebel troopers inside the Great Temple of Massassi, bending over to display her long legs and a teasing amount of cleavage to reward the Rebels.[2] During the ceremony, held in a grand chamber of Massassi Base, saw Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca receiving applause from an audience of hundreds. Speeches from General Dodonna and Leia followed, with Organa's being both succinct and monumental as she took the opportunity to honor the lost souls of Alderaan.[3]

Following the ceremony, Leia received her own special reward from the Wookiee Chewbacca, with whom she became carnally acquainted. Leia was lifted into the shaggy hero's arms, and leaned back against his hairy frame as he reamed her with his huge erection. Her thighs held wide apart, Leia rode Chewie in a dynamic pose, her braided ponytail flying and strands of hair spilling out of their arrangement as she gasped and drooled over her prize.[7] This tryst taught Leia a lesson in how to prepare her fellow freedom fighters to face the battles of the future, and would go on to utilize her own brand of comfort to give heroes their due and keep morale high.[5]

After wrapping up the festivities, Leia had sex against the wall with Han Solo while Chewbacca was watching.[8]

Nights on Hoth[edit]

"You're insatiable."
"And you're pure as snow. Or did I hear someone else in the Ice Princess's room that night?"
Toryn and Samoc Farr[src]

While in Echo Base on Hoth, Toryn Farr spent a night in Leia's room, according to Farr's sister Samoc. She later teased Toryn about being overheard with the so-called "Ice Princess", causing Toryn to blush.[3] Leia also learned to appreciate the frozen heat of a glory hole established in the base, as part of a tradition among the Alliance.[5]

While on the 5251977 asteroid base, Leia assisted Chewbacca in a glory hole established as part of Alliance tradition, aided by the magnificent desolation of the area.[5]

The slave princess[edit]

During her time in Jabba's Palace, Leia was dressed in a golden metal bikini and red veils, and was leashed by a chain around her neck that Jabba Desilijic Tiure used to summon her to him.[3]

Republic resurgent[edit]

Leia married Han Solo, and the pair had a son together,[5] named Ben.[3] They became a true family for a brief period after the end of the Galactic Civil War, which Leia considered to be a golden age that allowed her to wallow in sentiment.[5] At one time, Leia nursed Ben while her friends and lovers looked on, before a period R2-D2 would define as the "dark times". As of the war's end, Leia had enjoyed a number of sexual encounters with Artoo since their first tryst on Yavin 4, and their unique relationship would continue into the era of the resurgent Republic.[3]

The signing of the Galactic Concordance brought peace back to the galaxy, and Leia became one of the leading figures in the New Republic. Helping to rebuild the galaxy, Leia chose to continue her political career instead of following Luke Skywalker along the Jedi path to mastery of the Force, and turned down his offer to become the first of his new Padawans. She promoted and championed the Military Disarmament Act alongside Mon Mothma, drawn from Alderaan's pacifist traditions, to honor her parental figures Bail Organa and Padmé Amidala. Leia continued to support peace while the Centrists rose in the Senate with the promotion of their Project for the New Republic Century.[5]

In this period, Han lost the Millennium Falcon to Ducain, leading Leia to believe she would never see the ship again, and their son fell, causing the pair to part ways for the last time until the events surrounding the Hosnian Cataclysm. Leia took other sexual partners after Han's departure. Ben became known as Kylo Ren, and participated in a Jedi massacre. Leia continued to feel the conflict within her son through the Force, and would attempt to blame his atrocities on the influence of Supreme Leader Snoke. She also identified a missing connection with her son, possibly stemming from her refusal to follow the Jedi path.[5]

Leia took her aide, Korr Sella, as her confidant and lover, and continued her occasional relationships with Senators Leto Borian and Borka-Di since their first illicit meetings in the Star Whores club. She and Korr championed their own brand of aggressive negotiations, and Leia spent countless sweaty nights developing her skills. She also made use of the feminine droid PZ-4CO as both a diplomatic aide and a cold, metallic lover. During a diplomatic mission to the planet Nuri, Leia had Peazy upgraded with a probic arm at the flesh markets of the Shava Exurb. The extension was fitted in an unconventional place, which reminded Leia of stories of women of Naboo who enjoyed that kind of juxtaposition, as well as rumors that Bail Organa used his BD-3000 luxury droid for his own enjoyment.[5]

The Resistance[edit]

"Have a good time?"
"I did, yes. Thank you."
"My pleasure. Give my love to Luke, if—when you find him."
―Leia and Rey[src]

In the wake of the Napkin Bombing and the revelation of Leia's relation to Vader, Leia found herself facing a new threat with the rise of the First Order. She severed her ties to the New Republic, and felt as if she were doing the same to her heritage, in order to go against her pacifist morality and establish the Resistance. This act eradicated both her political legacy and that of her family,[5] though allies such as Leto Borian and Borka-Di remained loyal, despite Chancellor Villecham's sidelining of revolution and warfare in favor of disputing the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems. She hand-picked several allies from the New Republic, including some who served with her in the Rebellion, to join the Resistance, including Ackbar.[5]

As a General, Leia operated out of a Resistance base on D'Qar. By this time, her experience with the Force remained limited.[4] She established her personal Secure Assessment, Blowback, and Estimation unit, filling its with rogues who could operate in the underworld to secure new alliances for the Resistance. Her one-time would-be assassin and capable lover, Dalmun Hess, led the SABE team, and as of this point ventured into the Coruscant underworld to leverage his old criminal contacts to recruit bounty hunters, pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, and other assassins like him.[5]

She dispatched Korr Sella to meet with Borian and Borka-Di on Hosnian Prime, the senators having promised to help Leia target the delegates particularly susceptible to her brand of "aggressive negotiations". Around this time, Leia took Kaydel Ko as her occasional bunkmate, finding her devoted and eager as a tooka.[5]

During his dormancy in the base, R2-D2 recalled many of his previous erotic encounters, including several records and memories from his secret archive featuring Leia Organa. He vividly remembered his first time with the princess on Yavin 4, and held the opinion that Leia was unique among the many notable figures he'd encountered. As he began experiencing an overload of data, he imagined Leia, accompanied by Padmé Amidala, orally servicing him while wearing the golden metal bikini from her time in Jabba's Palace. After sucking his shaft, Leia helped Artoo penetrate Padmé, and teased her tongue around the monarch's anus while the droid reamed her. Leia lay on her back, letting Padmé remove the clasps of her bikini with her teeth, as Artoo attempted to recall how long it had been since they'd been intimate. Mimicking their first time, Leia pulled Artoo close by hooking her legs around him, and he thrust into her while Padmé tongued Leia's clitoris. Artoo continued to dream, lost in his memories, with little thought for the outside world.[3]

The Hosnian Cataclysm saw the elimination of the New Republic government and fleet on Hosnian Prime, and left the chain of succession murky. Leia began to receive updates about the fallout from her contacts across the galaxy, and lamented the loss of her aide, Korr Sella. Greer Sonnel flew the Ossifrage in an attempt to contact Leia's friends in Republic Space. She recognized that her championing of the Military Disarmament Act had led to the Republic being crippled with a single blow.[5]

Leia was reunited with Han Solo and Chewbacca on Takodana, but it was seeing the Millennium Falcon again that roused more past feelings in her. However, Solo was later killed by their son, Kylo Ren, in an act that Leia believed finally destroyed the last remnants of Ben still within the troubled Force-user. From this point, Leia could no longer feel her son in the Force, finding only empty darkness instead.[5]

Victory and loss[edit]

The Battle of Starkiller Base was a key moment in the Resistance's fight for freedom against the First Order. Although Leia was not in the best of moods to celebrate, she agreed to join a victory celebration, recalling how she'd been similarly despondent after the Disaster that destroyed Alderaan and recognizing the need for levity and high morale at such a time. She awarded Rey, Chewbacca, and the surviving members of Red and Blue Squadrons with replicas of the Medal of Valor, and spotted Jessika Pava acting particularly congratulatory towards R2-D2. She also spotted Kaydel Ko Connix giving Poe Dameron a hero's reward after his strike force returned from the battle.[5]

Leia spoke with Rey prior to her departure to find Luke Skywalker, attempting to help the young woman understand the changes she had experienced over the past few days. She shared some of her own experiences and the methods she used to cope with the constant threat of the Empire, leading Rey in search of the glory hole[4] set up by the late Ello Asty[5] with specific instructions on how to acquit herself. Mindful of Leia's lessons, Rey took care in handling the cocks she was presented with, finding them as sensitive as the general suggested. Leia caught up with her again some hours later, informing her that Chewbacca had prepared the Millennium Falcon, and inquired after Rey's experience. Leia smiled, finding pleasure in Rey's awakening, and asked her to give her love to Luke.[4] She learned that Chewie had turned to Doctor Kalonia for his own brand of comfort while Leia assisted Rey, and the general decided to give Finn similar due once he awakened from his coma.[5]

She watched the Falcon depart then made her way back to the command room, stopping to observe Theo Meltsa and Peet Deralia flirting outside.[5]


Leia Organa

Physical appearance and attire[edit]

Leia was a human female with light skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. She had long legs and a generous bust which she was known to tease in her ceremonial gowns and dresses.[2] Her hair was long and lustrous. Her lips were red, and she had beatific facial features.[3] She had dark pink nipples and kept her pubic hair shaved into a thin strip[7] of neat, dark hair. She had a nubile body of creamy flesh[3] and a lithe frame, and was surprisingly strong,[1] with slender fingers. She held a regal bearing, and her eyes were typically bright and her expression keen. Her voice was crisp and clear, and she spoke in a clipped, Core Worlds accent of the type familiar to denizens of Naboo, Coruscant, and Alderaan itself. Her voice had some similarities with that of Padmé Amidala.[3]

Notable outfits and fashions[edit]

During her time under the secret identity of "Viqi" the exotic dancer, Leia had her long hair dyed black and purple, and wore a pink top that was halfway between a crop top and a bra, with a matching micro-mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, and glittery stripper heels. Her stage name was printed on a pink choker.[1]

Leia wore a tight, white senatorial gown which picked up burn marks from her interrogation aboard the Death Star and grime from one of its garbage compactors, as well as white boots, and wore silky white panties beneath her flowing skirt.[3] On Yavin 4, Leia wore a white ceremonial gown with semi-transparent sleeves, accompanied by a silver necklace, a circlet belt, a bracelet, and heels. This outfit allowed her to display a teasing amount of cleavage, as well as her thighs, to watching Rebel troopers. She arranged her long hair into an elaborate plaited bun on top of her head, with a braid hanging down her back, and applied cosmetics such as eyeshadow and lipstick.[2]

As the slave of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Leia was dressed in an outfit consisting of a golden metal bikini, bands of gold circling her upper arms, and a headpiece taming her hair. She wore a red veil over her crotch, and the bikini was tightly cinched around her body, as was a chain around her neck used to leash her to Jabba.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Leia was a unique figure in galactic history.[3] She carried a surprising strength, and her allies found it strange to see her timid, afraid, or vulnerable. She remained dedicated to her cause as a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, considering herself an idealist, although was not against using her sexuality to secure alliances; upon learning of the threat of the Death Star, she considered becoming a Black Sun consort or joining a Hutt's harem if it meant the support of useful allies, and she continued to work secretly as an exotic dancer in order to facilitate communications among rebel networks and protect Bail Organa from Imperial retribution.[1] However, she felt sorrow for ordering freedom fighters into dangerous and life-threatening situations, despite doing so for the greater good of the galaxy.[3] She remained a pacifist during the New Republic era, championing peace as a politician, but ultimately founded the Resistance as a militarist to combat the First Order, and even used criminals such as Dalmun Hess to recruit underworld scum for the cause.[5]

She observed small gestures such as kneeling to speak with individuals of lesser stature, which few others practiced. She could be good-humored, smiling and laughing with friends, and enjoyed playing on Alderaan as a girl. However, some referred to her as an "Ice Princess", and made light of her sexual encounters.[3] As an older woman, she attempted to relay her experiences to the younger generation, including sexual instructions and suggestions.[4]

Sexuality and preferences[edit]

Leia found comfort in companionship during the dark times she lived in, although enjoyed playing the role of a bad girl with partners she trusted, which included men,[1] women, and droids.[3] She enjoyed partners who were devoted and eager, and had little time for raw energy with no talent or duration. However, while she took many sexual partners, she found little romance or love with her lovers, save for Han Solo, and kept the rule of "no romance" from the early days of the rebellion.[5]

When sexually aroused, her pulse and breathing quickened, her pupils dilated, and she tended to spread her legs further apart in anticipation. She rubbed herself at times to stimulate herself for sexual intercourse, on occasion using four fingers to stroke her mound until her slit became wet and puffy.[3]

She enjoyed performing fellatio, possibly as a counterpart to her oral eloquence as a politician. Leto Borian theorized that it was a subconscious reaction against the media's disdain for her political acumen in favor of her looks and fashion. She was remarkably good at performing lapdances, possibly having somehow practiced them on Alderaan as a teenager.[1] Leia participated in glory holes during her time in various Rebel Alliance, though in her later years considered them a young woman's game, letting the tradition continue for the next generation. She developed her skills at aggressive negotiations through countless sleepless, sweaty nights.[5]

Leia practiced interspecies sex, having become carnal with the Wookiee Chewbacca on Yavin 4. She rode him in a dynamic pose that caused her ponytail to whip through the air and her hair to become unspooled from its bun.[7] She also experienced droid sex with R2-D2, initially showing some hesitation at being presented with his probic arm, but finding the shaft warm and comforting, Leia engaged in intercourse with the astromech on many occasions.[3]


List of partners[edit]

"I'd like to help comfort you. We need all the companionship we can get in these dark times, after all."
―Leia to Leto Borian[src]

Notable partners[edit]

Leto Borian[edit]

"Sometimes it's nice to play the role of a bad girl. When it's with someone I trust."
―Leia to Leto Borian[src]

Leia became both allies and lovers with the Senator of Atzerri due to their shared affiliation with the rebellion and later the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Borian became Leia's favorite during her secret career as "Viqi" the exotic dancer in the Star Whores strip club, and often met with her to discuss important information, as well as to receive lapdances, foreplay, and fellatio. Leia enjoyed blowing Borian, and often led with foreplay before displaying her oral acumen. She considered him a trusted friend, and endeavored to comfort him with her companionship, as well as her skilled mouth, in the dark times of the Galactic Empire.[1]


"What would people think? Just a girl and her droid."
―Leia on R2-D2[src]

Leia first became aware of R2-D2's potential as a lover during preparations for the Battle of Yavin, when the plucky droid presented his phallic probic arm as a solution for her stress. She took the droid up on his offer, spreading her legs to let him penetrate her, and entered into a steady rhythm with Artoo that would, according to his calculations, result in a satisfying orgasm. They continued to engage in trysts throughout the war and into the days of the New Republic, until the dark times. Artoo would recall many of these memories during his low-power dormancy while on D'Qar, characterizing Leia as a unique individual, and alongside Padmé Amidala, the most important and notable of his prior associations.[3]


Leia was rewarded with an intimate encounter with Chewbacca following the Royal Award Ceremony on Yavin 4, where the Wookiee lifted her into his shaggy arms and impaled her on his massive endowment.[7] She later assisted him in a glory hole on 5251977, and continued to be reminded of how intense Wookiee style was into the era of the Resistance.[5]

Han Solo[edit]

Leia and Han married towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, and had a son, Ben. The relationship ultimately ended after Ben's fall, and Leia went on to have other sexual partners before being reunited with Han shortly before his death at Ben's hands.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Shabby Blue's first erotica canon depiction of Leia was in SBCSW47 - The Rebels' Reward, and the character first appeared in a work of canon erotic fiction in Das Flute's "Coruscant Call Girl".


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