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Hulking appearance[2]

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The Lasat were an alien species known for their hulking appearance.

Biology and appearance[edit]

The Lasat Zeb (left) in an orgy

Lasats were hulking aliens who communicated in grunting voices.[2] They had muscular bodies of purple skin and fur patterned with dark-purple stripes. They had large, pointed ears, green eyes, and bald heads, though males could grow dark-purple beards.[1] Males were also well-endowed with long, thick shafts.[3]

Lasats in the galaxy[edit]

Zeb was a hulking Lasat warrior operating with the rebels of Phoenix Squadron aboard the Ghost. He was well-endowed, which caused his bunk mate Ezra Bridger some jealousy,[3] and ass-fucked Sabine Wren during orgies with his crew.[1]

Lasats were a presence among the multitude of aliens on Coruscant some nineteen years after the Clone Wars.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Lasat species first appeared in Tatooine Manhunt in Star Wars Legends, based on concept art for Chewbacca by Ralph McQuarrie. The species was introduced into canon with the appearance of Garazeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels, whom Shabby Blue first depicted in SBCSW60 - Rebellious Revelry.


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