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Jyn Erso
Jyn Erso
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Jyn Erso was the human female daughter of Galen Walton Erso. Her father was taken by Orson Krennic when she was a little girl and forced to design the Death Star, and Jyn was raised by Saw Gerrera before he abandoned her to fend for herself.

Imprisoned by the Empire on Wobani, she was subjected to sexual degradation and defilement. Eventually, the Rebel Alliance broke her out, wanting to use her to gain an audience with her former surrogate father, Saw. Saw, too paranoid to trust her, subjected her to interrogation by Bor Gullet before showing her a message from her father regarding the Death Star.

Jyn narrowly escaped the destruction of Jedha and witnessed her father's death, both events which motivated her to lead a small band of rebels to Scarif to capture the Death Star plans in the hopes that they could be used to destroy the battle station. Jyn's mission was a success, but she died on Scarif when Wilhuff Tarkin used the Death Star's superlaser against the planet.


Early life[edit]

Jyn was the daughter of the man who designed the Death Star. He was taken by the Galactic Empire, leading to Jyn becoming a fugitive intent on evading Imperial forces for what they did to her father. [2] Jyn was initially raised by Saw Gerrera, but when he abandoned her, she learned to fend for herself.

Survival as a fugitive[edit]

She had a checkered past, often finding herself on the wrong side of the law under the Empire, and did what she needed to in order to survive as a fugitive. She held many jobs, working in smuggling, theft, information brokering, unlicensed private investigation, mercenary jobs, and fencing among other occupations, and also carried out stints as a strip club dancer, an escort, and a black-market holopornography star. She disliked most of the work, though appreciated the money it brought her. She was imprisoned on several occasions.[2]

Imperial captivity[edit]

Jyn took a job on Ord Mantell, posing as an aide for the Imperial governor Rothis, who had a habit of bringing in girls to serve as his "aide-of-the-month" before disposing of them. Jyn lived in the governor's mansion alongside other aides, and had to share cheap sonic showers alongside them. However, he took a liking to Jyn and asked her to stay on for a second month. Jyn believed he had fallen in love with her by the end of that period, and wanted her to become part of his "permanent staff". She refused, having become sick of his treatment of her, and in response Rothis called for her imprisonment as a Rebel spy.[2] Jyn was captured by Imperial forces and imprisoned[1] on Wobani in a cell with few comforts.[2] Guarded by stormtroopers, the captive decided to tease her jailers in the hope that they would open her cell, giving her the opportunity to escape. Although wearing cuffs, Jyn undid her pants to reveal her pubic hair and lifted her top to display her breasts for her captors, posing with a smile in the center of her cell.[1] Her prison guards brought her out for their own amusements on more than one occasion, gangbanging her, degrading her, and defiling her every way they could.[3]

Operations with the Rebellion[edit]

Jyn and Bor Gullet

Eventually, the Rebel Alliance broke Jyn out of prison, asking her to deliver their message to Saw Gerrera, an extremist on Jedha. Jyn agreed, but Saw, believing she had been sent to kill him, had his men strip her down and unleashed Bor Gullet on her to conduct a special interrogation. The mind-reading creature probed Jyn with both its telekinetic powers and its thick, prehensile tentacles, using the latter to fill her holes. The mind probe it inflicted upon her left Jyn catatonic, and she laid against Bor Gullet's bulk in a drooling mess after a long period of mind-rape.[4]

Jyn's mind-rape revealed to Saw that she was honest, and he showed her a message from her father that revealed information about the Death Star. However, at that moment, the Empire used the Death Star's superlaser against Jedha, destroying Jedha City and Saw's hideout. Jyn and her friends barely escaped, heading to Eadu to extract Galen Erso from an Imperial research facility. Jyn hoped her father could convince the Rebellion to attack Scarif and obtain the Death Star plans. When Galen was accidentally killed by an Alliance bomb, Jyn returned to Yavin 4 and tried to convince the rebels herself, but failed.

Assigned quarters, Jyn considered ways of earning the Rebellion's trust, but was interrupted by an invitation to Princess Leia Organa's quarters. She was greeted by Leia in a semi-transparent dress which displayed the young woman's body, much to Jyn's surprise, and Organa went on to discuss Jyn's criminal record. She propositioned Jyn, offering her the means to reach Scarif in exchange for spending a night with the princess, to which Erso agreed. She used Leia's shower to clean herself, and was soon joined by the princess, who offered to wash Jyn. The two women cleaned each other tenderly while exploring their bodies, and Jyn soon overcame her embarrassment at her unshaven pubic hair as Leia fondled her groin and the pair pressed their breasts together. Touching each other's cunts, Jyn and Leia experienced mutual orgasms while kissing passionately, and Organa asked her lover to shave her legs. Jyn complied, gliding the razor sensually over the princess's shapely legs and using her kneeling position to kiss her pussy. She stroked and soaped Leia's feet, then Organa repaid the favor by styling Jyn's pubic hair.[2]

Jyn and K-2SO

The next day, Cassian Andor and a small group of rebels agreed to help Jyn on her mission. During a quiet moment, Jyn wandered into a U-wing, contemplating having sex with Cassian as a way of thinking him for believing in her. Her thoughts were interrupted by K-2SO, who had been instructed by Cassian to follow her and keep her from doing anything rash. Jyn stuck up a conversation with the droid, who eventually revealed to her that Cassian fancied her, something she hadn't realized. When she pressed K-2 for details, she discovered that he had been recording data about her, such as the size of her tits. Offended, Jyn accused him of perving on her without even having sexual functionality, to which K-2 responded by showing her that Cassian had equipped him with an X-series phallic attachment and "special" programming, enabling him to have sex with a number of girls before.

Moderately impressed with his dick, Jyn began to give K-2 a handjob, and when he failed to react, she demanded he activate his special sexual programming. K-2 immediately began to treat her like his sex slave, calling her a slut, giving her orders, and insisting that she call him "Master." Jyn enjoyed the roleplay, and continued jacking him off until he told her to use her mouth instead. Jyn gave her best blowjob, and then begged K-2 to fuck her, a request he willingly granted. He used the vibrator setting on his phallic attachment to bring Jyn to multiple orgasms, which she greatly enjoyed, although she expressed disappointment that K-2 himself was unable to cum. The experience left Jyn slightly unsatisfied, but with a great deal more respect for both K-2 and Cassian.[3]

Jyn and Cassian

Immediately after her experience with K-2SO, Jyn sought out Cassian and thanked him for telling K-2 to watch her.[3] Understanding her double meaning, Cassian pulled down her pants and took her from behind, holding her arms and circling a hand around her chest while he reamed her in a bout of quick sex.[5]

Jyn and Cassian successfully stole the Death Star plans on Scarif and transmitted them to the Rebellion, but remained trapped on the planet's surface. When Wilhuff Tarkin decided to use the Death Star to eliminate the rebels on Scarif, Jyn and her lover were instantly incinerated by the blast.


Physical appearance and biology[edit]

A female with light skin, brown hair, and green eyes, Jyn Erso had a slim figure with a toned abdomen and curvaceous[1] B-cup breasts with puffy pink nipples.[2] She had dark pubic hair.[1] Her time in prison left Jyn with a skinny physique, giving her a tightly-drawn stomach and ribs visible against the skin of her chest. She had calloused fingers. Jyn retained dozens of bruises and welts on her body, including her thin arms and legs, as well as several cuts in the process of healing. Although she preferred to shave, her incarceration meant she retained several months' of pubic growth as of her night with Leia Organa, considering herself to have a "jungle of black hair" that caused her some embarrassment.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Jyn considered herself a survivor, neither a hero nor a villain but rather a fugitive who remained unnoticed, and did what she had to in order to keep herself alive and fed. Sarcastic and caustic, Jyn held little respect for authority figures, and cared little for either royalty or the "proper" way of doing things. Nonetheless, she retained certain morals, becoming sick of Rothis's treatment of his aides, particularly his tendency towards increasingly younger girls, and stated that she would rather die than join the Galactic Empire. The loss of her father remained a sore subject with her.[2] She usually hated sexual degradation, but didn't mind it when roleplaying with K-2SO.[3]

Skills and attributes[edit]

While operating as a fugitive Jyn worked in many fields, spending time as a smuggler, thief, information broker, unlicensed private investigator, mercenary, fence, exotic dancer, escort, holopornography star, and an aide.[2] She was rendered catatonic by a mind probe and prolonged penetrative sex by Bor Gullet, leaving her a drooling mess.[4]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

"And given your experience with both sexes, I'm guessing you are very good in bed."
"I'm all right."
Leia Organa and Jyn[src]

Jyn had experience with both males and females in many satisfying sexual situations, finding women attractive, and held a favorable opinion of her skills as a lover. Although she had some passionate trysts, she lacked true passion until her night with Leia Organa prior to her mission to Scarif.[2] She also had a tryst with K-2SO.[3]

Jyn used her body to her advantage, teasing stormtroopers with her physique while incarcerated in the hope of securing opportunity to escape her cell.[1] She was overwhelmed by sexual stimulation and penetration by Bor Gullet, which left her catatonic while raping her mind and body.[4]


List of partners[edit]

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Felicity Jones was adorable as Jyn Erso, and here is my first picture of her, actually drawn and colored more than a month before the film came out. All I had to go on at the time was what little was shown in photo stills from the film and the scenes from the trailers, but I think it still turned out as a fairly accurate depiction of her."
Shabby Blue on SBRO01 - Jyn Erso: Imperial Captive[src]

Jyn Erso was created for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and was portrayed by Felicity Jones. Shabby Blue first depicted the character in SBRO01 - Jyn Erso: Imperial Captive.[1]


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