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Western Reaches, Inner Rim[1]


Jakku system[1]

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Galactic Empire[1]

Jakku was a desert planet in the Inner Rim.


A desolate backwater planet of the Jakku system in the Western Reaches of the Inner Rim, Jakku was a terrestrial desert world with a cold and arid climate. Its native species included the Teedo and the Uthuthma, and was home to creatures like the happabore, the nightwatcher worm, and the steelpecker.[1]

Jakku's settlements included Niima Outpost, New Reslia, and Tuanul, and featured the Starship Graveyard.[1]


Early history[edit]

In its early history Jakku was a verdant world, but was turned barren by a past calamity.[1]

Jakku hosted sparse settlements including Cratertown, populated by immigrants and colonists who scavenged the desert wastes alongside native Teedo.[1]

Imperial era[edit]

As a desolate backwater, Jakku had little importance on the galactic stage, though drew the attention of Sheev Palpatine who believed it to be a place of significance. He established an Observatory and a research facility on the planet, and prepared a Contingency to lure the New Republic Starfleet to engage the Galactic Empire in the final conflict of the Galactic Civil War. The Battle of Jakku was waged as warships plunged into the sands, leaving wreckage strewn across Jakku's surface, though the plot to detonate the planet's core and obliterate both fleets failed.[1]

New Republic era[edit]

The Empire came to its end over Jakku, and the newly-formed Starship Graveyard gave rise to communities of scavengers and the establishment of several Sacred Villages. Lortan missionaries founded New Reslia, the site of Old Meru's brothel catering to visiting spacers, and Niima the Hutt established Niima Outpost, a trading post later run by Unkar Plutt.[1]

The scavenger Rey grew up on Jakku, briefly working for Meru as a hooker, and offered her local knowledge to those seeking vital data from the Star Destroyers in the Starship Graveyard. Although she learned from fellow scavengers Trelo and Ivano Troade, she had to fend off advances from Jayquille and Plutt.[1]


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