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Biology and appearance[edit]

BB-8 observing Rey's anatomy

Humans could have light skin and hair of varying colors[1] that could be worn at lengths ranging from short to at least shoulder-length. Pubic hair could be shaved or kept trimmed.[2] They possessed two eyes of various colors including brown[1] and blue.[2] Their mouths, located below the nose, had lips of a darker red coloration, teeth, and a tongue used for stimulation during oral sex. Humans had two hands, although cybernetics existed to replace lost limbs. Females had breasts that, when worn beneath clothing, displayed cleavage[1] and hid their nipples. The vagina, located between the woman's legs, was penetrated during sex.[2] The male manhood was a thick meat shaft rising from the crotch that could be pleasured in a variety of sexual acts, including handjobs and fellatio.[1] Below the penis were the testicles, which could also be pleasured.[2] The anus was also a penetrative orifice.[3]

The anatomy of cute Human females was a topic of interest for many in the galaxy, including curious droids such as BB-8.[4]

Society and culture[edit]

Two Humans making love on their wedding night

Humans typically wore clothing such as gowns and tunics. Jedi of the Jedi Order were distinguished by their robes.[1] The act of undressing could be a striptease to entice a watching party.[5] Some females wore stockings over their legs, and used cosmetics to add color to their eyes and lips,[2] or to paint their faces.[6]

Some Human cultures observed sexual traditions: the Naboo had a wedding tradition where the bride dropped to her knees to pleasure her husband's manhood following the exchange of vows.[1] A wedding night was typically the time when a marriage was consummated by making love.[2]

Humans were known to engage in interspecies sex with races including the Gungans of Naboo[3] and Wookiees,[7] and could interbreed with certain species, necessitating the use of protection.[8]


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