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Hera Syndulla
Hera Syndulla
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29 BBY[2]

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"No romance, right?"
"Freedom and liberation for all, Kanan, not just us."
―Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla[src]

Hera Syndulla was a female Twi'lek freedom fighter and captain of the Ghost.


Early life and Imperial strikes[edit]

"I don't think the Emperor was exactly thinking about what we've just done when he was handing out his reformation acts."
"The shriveled old man wouldn't even know that lekku can be used that way. I was surprised, myself."
"You should know by now I'm full of surprises, Kanan."
―Hera and Kanan Jarrus[src]

Hera Syndulla was a Twi'lek born on Ryloth in 29 BBY, as the daughter of the revolutionary Cham Syndulla.[1] The Syndullas were connected to the Syndulla uprising on Ryloth for which Arda Minan attempted to rally support.[4] Hera was inspired to become a freedom fighter against the Empire because of her father's actions. She owned the Ghost, a modified VCX-100 freighter she piloted while conducting anti-Imperial operations.[1]

In 11 BBY, at the age of eighteen, she encountered the former Jedi Kanan Jarrus on the Inner Rim planet of Gorse, who became interested in her immediately, and followed her to learn her name. Hera signed him up to her crew soon afterwards, although made it clear that she wouldn't indulge in either adventure or romance, despite Kanan fantasizing over fucking her. Together they utilized the Ghost as a base of mobile operations to launch strikes and raids against the Imperial regime. Their efforts increased over the next six years, and they became one of many such groups opposing Emperor Palpatine. Although they bickered, and Hera's rule of no romance stood, the pair grew closer over time. Hera took assignments from the mysterious contact known as Fulcrum after the agent chose the determined freedom fighter to help ignite the spark of rebellion, but Syndulla refused to share the informant's identity with Kanan.[1]

Mission to Nuri[edit]

"That was the most pleasure I've felt in a long while. I suppose I didn't think there was time for it. Not with the Empire."
―Hera Syndulla[src]

On Kanan's suggestion, the revolutionaries launched a raid on an Imperial supply convoy which resulted in pursuit by four TIE fighters. Hera skillfully evaded the fighters while Kanan and Chopper fired at them, eventually destroying all four in a desperate escapade that left her glowing with the flush of battle. She and Kanan shared a heated moment in the cockpit, drawing closer sensually, although were interrupted by Chopper boasting about destroying the last TIE fighter. Hera returned to business and co-piloted the ship into hyperspace, coming out in the Inner Rim for a mission to the planet Nuri.[1]

Leaving Kanan with the Ghost, Hera ventured into the Shava Exurb of Urotas to rendezvous with Fulcrum. However, the meeting went awry, and Hera fled the exurb on a speeder bike, pursued by three local syndicate thugs riding BARC speeders. She frantically called for Kanan over the comlink while attempting to evade laser impacts, and burst from the city limits with her speeder trailing smoke. Kanan arrived overhead in the Phantom, and was able to destroy two of the pursuit vehicles, but the third scored a hit on Hera's bike, forcing her to veer onto rocky terrain. Once Kanan dealt with the last thug and caught up to Hera, her bike had caught fire and she was sprawled unconscious on the ground, having incurred injuries to her shoulder, arm, ribs, and leg. Jarrus carried her into the Phantom, and from there returned her to the Ghost to return the vessel to orbit over Nuri.[1]

Hera awoke an hour or two later to find Kanan tending to her injuries with a bacta-soaked rag. She was thankful, though Kanan's ministrations caused her pain as he attempted to soothe a dark bruise over her ribcage. He surreptitiously called upon the Force to heal her, and though Hera was not aware of how he'd managed it, she was grateful for his work. To show her appreciation, Hera kissed him, and suggested they could share a moment of passion despite her rule on romance. Their kisses became heated and they began to undress, and Hera had Kanan go down on her. She let out feminine moans as Kanan sucked on her slit, and soon called his name as he rubbed her clitoris while tonguing her. Though Kanan wanted to explore more areas of her body, Hera asked him to make love to her, considering ordering him as his captain, and he complied. He pushed inside her to fuck her with long, slow strokes, and Hera wrapped herself around him as he hit her sensitive spot, undulating with his thrusts. Realizing Kanan was approaching orgasm, the Twi'lek slid him free of her pussy to let him straddle her chest, and proceeded to stroke his cock with her lekku. She soon brought him to climax, taking his seed across her face and head-tails much to her delight, and licked up his cream as he recovered. Despite her passion, Hera remained practical, suggesting they leave the Nuri system for Lothal, and quietly shut down Kanan's attempts to talk about the state of their relationship. Kanan agreed, and the lovers departed for Lothal.[1]

Adventures with the Spectres[edit]

Hera with the Spectres

Although Kanan hoped to spend more time alone with Hera without adding to their crew,[1] they were joined by Sabine Wren and Zeb aboard the Ghost. The crew embarked on missions together, and after one successful mission they celebrated with a debauched orgy. Hera resumed her relationship with Kanan, straddling his lap and riding him from behind while Sabine licked his manhood as Zeb plowed her on the deck. The rebellious revelry was recorded by Chopper, who stored the footage for future posterity.[3]

Hera imparted wisdom to Ezra, telling him that hesitating to shoot the enemy during fights risked one of their friends being shot instead. She became friends with her crew, and on one occasion shared tankards of Twi'lek liquor with Sabine while the girl spoke of her experiences at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore. Hera laughed uproariously as Sabine relayed an anecdote about taking a clan servant Mandalorian style.[5]

Sabine added a depiction of Hera to her graffiti wall in her private quarters aboard the Ghost, using an airbrush to paint the green-skinned Twi'lek in the nude. Chopper plugged Wren from behind while she completed this depiction,[6][7] though the Mandalorian later replaced it with a similar depiction of Leia Organa.[8]

Lando Calrissian flirted with both Hera and Sabine during his time aboard the Ghost.[5]

A princess on Lothal[edit]

"However the princess helped you through it...I'm glad she did. It must have been quite the experience."
―Hera, to Ezra Bridger on Leia Organa[src]

Hera was present aboard the Ghost when Princess Leia Organa visited Lothal as part of a plan to aid Phoenix Squadron with three Hammerhead corvettes. She spoke with Ryder Azadi while Ezra was mourning the deaths of his parents, and offered Bridger a brave smile before Organa consoled him with words of wisdom. Afterwards the group devised a plan to free the corvettes from Imperial custody, and Hera departed with Ryder, Kanan, Zeb, and Chopper to Ryder's hideout, leaving Ezra and Leia alone with the ship. The two made love in the rest of the crew's absence, Leia taking the young man's virginity, though Hera and the others remained oblivious. She helped secure the corvettes, and expressed Commander Sato's gratitude to them afterwards. She asked Sabine and Zeb to prepare the Ghost for a scouting run to Concord Dawn, and asked Ezra about his time with Organa. Expressing her pride at Ezra's growing maturity, Hera expressed confusion over exactly how Leia had been able to help Ezra overcome his grief, but remained grateful to her all the same.[5]

Hera and Thrawn

Hera encountered Grand Admiral Thrawn, and was briefly captured to serve as his submissive servant. She was forced to suck him off while he reclined in his floating command chair, mouthing his cock while kneeling naked save for her headdress.[9]

Joining the Rebellion[edit]

Leia Organa learned Hera's rule of "no romance", considering its champion to be one of the founders of the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.[10]


Physical appearance and attributes[edit]

"A Twi'lek should know how to handle her lekku. They're our most erogenous organ."
―Hera Syndulla[src]

Hera was a Twi'lek female with green skin and eyes. She was attractive, and considered to be easy on the eye with a bright, pretty face and smooth cheeks. Her lips were sweet and spicy, tasting of Ryloth's flyrin berries. She had a lithe figure with a supple spine and a flat stomach, and possessed sensual, mottled lekku which served as a store of certain memories as well as being an erogenous zone, as with other Twi'leks. She had thick, green thighs and a sweet-tasting, puffy vagina whose interior was pink. Her feet were shapely.[1] Her back was patterned, similar to the mottling of her lekku, with shapes running from her shoulder blades to the small of her back.[9]

Hera typically wore a dented blast vest over a flight suit, and wore underwear consisting of a light-gray vest and briefs. She wore a headdress over her lekku, and used flight goggles.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"I need you, Kanan, inside me, right now. I can make it an order."
―Hera, to Kanan Jarrus[src]

Hera was a skilled pilot whose daring matched stories told of Anakin Skywalker's exploits. A sparky, feisty, and prideful individual, Hera was known for her smart mouth, and ran a tight ship aboard the Ghost.[1] She sometimes talked to her ship, hoping the crew wouldn't notice, though they did.[5] She was typically pragmatic and business-like, rarely indulging in reminiscing or allowing her feminine side to show. Her lekku often displayed her mood, swaying sensually when excited. A war veteran, Hera held little desire to be treated with care, and remained determined to fight for her cause even in dark times,[1] often showing zeal. She could be friendly, sharing drinks, anecdotes, and laughter with her crew.[5]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

"Don't they teach you Twi'lek girls about protection anymore?"
"Smart mouth. Better make good use of it."
―Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla[src]

Kanan Jarrus initially saw Hera as someone adverse to sex, believing that if she found a sex toy aboard the Ghost she would throw it into space, although he later discovered her sensual side when they made love in her cabin. Although she maintained a "no romance" rule aboard her ship, she indulged in sexual encounters, such as by way of thanking Kanan for tending to her injuries after their mission to Nuri. She was forward with her desires, suggesting that Kanan perform cunnlingus on her and jokingly making a captain's order of fucking her. She practiced lekking, believing a Twi'lek should know how to use her lekku, and found the sensation of rubbing her head-tails over a partner's genitals to be stimulating, and enjoyed taking a male's seed over her lekku.[1]


"Who said anything about romance? This is me saying thanks."
―Hera Syndulla[src]

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Kanan Jarrus[edit]

"I know we don't tell each other everything. There are some things we can't say. It's better that way. Need-to-know. But there are still things we can share, Kanan."
―Hera, to Kanan Jarrus[src]

Hera met Kanan as an eighteen-year-old, and though the former Jedi became interested in her immediately, she recruited him to her crew as a friend, stipulating "no romance" among her rules.[1]


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