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Gungans, the locals of Naboo, were an amphibious species.

Biology and appearance[edit]

Gungans had bill-like mouths filled with large, pointed teeth, and two eyestalks protruding from the tops of their heads. Their skin was mottled, ranging in color from brown to green, and they had tall, smooth bodies. The male manhood was notably large and thick, the shaft standing taller even than a Human head,[2] and Gungans were known for being very well-endowed in the wider galaxy.[4]

Gungans were adapted to living in water, similar to the Quarren and other species, and were characterized as being wet, smooth, and slimy.[1]

Society and culture[edit]

Gungans lived underwater.[1]

Gungans were known to engage in interspecies sex, even gangbangs,[2] with the Naboo.[3] Some individuals, such as Rey, found water-dwelling species to be exotic, and fantasized over having a Gungan rub his smooth, slimy skin over her body.[1] Bazine Netal believed Gungans were very well-endowed, but held little desire to fuck one, instead choosing the similarly well-hung Dowutin Grummgar.[4]


Gungans were the locals[2] of the verdant planet[5] of Naboo.[3]

Several Gungan locals worked as servants at Padmé Amidala's retreat around the time of her wedding to Anakin Skywalker. After the married couple had made love in the retreat bedroom and Skywalker had fallen asleep, Amidala sneaked outside to return to her slutty habits and engage in a gangbang with three Gungan servants. She took one in her ass while the remaining two ejaculated over her face as a form of wedding shower for the slutty bride.[2]


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