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Jungle rancor[2]

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Felucia was a planet of the galaxy notable for its exotic forests and population of Felucians and jungle rancors. Aayla Secura was defiled by her clone troopers on Felucia during the execution of Order 69.


"They're more aggressive than even regular rancors when we've seen them hunt, but with each other they're social, even having signs of a hierarchy. I know the jungle rancors on Felucia have a reputation for this, but you know how Felucians can be, bad eyesight and not much education on their farms."
―Ardanna Glie, observing chrysalide rancors on Rakata Prime[src]

Felucia was home to exotic forests filled with colorful flora, muddy terrain,[1] and tall elevations littered with plant life.[3] It featured jungles, farmland, and swamps. Felucia was the homeworld of the Felucians, who kept farms and were known for their bad eyesight and lack of education. It was one of several worlds of the galaxy to host a large rancor population, dating back to the beginning of the galactic historical record, and its jungle rancor variants were distinguished by their unique characteristics of bright coloration and wider jaws. The planet featured a rancor graveyard populated by this variant.[2]


Aayla Secura defiled on Felucia
"I've been to the 'rancor graveyard' on Felucia and studied that variant."
―Ardanna Glie[src]

During the Clone Wars, the Zabrak bounty hunter Sugi attempted to defend Felucian farmers from the Ohnaka Gang, and though the job put her at odds with Obi-Wan Kenobi, she dallied with Ahsoka Tano while awaiting the pirate assault. They were joined for a gangbang by several Felucians.[4]

The Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura shared a tense encounter on Felucia alongside clone trooper Commander Bly, with whom she shared a bond. However, Bly and the troops of the 327th Star Corps carried out Orde 69 against Secura,[5] sexually defiling her on the exotic forest floor.[1] Aayla was double-fucked by two clones, straddling one while the second reamed her anally while tugging on her head-tails.[3] She was forced to suck off another clone with a muddy boot pressed against her head, and had a trooper ejaculate over her defiled body.[1]

Princess Leia Organa and Kier Domadi shared a heated first kiss on Felucia.[6]

The Twi'lek scholar Ardanna Glie visited the rancor graveyard on Felucia while studying rancor variants across the galaxy, having observed other types on Carida and Oaka Prime. Her one-time traveling companion, the big-game hunter Grummgar, hunted several such variants.[2]



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