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Oral sex[1]



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Fall of the Republic[3]


Etymology and description[edit]

Fellatio was a form of oral sex also referred to as a blowjob.[1]


Fall of the Republic[edit]

Neyo skull-fucking Stass Allie

Padmé Amidala feasted on Anakin Skywalker's manhood after he professed his love to her on Naboo, which he recalled during a later tryst on Tatooine. Then, he imagined her face buried between his thighs while she sucked passionately on his finger.[4] Following their wedding on Naboo, Padmé showed her devotion to her new husband by dropping to her knees to lick his manhood, upholding a Naboo wedding tradition.[3]

Aayla Secura was forced to suck off one of Commander Bly's clone troopers while being ravaged on Felucia during the execution of Order 69, and had an armored boot pressed against her head to hold her in place.[5] Stass Allie was likewise defiled by clones on Saleucami, and was skull-fucked by Commander Neyo and his men. Neyo grabbed her head with his cock bulging in her cheek, leaving her covered in messy cum.[2]

Imperial Era[edit]

Princess Leia Organa performed oral sex on Senator Leto Borian while in her guise as "Viqi" the stripper in the Star Whores nightclub on Coruscant, as a form of comfort after discussing the threat of the Death Star project. Borian believed she enjoyed giving blowjobs because they served as a counterpart to her oral eloquence in the Imperial Senate, which the media tended to ignore in favor of her physical appearance.[1]

Resistance Era[edit]

"I want to check you've been well lubricated. Not bad. At least you don't taste like oil."
―Rey, to BB-8[src]

Rey simulated fellatio on the astromech droid BB-8 after he revealed his phallic probic arm to her. Squatting in front of him, she sucked on the metallic tip of his shaft, and proceeded to bob her head while working her mouth over the device, although felt somewhat silly giving head to a droid. Nonetheless, she continued licking for several minutes until the probe was coated in saliva, considering it lubricated enough for her to engage in sexual intercourse.[6]


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