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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Biological classification




Physical characteristics
Average length

7–10 meters[1]

Skin color

Purple, red[1]

Sociocultural characteristics






Notable members


Dianogas were a species of cephalopods native to the planet Vodran.

Biology and appearance[edit]

The dianoga was an ocean-dwelling cephalopod native to Vodran and was related to other species such as the blixus, rathtar, sarlacc, and vixus. They had numerous strong tentacles with smooth, ridged skin and hard muscle capable of exerting great strength, and their slippery, phallic-shaped appendages could match the temperature of their environment. It was conjectured that the species had the capacity to sense emotions through pheromones.[2]

Society and culture[edit]

Dianogas had a lineage of proud matriarchs on Vodran, many of whom were awakened to the Force, which the species knew as "It"; a current of universal energy through which some dianogas could distinguish between luminous beings of the light side and the malevolent presences of the dark side. The concept of reincarnation existed in dianoga culture, and some believed that if they were killed away from Vodran they would return to their homeworld in a new form. Male and female dianogas sought genetic exchanges with others of their species to ensure the continuation of their lineage, although some attempted to force such exchanges in order to transfer their eggs to a suitable host.[2]


Living in the oceans of Vodran during millennia of barbaric Hutt domination of their planet, dianogas adapted to living in metal mazes beneath the surface and endured darkness and despair. Sharing their world with surface-dwelling Vodran natives, some dianogas were known to leave their homeworld and infest space stations and garbage compactors. The wildlife expert Lyrre T'enna included information on the dianoga and its relatives in a wildlife field guide studied at the University of Alderaan.[2]

The dianoga Omi lived on Vodran during the era of the Galactic Empire. Sensitive to the Force, Omi sought a mate to serve as host for her eggs, and was approached by Iduna, a male who sought to force a genetic exchange with her. However, Omi was captured by Vodrans and sold into Imperial possession, whereupon she was transported from her homeworld to the Death Star, where she languished in Garbage Compactor 3263827.[2]



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