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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Physical characteristics
Skin color

Light, pink[1]

Eye color


Sociocultural characteristics




Notable members

Unkar Plutt[2]

"Twenty portions. I'm a Crolute of my word."
―Unkar Plutt to Rey[src]

Crolutes were an exclusively male species from the planet Crul, distinguished by their fatty, blubbery flesh and broad, flat faces. The junk boss Unkar Plutt, a Crolute active on Jakku, bartered sex with the scavenger Rey, and had the Human girl ride his blubbery mass in exchange for food portions.

Biology and appearance[edit]

Unkar Plutt fucking Rey
"You're not exactly a Longdongian."
―Rey to Unkar Plutt[src]

An all-male species native to the waterworld of Crul, the Crolutes evolved alongside the female Gilliands.[3] Crolutes had muscular physiques comparable to those of Wookiees, though were hidden beneath layers of fatty blubber and rolls of thick skin which gave them a bulky, lumpish appearance; Unkar Plutt's outward appearance was that of a hideous mound of flesh[2] with wrinkled, ringed skin[4] that had a rubbery, clammy texture. They possessed wide, flat-nosed faces with elongated nostrils, beady black eyes, and fat jowls under a spade-like brow. Crolutes had large hands and booming voices. They possessed fat, mushroom-shaped manhoods with oily foreskin and musky, slimy pre-cum. Its dark-purple underside was sensitive, as were Crolute testicles, slung over the penis in a wrinkled sac hidden beneath their flabby gut for additional protection.[2]

Individuals who practiced sex with Crolutes found that the riding position allowed a riding partner to use the Crolute's flabby flesh rolls as "love handles" to hold onto during their tryst. The species was capable of mating with Humans, although it was likely the two species were not capable of interbreeding.[2]

Society and culture[edit]

Having evolved alongside the female Gilliands, Crolutes developed a predisposition towards aggressively competing for and dominating females of that species, as well as other species such as Humans.[3]

Crolutes in the galaxy[edit]

"Better get used to it, girlie. Can't be dealing with pretty Humans all your life!"
―Unkar Plutt to Rey[src]

The Crolute Unkar Plutt operated as a junk boss at Niima Outpost on Jakku, and traded mechanical parts with Rey for food portions and, on occasion, sexual favors.[2]


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