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Coruscant was a megalopolis planet that served as the capitol of the Galactic Empire.


"Have you ever been to Denon? It's Coruscant for those who can't make it on Coruscant."
Ardanna Glie, to Grummgar[src]

Coruscant was a bustling megalopolis far from wild worlds such as Jakku.[1] The planet's upper levels were more important than lower levels such as Level 1313, which lacked true law enforcement.[4] Its numerous underlevels were home to gangsters, though contained no oceans.[2] Closer to the planet's core, the stygian, sunless depths were inhabited by Orlocks who attacked visitors who roamed too far below.[4]

Its brothels were classy establishments, similar to those of Hosnian Prime. Denon was considered to be Coruscant for those unable to make it on Coruscant itself.[5]

Air taxis were used as a form of transportation between levels.[4]


The Jedi Temple was situated on Coruscant, home to the Jedi until Emperor Palpatine opposed them. Kanan Jarrus was among the Jedi who left the ruined Temple for a new life.[3]

The Crymorah Syndicate owned territory in Coruscant's underlevels, including Level 1313, and its affiliated crime groups helped keep the peace in such lawless sectors.[4] Gotra gangsters planned raids on the Imperial Reserve Bank from their boardrooms in the underlevels, and their battle droids visited the Galaxies Opera House with their servile molls. The opera house was a point of interest for performances including The Maiden of Mandalore.[2]


In the lower levels, crime lords were considered as more legitimate sources of authority than the planet's government, and organizations such as the Crymorah Syndicate held sway over territories to keep the peace in lieu of Imperial Security Bureau patrols.[4]


The Jedi were based in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant until Emperor Palpatine opposed them, leaving the Temple ruined.[3] Shaak Ti was defiled by clone troopers in her High Council seat before she was able to escape Coruscant,[6] while Serra Keto was captured and ravaged in the Temple data room.[7] Imprisoned traitor Barriss Offee was subjected to painful electro-shock torture by Commander Fox in her Coruscant prison cell.[8]

Coruscant became the capitol of the Galactic Empire.[4]

Gotra gangsters were active in Coruscant's underlevels during Rey's era, when its battle droids used molls as sexual playthings.[2]


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