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SBCSW01 - Jail Bait
Classic Star Wars Series
Attribution information

Shabby Blue


Shabby Blue artwork series


Ongoing artwork series

Release information
Starting date

May 9, 2009

Canon status
Chronological information
First entry

SBCSW01 - Jail Bait


Original Trilogy, Legends, Star Wars Rebels

Preceded by

2007 Series

Followed by

The Force Awakens Series

"We've definitely come a long way these last 10 years and contributed so much to the genre. Keep up the work guys!"
Shabby Blue[src]

The Classic Star Wars Series (abbreviated to SBCSW or CSW) is the fifteenth erotic artwork series by Shabby Blue, and is his current collection of on-going artwork based on an inspired by Original Trilogy, Legends, and Star Wars Rebels material.


List of images[edit]

Filename Image Title Filename Image Title
SBCSW01 - Jail Bait.jpg
Jail Bait SBCSW02 200px Wampa Attack
SBCSW03 200px Dancer's Initiation SBCSW04 SBCSW04 - Arica's Diversions.jpg Arica's Diversions

File:SBCSW05 - Mistress of the Harem.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW05 - Mistress of the Harem (article) File:SBCSW06 - The Girls of Jabba's Palace.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW06 - The Girls of Jabba's Palace (article) File:SBCSW07 - Mistress of Felucia.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW07 - Mistress of Felucia (article) File:SBCSW08 - Juno Eclipse- At Your Service.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW08 - Juno Eclipse: At Your Service (article) File:SBCSW09 - Maris Brood.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW09 - Maris Brood (article) File:SBCSW10 - Starkiller's Reward.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW10 - Starkiller's Reward (article) File:SBCSW11 - Devoted Apprentice.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW11 - Devoted Apprentice (article) File:SBCSW12 - Juno and Starkiller- Passion Unleashed.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW12 - Juno and Starkiller: Passion Unleashed (article) File:SBCSW13 - Stalking the Princess.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW13 - Stalking the Princess (article) File:SBCSW14 - Chewie's Reward.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW14 - Chewie's Reward (article) File:SBCSW15 - Uninterrupted.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW15 - Uninterrupted (article) File:SBCSW16 - Dressing the Slave.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW16 - Dressing the Slave (article) File:SBCSW17 - Behind the Scenes- Greeting the Next Crewman.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW17 - Behind the Scenes: Greeting the Next Crewman (article) File:SBCSW18 - Slave of the Sarlacc.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW18 - Slave of the Sarlacc (article) File:SBCSW19 - In the Belly of the Beast.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW19 - In the Belly of the Beast (article) File:SBCSW20 - Arica's Audition.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW20 - Arica's Audition (article) File:SBCSW21 - Defiant Dancer.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW21 - Defiant Dancer (article) File:SBCSW22 - Horny Hologram.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW22 - Horny Hologram (article) File:SBCSW22A - Playful Princess.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW22A - Playful Princess (article) File:SBCSW22B - Rebel Alliance Recruitment Poster.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW22B - Rebel Alliance Recruitment Poster (article) File:SBCSW23 - Mauling the Meatbag.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW23 - Mauling the Meatbag (article) File:SBCSW24 - Young Jedi Slut.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW24 - Young Jedi Slut (article) File:SBCSW25 - Sithlings.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW25 - Sithlings (article) File:SBCSW26 - Mara Jade- Serving the Empire.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW26 - Mara Jade: Serving the Empire (article) File:SBCSW27 - The Fate of Mara Jade.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW27 - The Fate of Mara Jade (article) File:SBCSW28 - Coruscant Call Girl.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW28 - Coruscant Call Girl (article) File:SBCSW29 - Legacy of the Slave.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW29 - Legacy of the Slave (article) File:SBCSW30 - Booty Hunter.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW30 - Booty Hunter (article) File:SBCSW31 - Camie.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW31 - Camie (article) File:SBCSW32 - Tatooine Twi'lek.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW32 - Tatooine Twi'lek (article) File:SBCSW33 - Ku'Nee.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW33 - Ku'Nee (article) File:SBCSW34 - Slave Sisters.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW34 - Slave Sisters (article) File:SBCSW35 - Targeter.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW35 - Targeter (article) File:SBCSW36 - Winter the Sexkitten.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW36 - Winter the Sexkitten (article) File:SBCSW37 - Expectations.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW37 - Expectations (article) File:SBCSW38 - A Special Holiday.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW38 - A Special Holiday (article) File:SBCSW39 - Inked.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW39 - Inked (article) File:SBCSW40 - Flygirl.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW40 - Flygirl (article) File:SBCSW41 - Breaking the Slave, Part 1.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW41 - Breaking the Slave, Part 1 (article) File:SBCSW42 - Breaking the Slave, Part 2.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW42 - Breaking the Slave, Part 2 (article) File:SBCSW43 - Breaking the Slave, Part 3.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW43 - Breaking the Slave, Part 3 (article) File:SBCSW44 - Breaking the Slave, Part 4.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW44 - Breaking the Slave, Part 4 (article) File:SBCSW45 - Breaking the Slave, Part 5.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW45 - Breaking the Slave, Part 5 (article) File:SBCSW46 - Breaking the Slave, Part 6.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW46 - Breaking the Slave, Part 6 (article) File:SBCSW47 - The Rebels' Reward.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW47 - The Rebels' Reward (article) File:SBCSW48 - Leia's Prize.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW48 - Leia's Prize (article) File:SBCSW49 - Xizor & Leia- Seduced Princess.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW49 - Xizor & Leia: Seduced Princess (article) File:SBCSW50 - Xizor & Leia- Conquered Princess.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW50 - Xizor & Leia: Conquered Princess (article) File:SBCSW51 - Guri.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW51 - Guri (article) File:SBCSW52 - Braving the Sandstorm.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW52 - Braving the Sandstorm (article) File:SBCSW53 - The Wrath of Darth Revan- Defiling Mission Vao.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW53 - The Wrath of Darth Revan: Defiling Mission Vao (article) File:SBCSW54 - The Wrath of Darth Revan- Juhani's Submission.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW54 - The Wrath of Darth Revan: Juhani's Submission (article) File:SBCSW55 - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 1 version).jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW55 - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 1 version) (article) File:SBCSW55A - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 2 version).jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW55A - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 2 version) (article) File:SBCSW55B - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 1 ver. without tattoo).jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW55B - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 1 ver. without tattoo) (article) File:SBCSW55C - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 2 ver. without tattoo).jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW55C - Sabine Wren and Chopper (season 2 ver. without tattoo) (article) File:SBCSW56 - Leia on Lothal.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW56 - Leia on Lothal (article) File:SBCSW57 - Ezra's First Time.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW57 - Ezra's First Time (article) File:SBCSW58 - Ezra's Second Time.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW58 - Ezra's Second Time (article) File:SBCSW59 - Inspiring Hope.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW59 - Inspiring Hope (article) File:SBCSW60 - Rebellious Revelry.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW60 - Rebellious Revelry (article) File:SBCSW61 - Hera's Submission.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW61 - Hera's Submission (article) File:SBCSW62 - The New Republic on Its Knees.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW62 - The New Republic on Its Knees (article) File:SBCSW63 - Scoundrel's Charm.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW63 - Scoundrel's Charm (article) File:SBCSW64 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 1.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW64 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 1 (article) File:SBCSW65 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 2.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW65 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 2 (article) File:SBCSW66 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 3.jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW66 - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 3 (article) File:SBCSW66A - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 3 (Pregnant variant).jpg|Shabby Blue icon.png SBCSW66A - Leia and the Dianoga, Part 3 (Pregnant variant) (article)


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