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The Chiss were a species of the galaxy from Csilla, notable for their blue skin and glowing red eyes. Several served in the First Order fleet. Mitth'raw'nuruodo, the last Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire, was a Chiss who battled Phoenix Squadron until he was lost in unknown regions.


Thrawn and Hera Syndulla

Chiss were Humanoid in appearance, though possessed pale-blue skin and glowing red eyes with black pupils. An exemplar of his species, Grand Admiral Thrawn had slicked-back, blue-black hair, slender eyebrows, and angular features. Males possessed thick manhoods.[1]


Chiss hailed from the homeworld Csilla, governed by the Chiss Ascendancy. Mitth'raw'nuruodo, also known as Thrawn, was a cool and calculating tactical genius apparently exiled from Csilla when discovered in Wild Space by the Galactic Empire. Although alien to Core Worlds customs, he rose through the ranks to become a Grand Admiral, and led the Seventh Fleet into battle against Phoenix Squadron.[2] Thrawn captured the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla and forced her to fellate him, sucking on his thick, blue member while he reclined in his command chair.[1] Syndulla escaped, and Thrawn was later believed lost in unknown space after his Star Destroyer, Chimaera, was attacked by purrgils.[2]

Despite Humans being the most dominant species represented in the ranks of the First Order, a few Chiss served in its fleet, joining several species of the Unknown Regions which allied with the Order to protect against threats from beyond the galaxy's edge.[3]



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