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20 BBY[1]


2 ABY (to Fixer)[2]


Several decades before 41 ABY[3]

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Hair color

Dark brown[1]

Skin color


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Jabba's harem[2]

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"What's the matter, womp rat got your tongue?"
―Camie to Luke Skywalker

Camie, also known as Camie Loneozner and Camie Windrider, was a female Tatooine farmgirl. She was the girlfriend of Fixer but enjoyed flirting with other local boys. After an argument with Fixer, Camie soothed herself by visiting Luke Skywalker, and soon seduced the young man, taking his virginity in a passionate tryst that Camie enjoyed far more than her times with Fixer. Camie stayed with Fixer, marrying him and moving into a moisture farm, but she was captured by a swoop gang and enslaved to Jabba the Hutt. Forced to service Jabba's courtiers, Camie met Princess Leia Organa during her own enslavement, and helped soothe her during a harem orgy.


Early life[edit]

"Uh... hey, it's alright Camie. Nothing to cry about. I'm sure Fixer doesn't mean to be that way with you."
―Luke Skywalker to Camie[src]

Born in 20 BBY, Camie lived at her parents' moisture farm on the desert planet of Tatooine. She was the girlfriend of "Fixer", a mechanic working at his father's Tosche Station in Anchorhead, and often accompanied him on monthly supply runs to Mos Eisley. She tasted his cum many times, finding his seed to be potent, though their relationship usually consisted of quick, rough fucking in which Fixer barely lasted a few minutes, and Camie often had to pleasure herself afterwards.[1] Fixer bullied the local boys, including Luke Skywalker,[1] for whom Camie felt sorry.[4] She often hung out with Luke at Tosche Station,[5] and became the subject of many of the young man's teenage fantasies as he masturbated to his dream girl.[1]

Luke's first time[edit]

Camie taking Luke's virginity
"You were great for a first timer, Wormie. We should do this again sometime."
―Camie to Luke Skywalker[src]

In 2 BBY, Camie flirted with Tank while hanging out in Tosche Station one morning, and was caught by Fixer, who punched Tank and called Camie a slut before speeding off to Mos Eisley alone. Embarrassed and upset, Camie cried for an hour before driving her father's landspeeder to the Lars homestead to pay a visit to Luke and ease her loneliness. Greeting Luke, Camie told him of her argument with Fixer, and flung herself into his lap as she burst into tears again. Embracing him, Camie realized Luke was growing hard, and deliberately brushed her thigh against his groin to gauge his reaction. Finding the nervous boy cute, Camie purposefully touched his erection mischievously, and decided to play at the slut Fixer had accused her of being.[1]

Slipping off Luke's lap, Camie grasped his manhood as she unfastened his pants, and began stroking him with a serious expression before licking the underside of his cock. Tasting his pre-cum but choosing not to tease the excited youth for too long, Camie sucked him gently until she felt his orgasm approaching, and held his cumshot in her mouth until Luke spent himself. She savored it as she swallowed, finding it sweeter than Fixer's potent seed, then revealed her womanhood to him once she realized Luke could go another round. Letting him explore her with his fingers, Camie found pleasure in Luke's virginal eagerness, but soon told him to relax and straddled him. Taking his cock inside herself as she settled on his lap, Camie began thrusting against him, helped by Luke, and rhythmically fucked him until he surpassed Fixer's average time with more gentle and passionate fucking than Camie was used to.[1] As the hot afternoon wore on, Camie rode Luke while gazing down at him, planting her hands on his chest as she held herself on the tip of his cock while he grasped her hips.[6] She experienced a shaking orgasm on top of him, and rode him aggressively until he shot his load inside her, having another small climax at the feel of Luke's seed spilling into her.[1]

Kissing Luke and congratulating him on his performance, Camie slipped off his lap and tidied herself up, suggesting they do it again sometime. Realizing she had cheated on Fixer but deciding he deserved it, Camie promised not to tell her boyfriend if Luke didn't, and left the homestead for her parents' farm.[1]

Later life[edit]

In an alternate universe in which Leia Skywalker grew up on Tatooine as the boyfriend of Biggs Darklighter, Camie often boasted of the love-making skills of her own handsome boyfriend, Fixer. Camie and Leia, as the only two attractive girls among their circle of friends, found themselves in competition for the boys, and though Leia knew Camie would kill her if she tried to sleep with Fixer, Leia decided to attempt to seduce him.[7]

Luke recalled his unforgettable day with Camie in later years, remembering how he lost his virginity while in the dark-side cave on Dagobah. Confronted with a seductive vision of Princess Leia Organa, Luke thought favorably of Camie but found she didn't compare to a true princess like Leia.[4]

Around 2 ABY, Camie married Fixer, and the couple moved out to a moisture farm outside Anchorhead.[2] Around this year, Camie posed for the 1138th issue of Galactic Sporting Illustrated, and was later featured as the cover star of its 122nd Annual Interplanetary Swimsuit Issue featuring girls from ten different planets. Camie was featured wearing a dewback-skin bikini.[8]

Slavery to the Hutt[edit]

Days of slavery[edit]

"Bitch, cunt, slut, whore. Show me you like it. Show me you like being fucked like that bitch in the throne room. Hear her? That fuckin' cunt. Just like you."
―A masked lover to Camie[src]

Shortly after Camie married Fixer, a swoop gang raided their farm, and Camie was taken captive, believing Fixer to have been killed. The swoopers kept Camie as their biker girl for two weeks, using her until handing her over to Jabba the Hutt to settle a debt owed by the gang leader. Camie was enslaved in Jabba's Palace, and given a revealing dancer's costume to wear while languishing in the Hutt's harem. Along with Oola, Jess, and other girls, Camie endured sexist treatment from Jabba, though she knew her duties thanks to her training, and developed a fondness for sex with other women.[2] She heard of Jabba's spice orgies, but didn't attend one until two years after her enslavement, and largely concentrated on living each day, refusing to get to know anyone or become used to the palace's depravity, and hoped to be reunited with her family. She didn't believe Bubo the frog-dog was sentient until she one day saw him talking to Ree-Yees.[9]

After Princess Leia Organa was captured and enslaved after trying to free Han Solo from carbonite, Camie was summoned to the throne room along with the rest of the slave girls, to witness a special plan Jabba had for his newest acquisition. On the way, however, Camie was accosted in the corridor, pushed against the wall, and penetrated by a thick appendage. It brought her to climax before withdrawing, leaving her skirt torn as she made her way to Jabba's presence. The interruption caused her to miss out on the orgy drug given out to Jabba's slaves, and laid eyes on Leia Organa for the first time as an orgy broke out around them. Sharing her dismay with the princess, Camie was grabbed by two Weequays who proceeded to tear off her clothing and suck and bite her breasts. The Weequays fingered her in turn, one rubbing his cock over her ass while the other tongued her, though they denied her climax to have her kneel and take their leathery cocks from both ends. Camie was forced to suck and swallow one while the other reamed her to his own climax, and her assaulters left her on the floor as she watched Leia grind against Jabba.[9]

Once the Weequays departed, Camie was approached by Bubo, and decided to occupy herself with him to avoid entanglements with any of the other palace denizens. The frog-dog dragged himself between Camie's legs and began humping her while curling his long tongue around her nipples. Both disgusted and aroused, Camie let herself be fucked while she watched Leia getting tail fucked by the Hutt. She climaxed from the stimulation of Bubo's fucking and the depraved sight of Leia's ordeal, and experienced more orgasms when Bubo shot his burning load inside her. Clothing herself as best she could, Camie moved to the edge of the throne room, but continued touching herself to the sight of Leia climaxing on Jabba. Almost bringing herself to a shameful orgasm, Camie was accosted by a helmeted courtier who pushed her into a corridor to fuck her against the wall and complete her climax. Unable to discern the man's identity, Camie let him cum inside her and depart, and retired to the harem for a shower.[9]

Camie awoke when Leia was led into the harem chamber by Carniss, and stared at the newcomer sorrowfully until Carniss ordered her back to sleep. She later practiced in The Dancer's Pit, performing with Jess until Carniss arrived with Organa, at which point they were escorted back to the harem by Lando Calrissian. Camie and Jess were among the girls who later administered a mud bath to Jabba, removing their costumes to sink into the mud and rub his body while he groped them. The Hutt greased up Camie's breasts while he spoke to Carniss about giving Leia to Boba Fett for the night.[2]

Soothing a slave-sister[edit]

"They hurt you badly, didn't they? I have a little bit of bacta gel here. Let me rub it on you, Leia. It will make the pain go away. Please?"
―Camie to Leia Organa[src]

Camie later introduced herself to Leia while eating a green tarrock stick, speaking of the circumstances of her enslavement and attempting to warn Leia about Jabba's plans for her, and stayed up to consider Leia's fate until the Gamorrean guards Jubnuk and Gartogg came to take her to Fett. Camie gave Leia some Euridian spice to help her through the experience, and wished her good luck. The effects of the drug later caused Leia to attempt to seduce Fett, and she cursed Camie for giving it to her. However, Camie helped soothe her after Leia was broken by a Gamorrean gangbang in the dungeons, and helped clean Leia's sore, cum-stained body in the shower room. Returning Leia to the harem, Camie rubbed her tender body with bacta gel, and both girls became aroused by her intimate touch. Camie used her tongue on Leia's tender slit, and soon other harem girls joined to massage the slave princess. Camie sucked Leia's pussy alongside Jess, and the two brought Leia to a gushing orgasm which they eagerly lapped up. Rystáll kisse Camie to get a taste of Leia's honey, and the girls began removing their clothes as the orgy started in earnest. Camie paired off with a three-breasted Ridlian while Rystáll and Leia made love, and eventually climaxed from the Ridlian fingering her juicy hole.[2]

Camie and Leia remained close after their first meeting, considering themselves slave sisters, and the pair performed an erotic striptease for their master in the throne room on the night after Leia's Gamorrean gangbang. Camie shed her slave costume along with Leia, and received a passionate kiss from her slave sister to conclude their tawdry performance. The audience applauded and began to pair up while Camie and Leia continued their passionate intimacy. Later, Camie cavorted with Ree-Yees at a time when Leia's willpower finally crumbled while being tail-fucked by Jabba.[3]


"This time, I've chosen you to accompany me, Mother. And our itinerary is going to have a very specific theme. Maybe you can discern it from this first stop through this timeline of your life...."
―Darth Caedus and Leia Organa Solo[src]

After Leia Organa Solo was arrested in Hutt Space after the Second Galactic Civil War and brought to face Darth Caedus on Coruscant, she was presented with visions of her time as Camie's slave sister when Caedus flow-walked with her into her own past. Leia witnessed herself performing an erotic striptease with Camie, who had been dead for several decades to Organa Solo, and saw the passionate kiss she had initiated to end their routine.[3]


Camie featured in Galactic Sporting Illustrated

Physical appearance and biology[edit]

"Would you help me remove these? Go on, you can touch me."
―Camie to Luke Skywalker[src]

Camie was a female with dark brown hair. She had smooth, tanned legs. Luke Skywalker considered her beautiful, and the cutest girl in town, and fantasized over her many times as a teenager.[1] She had slender hips and firm breasts with sensitive nipples.[9]

She wore a long, brown skirt over her thin panties,[1] and a white top.[6] She wore bikini made from dewback leather,[8] and as a slave to Jabba Camie wore a revealing, dewback-skin dancer's costume comprised of a light-green thong and matching top. She kept her long hair loose at this time.[2] She initially wore a green halter top with a gauzy yellow dancing skirt until her costume was shredded during a spice orgy.[9]

Personality and traits[edit]

"I-I-I didn't mean to! It's just that you're on my lap... and your leg... and... I'm sorry!"
"Sorry for what?"
―Luke Skywalker and Camie[src]

Camie found life in Anchorhead boring, and loved visiting Mos Eisley with her boyfriend. She flirted with some of Fixer's friends, including Tank and Luke Skywalker, and ultimately took the latter's virginity after an argument with Fixer. Although she cared for Fixer, Camie knew he behaved like a jerk towards her, and chose to act like a slut with Luke after Fixer accused her of being one. She seduced Skywalker and had gentle, passionate sex with him. She rationalized cheating on Fixer by deciding he deserved it, and hoped to repeat the experience with Luke.[1]

Sexuality and orientation[edit]

"Come in me, Luke, fill me with that hot sperm. Shoot it in me!"
―Camie to Luke Skywalker[src]

Camie was sexually experienced, and often pleasured herself after quick fucks with Fixer that rarely brought her to orgasm.[1]

Camie was forward with her sexual desires, from flirting with local boys to seducing Luke Skywalker after an argument with her boyfriend. Choosing to behave like a slut, Camie gave Luke his first blowjob, savoring the sweet taste of his cum, and let him finger her before taking his virginity. She took the lead in this encounter, guiding Luke as best she could and riding him to climax. She found his virginal nervousness and eagerness exciting, and got off on fucking him despite needing to set the rhythm of his thrusts. Her forceful fucking and dirty talk brought him to orgasm, and Camie enjoyed feeling him shooting his load inside her for the first time.[1]

She developed a fondness for sex with women after being forced to interact with other slave girls as Jabba's slave, and enjoyed going down on them to give them great pleasure.[2] Although she didn't want to become used to the depravity of Jabba's Palace, she found herself aroused by some of the disgusting creatures and sexual acts she was forced to perform. She participated in at least one spice orgy and bouts of interspecies sex. She considered herself sick and nasty for masturbating to the sight of Leia being tail-fucked by Jabba, finding the idea of someone beautiful being fucked by something hideous to be hot.[9]


List of partners[edit]

Notable partners[edit]


"I know he cares about me, but he can be such a jerk sometimes. He got jealous because I was talking to Tank this morning and then ran off without me."
―Camie to Luke Skywalker[src]

Camie was Fixer's girlfriend on Tatooine, and accompanied him on trips to Mos Eisley. She found him cute, but though he cared for her she knew he could be a jerk towards her. Jealous of how she talked and flirted with other local boys, Fixer showed a lack of respect and was considered a bully by Luke Skywalker and the others. Their trysts were often quick and rough, and Fixer hardly ever brought her to orgasm.[1]

Camie and Fixer married some four years after Camie's first time with Luke, and moved into a moisture farm outside Anchorhead. However, the farm was raided by a swoop gang, and Camie believed Fixer to have been killed while she was taken as a biker girl.[2]

Luke Skywalker[edit]

"That was... amazing, Camie!"
"Quiet, Wormie. You haven't felt anything yet."
―Luke and Camie[src]

The subject of Luke's teenage fantasies, Camie was the young man's dream girl on Tatooine. She made his fantasies come true when she seduced him in his garage, rubbing herself against his cock before giving him his first blowjob. Enjoying the taste of Luke's cum, Camie let him finger her before riding him to a mutual orgasm. Luke bested Fixer's average time, and was able to make Camie cum more than she ever did with her boyfriend. She suggested they do it again, and promised not to tell Fixer about the tryst.[1]

Leia Organa[edit]

"Just watch my back, and I'll watch yours. That's the only way any of us can survive in a place like this."
―Camie to Leia Organa[src]

Camie met Leia Organa two years after she started her servitude to Jabba the Hutt,[2] seeing her for the first time in Jabba's throne room and sharing a look of dismay as his courtiers engaged in a drug-fueled orgy. Leia felt a certain kinship with the slave girl, and Camie watched as she was tail-fucked by Jabba, finding the sight arousing enough to masturbate over..[9] Introducing herself and attempting to warn Leia of the experiences she would be forced to endure, Camie helped Leia prepare for a night with Boba Fett by giving her Euridian spice, and later soothed her with bacta gel after a Gamorrean gangbang. Wondering if Leia would enjoy cunnilingus as much as the other girls, Camie began tonguing Leia's slit until other slaves joined in, and brought Organa to orgasm alongside Jess, before participating in the orgy that broke out in the harem.[2]

After this, the two became slave sisters, and performed an erotic striptease for an appreciative audience, ending with a passionate kiss.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit]

"Luke's First Time" gives Camie's surname as Loneozner,[1] the surname of her boyfriend "Fixer", whom she wouldn't marry until after the events of the story. An early version released to gave her surname as Windrider.[5] "Just Another Day" gives a different account of Camie's enslavement to Jabba, suggesting she was captured by Tusken Raiders a few months before the events of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, which is contradicted by "The Slave Princess".[9]


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