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Production information





C1-series astromech droid[1]


Astromech droid[1]

Technical specifications

0.99 meters[1]


32 kilograms[1]


Masculine programming[2]

Plating color

Orange and white[3]

Chronological, political, and sexual history

Imperial Era[2]

Sexual orientation


Sexual partners

"We'd better close the door. You know how Chopper likes to watch. That droid's got a filthy memory bank."
―Hera Syndulla, to Kanan Jarrus[src]

C1-10P, commonly known as Chopper or Chop, was a C1-series astromech droid.


Early operations[edit]

C1-10P was a C1-series astromech droid manufactured on Lasan prior to the Clone Wars. He served in the conflict, operating as a navigator in the Republic Navy, and flew into battle in a Y-wing during the Battle of Ryloth. His vessel was shot down, though the droid was discovered and rescued by the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla.[1] His circuits were shaken by the crash, leaving him with a desire to catalog the curious sexual shenanigans of organics, and began devoting a section of his databanks to storing prurient footage.[6]

Chopper grew close to Syndulla while she was having difficulties with her father, and she made use of his computer probe as a phallic analogue to soothe her when needed. The droid accompanied her when she left Ryloth,[1] and joined the Lothal rebels.[7]

Chopper (bottom right) recording an orgy on the Ghost

Strikes against the Empire[edit]

Chopper (bottom right) with Sabine Wren

Part of Hera's Spectres, Chopper documented life[1] while serving as a crew member aboard the VCX-100 light freighter Ghost with Captain Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus. He participated in a raid on an Imperial supply convoy, battling a fire in the cockpit and attempting to fix the deflector shields and the shipboard comm unit. He shot down one of the TIE fighters attacking the Ghost, and interrupted a tender moment between his crew mates to claim credit for the kill.[2]

Kanan and Hera made love after a mission to Nuri went awry,[2] and Chopper listened to their first tryst as part of his efforts to capture the intimate relationships aboard the vessel. Hera would remark to Kanan that the droid had a dirty mind.[1] The crew later expanded to include Sabine Wren and Garazeb Orrelios, and in 5 BBY,[8] following a successful mission, Chopper recorded an orgy conducted by the crew, watching curiously as Hera rode Kanan while Zeb ass-fucked Sabine from behind. The droid kept the footage of their rebellious revelry for future posterity.[4]

A new friend[edit]

"The Ghost has a new recruit—but I haven't had her in a long time. Come on, Chopper. Let's fill your databanks in on how we do it Mandalorian style."
―Sabine Wren, to C1-10P on Ketsu Onyo[src]

Chopper found a new playmate in Sabine, helping her blow off steam around 4 BBY after she became frustrated with the latest member of their team, Ezra Bridger.[1] The droid joined her while she sprayed graffiti on the walls of her quarters, using his phallic attachment to plug the naked girl's "socket" from behind while she worked. Wren included a line-drawing depiction of Chopper on her wall, showing him plugging a lover from behind,[3] and achieved release thanks to the droid.[9]

He assisted the crew in their preparations for the raid to obtain three Hammerhead corvettes provided by Princess Leia Organa, and joined Kanan, Hera, and Zeb at Ryder Azadi's hideout while Organa took Ezra's virginity aboard the Ghost.[10]

Having proven adept on previous occasions,[1] Chopper later re-joined Sabine as she made adjustments to her graffiti wall, again plugging her from behind as she worked.[11] Wren introduced the droid to her friend Ketsu Onyo after a mission on Garel, and Chopper participated in a bout of Mandalorian-style fucking between the two.[1]

Serving the Rebellion[edit]

Chopper had an outpost named after him on Atollon,[1] known as Chopper Base,[12] and he served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1] The C1 unit assisted Hera, Turland, and Merrick in loading crates onto the Ghost from Junix's Joint in Anchorhead on Tatooine, and directed Hera's attention to Luke Skywalker as he approached the group. Skywalker spoke with the three organic beings, and Hera wished him happy birthday with the promise of a spicebrew on their next meeting. The group bid farewell, and left Tatooine aboard the Ghost.[13]

Chopper survived the Liberation of Lotha and joined the Rebels on Yavin 4, where he continued to engage in trysts with Hera to help her through stressful moments, and shared prurient data with R2-D2.[1] He also partnered with the Theelin Gooti Terez once she joined the Alliance.[5]


Chopper had a squat, boxy frame capped with a dome and fitted with two feet. He was equipped with a manipulator arm[2] and an extensible computer probe that could be used[1] as a phallic attachment or probic arm.[3] He had a beat-up appearance.[13] He communicated in an electronic language of warbling, gabbling, and burbles,[2] and his beeps and whistles were thought to be a form of Binary laden with expletives.[13]

The droid was grumpy, belligerent,[1] persistent, and irritable.[2] The cantankerous droid had a dirty sense of humor[7] and a perverted,[14] filthy mind. He filled his databanks with recordings documenting life aboard the Ghost, including intimate trysts between crew members.[1] He displayed curiosity while recording an orgy between the rebels, saving the footage for posterity,[4] and devoted a section of his databanks to storing such data, as well as information on spy missions for the rebels,[6] and shared some of his prurient data with the similarly dirty-minded R2-D2.[1]



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