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Physical characteristics
Skin color


Hair color


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Multiple tentacles[1]

Sociocultural characteristics


Notable members

Bor Gullet[1]

"Bor Gullet will know the truth. He will tease it from you, inch by inch, until nothing is hidden. Everything laid bare under his touch. He will penetrate your body to know your mind. I am sorry, Jyn. Bor Gullet does what must be done to win the day."
―Saw Gerrera, to Jyn Erso[src]

The Mairan, also known as a bor, was a species of tentacled creatures capable of probing the minds of other beings. Bor Gullet, a tamed bor kept by Saw Gerrera on Jedha, used its tentacles to probe Jyn Erso's mind and defile her body during a penetrative interrogation.


The Mairan bor was a large, fleshy creature with multiple ribbed tentacles protruding from its brown bulk. Hairless, the creature had a smooth head with two blue, pupil-less eyes. They could probe minds, pressing two thin tendrils to a being's temples and generating a blue glow from the tentacle tips. Those who received this treatment without consent could be left catatonic. The creatures also used their thick tentacles to sexually penetrate partners, wrapping their tentacles around their mate and leaving them coated in slime.[1]


Saw Gerrera kept a tamed Mairan bor, known as Bor Gullet, in the Catacombs of Caldera on Jedha,[2] and used the creature to sexually interrogate Jyn Erso. Bor Gullet wrapped her in its tentacles as it probed her mind, and Jyn was left catatonic after a long period of mind-rape and being filled by its tendrils.[1] Jyn endured the intense interrogation, and Saw's opinion of her shifted enough to help her escape the destruction of Jedha City.[2]



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