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This article details a subject considered part of erotica canon
Anal sex
Anal sex
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Penetrative sex, sexual intercourse[1]

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Anal licking[1]



"Oh yes, mmm...I love that...having a big cock in my ass. Fuck me...fuck me so hard...fuck my tight little ass so hard."
―Zal Dinnes[src]

Anal sex was a penetrative sex act involving the anus.


Faie having anal sex with Luminara Unduli

Anal sex involved the penetration of the anus, a hot and dry orifice between the buttocks of a partner's backside that was accessed via a tight, puckered bung.[1] This was typically hairless, and sometimes compared to a rosebud.[3] Anal could be performed by inserting a phallic device, such as a probic arm into the anus for stimulation, although anal sex could also involve using the tongue to lick a partner's bung,[1] or penetrating the orifice with fingers.[4] In order to perform anal sex, foreplay and personal lubricants were often a requirement to diminish pain, and the process was eased by gentler penetration that didn't reach so deeply into the bowels.[2]

Anal sex had a lot of fans,[5] loving the sensation because it made them feel dirty, and the sight of a woman being ass-fucked was also arousing for men. Some women preferred vaginal sex rather than anal,[4] and others outright hated the act on an intellectual and physical for the pain it caused. However, it could also cause a forbidden thrill despite a lack of overt enjoyment, as a form of catharsis that could catalyze extreme emotions.[2] While some receiving partners held little desire for anal sex themselves, they enjoyed the reaction the experience produced in their lovers, and engaged in the practice for their benefit.[3]


Arica (top) tonguing Oola's anus in a threesome with Lyn Me
"It has a lot of fans."
"Mm, lots. Niv, Ello...Yolo Ziff called it a 'brand new hole full of promises,' as I recall."
―Tallissan Lintra and Paige Tico[src]

The Twi'lek pirate Reveth compared Kix preparing to penetrate her anus to lining up a cofferdam for a rear boarding.[3]


Aurra Sing took R2-D2's probic arm anally after capturing the astromech droid and Queen Padmé Amidala on Nal Anga. She forced Amidala to perform cunnilingus on her while she rode Artoo's probe to orgasm.[1]

On Alderaan, anal sex was recommended as an alternative to birth control by priests at the Temple of Aria and sexual-education teachers at the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies. Leia Organa disliked anal despite its recommendation by her teachers and her adoptive mother Bail Organa, and only allowed lovers to perform it with plenty of foreplay and lubrication. However, she retained a hidden desire for the act, experiencing a cathartic forbidden thrill when anally reamed.[2]

Mon Mothma fingered Jyn Erso's ass while eating her out on Yavin 4, unaware of how many cocks Jyn had previously taken anally. Both women tongued each other anally during their tryst. Erso later joined a gangbang with Zal Dinnes and numerous Rebel pilots during which both women were ass-fucked.[4]

In the alternate universe in which she escaped imprisonment aboard the Death Star, Leia Organa was sexually assaulted by the dianoga Omi in Garbage Compactor 3263827. The tentacled creature used its thick tendrils to penetrate Organa's body, and performed surprisingly gentle anal sex on her. Despite her dislike of the act, Leia found a forbidden thrill in the activity, which loosened her vagina enough to ease Omi's other penetrative tentacle to the point of insemination.[2]

The clone trooper Kix had anal sex with Reveth, bending her over and spitting on her anus before lining himself up with her hairless entrance. Although he attempted to constrict her throat with one of her lekku, Kix was unable to stop Reveth from vocalizing her pleasure during the experience.[3]

Tallissan Lintra tongued Rose Tico's ass during a threesome with Paige Tico aboard the Cobalt Hammer, spurring Paige to comment on previous lovers who had enjoyed anal play, including Niv Lek, Ello Asty, and Yolo Ziff. The latter referred to the anus as a "brand new hole full of promises".[5]


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