1999 Series

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This article details a subject considered part of Legends erotica
1999 Series
1999 Series
Attribution information

Shabby Blue[1]


Shabby Blue Star Wars Art[1]


Annual erotic artwork series[1]

Release information
Starting date

Christmas 1998[2] – December 24, 1999[3]

Canon status

Legends erotica


Erotic artwork[1]

Chronological information
First entry

SHAB99A - Chewie's Reward[1]


32 BBY – c. 23 ABY

Preceded by

Old Star Wars Art

Followed by

2000 Series

The 1999 Series (abbreviated as SHAB99) is the first major collection of Shabby Blue's Star Wars Art, and the first of his annual artwork series leading up to the 2007 Series. Following on from his Old Star Wars Art collection, this series incorporates artwork based on Original Trilogy and Star Wars Legends characters and material—although contains one image from the Prequel Trilogy; SHAB99C - Prequel Preview, later collected into the Phantom Menace Series.

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Shabby Blue's 1999 Series (SHAB99)
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